Pet Fictions for Kids

Books about pets written for a young audience.
Updated January 16, 2023
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I don't know what to call my cat
Philip, Simon
Every cat needs a name. One name, one word, just a sound... It should be easy to choose one, right? WRONG!!! I just don't know what to call my cat! Choosing the right name for a new pet is very important! Find out just what this cat's name turns out to be in this clever and witty story from an...
No more bows
Cotterill, Samantha
Milly loves her dog Hugo. And she LOVES dressing up Hugo in bows. Hugo loves Milly, but Hugo does NOT like wearing bows. Not frilly ones or sparkly ones or bows with jewels. Finally, Hugo can't take it anymore and he runs away! But life is lonely without Milly. He...
Charlotte and the rock
Martin, Stephen W.
The pet you want isn't always the pet you get. When Charlotte asked her parents for a pet, a rock wasn't exactly what she had in mind. But she loves her new pet anyway. If only he could love Charlotte back . . .
Otter: what pet is best?
Garton, Sam
On her next adventure, Otter--the irrepressible character sure to be adored by fans of Llama Llama--tries to choose the perfect pet for her and Teddy. Otter: What Pet Is Best is a My First I Can Read book, which means it's perfect for shared reading with a child. Read...
The everything book of cats and kittens
Mills, Andrea
A must-have for every cat-loving child, this is the cutest introduction to everything kids want to know about cats and kittens. Packed with colourful photos, fur-tastic facts, and bite-sized information about our feline friends for kids to discover. My Book of Cats and Kittens...
This is Gus
Chatterton, Chris
A hilarious story about a loveably grumpy dog who learns the art of compromise and making new friends.Gus is a very grumpy dog. He doesn't like much of anything, least of all making new friends! So what will Gus do when a little puppy with a spring-in-his-step appears on the scene?Giggle away...
You don't want a unicorn!
Dyckman, Ame
"Gleeful unicorn havoc."--Publishers Weekly "Imaginative fun."--Booklist "A crowd pleaser."--Horn Book Be careful what pet you wish for in this hilarious picture book from New York Times...
Miss Hazeltine's home for shy and fearful cats
Potter, Alicia
The conquering of fear is celebrated in this stunning book from two rising stars of picture book making - Kate Greenaway shortlisted Birgitta Sif and Alicia Potter.From Kate Greenaway shortlisted illustrator Birgitta Sif and acclaimed new author, Alicia Potter, comes a tale with many tails, perfect...
Pirate's perfect pet
Ferry, Beth
Ahoy! Pirates, pets, and puns run amok as a sea captain takes off on a mad search for the perfect animal sidekick.Big, brave Captain Crave can check off most items on the Perfect Pirate checklist. He has a pirate ship, an eye patch, courage and daring, and more. Only one thing is missing: Captain...
Melissa's octopus and other unsuitable pets
Voake, Charlotte
From acclaimed artist Charlotte Voake comes a perfectly paced, wickedly dark, laugh-out-loud picture book about very unsuitable pets!In this laugh-out-loud, riotous new book from picture book master Charlotte Voake, follow Melissa, her friends, and all their rather unsuitable pets! There are certain...
Bob, not Bob!
Rylant, Cynthia
From the Caldecott Award-winning and bestselling team of Audrey Vernick, Liz Garton Scanlon, and Matthew Cordell comes a hilarious sick-day read-aloud! Little Louie is stuck in bed with a bad cold. His nose is clogged, his ears are crackling, and his brain feels full. All he...

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