National Novel Writing Month

Books on the craft of writing to help those participating in National Novel Writing Month.

Updated November 1, 2023
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No plot No problem! a low stress high velocity guide to writing a novel in 30 days
Baty, Chris.
Chris Baty, founder of the wildly successful literary marathon known as National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), has completely revised and expanded his definitive handbook for extreme noveling. Chris pulls from over 15 years of results-oriented writing experience to pack this compendium with new...
Mastering the process from idea to novel
George, Elizabeth, 1949-
As the author of twenty-four novels, Elizabeth George is one of the most successful--and prolific--novelists today. In Mastering the Process, George offers readers a master class in the art and science of crafting a novel. This is a subject she knows well, having taught creative writing...
Write a Must Read Craft a Book That Changes Lives Including Your Own
Harper, Aj
A book is not about something. A book is for someone. You want to write a nonfiction book that matters. A book readers love and rave about. A book they underline, dog-ear, and highlight. A must-read . How do you do that, when you've never written a book...
Writing your novel from start to finish a guidebook for the journey
Bates, Joseph, 1972-
Equip yourself for the novel-writing journey! Starting a novel is exciting, but finishing it--that's the real challenge. The journey from beginning to end is rife with forks in the road and dead ends that lead many writers off course. With Writing Your Novel from Start to Finish- A...
Elements of fiction
Mosley, Walter
In his essential writing guide, This Year You Write Your Novel, Walter Mosley supplied aspiring writers with the basic tools to write a novel in one year. In this com-plementary follow up, Mosley guides the writer through the elements of not just any fiction writing, but the kind of...
Story genius how to use brain science to go beyond outlining and write a riveting novel (*before y
Cron, Lisa
Following on the heels of Lisa Cron's breakout first book, Wired for Story, this writing guide reveals how to use cognitive storytelling strategies to build a scene-by-scene blueprint for a riveting story. It's every novelist's greatest fear- pouring their blood, sweat,...
Gentle writing advice how to be a writer without destroying yourself
Wendig, Chuck
Finally--a book of writing advice that accounts for all of the messy, perverse, practical, and inexplicable parts of being a human who writes The truth is that all of the "writing rules" you've learned are bullshit. Sure, they work for some people, but the likelihood that they'll...
Putting the fact in fantasy expert advice to bring authenticity to your fantasy writing
A collection of essays from historians, linguists, martial artists, and other experts to help you write more compelling fantasy by getting the facts right Whether it's correctly naming the parts of a horse, knowing how lords and ladies address one another, or building a realistic...
Writing sci fi fantasy & horror
Dakan, Rick.
Take your shot at becoming the next Tolkien, Asimov, or King with this simple roadmap to transforming your fiction into works of art Writing Sci-Fi, Fantasy, & Horror For Dummies is your skeleton key to creating the kind of fiction that grips readers and compels them to keep turning...
This year you write your novel
Mosley, Walter.
An inspirational guide from the aspiring writer by bestselling author Walter Mosley
Story cure a book doctor's pain free guide to finishing your novel or memoir
Moore, Dinty W., 1955-
A collection of cures for writer's block, plotting and characterization issues, and other ailments writers face when completing a novel or memoir, prescribed by the director of creative writing at Ohio University. People want to write the book they know is inside of them, but...
Write great fiction : plot & structure : techniques and exercises for crafting a plot that grips readers from start to finish
Bell, James Scott.
Craft an Engaging Plot How does plot influence story structure? What's the difference between plotting for commercial and literary fiction? How do you revise a plot or structure that's gone off course? With Write Great Fiction- Plot & Structure, you'll...
How to grow a novel : the most common mistakes writers make and how to overcome them
Stein, Sol.
Each year thousands of fiction writers, from beginners to bestselling author, benefit from Sol Stein's sold-out workshops, featured appearances at writers' conferences, software for writers, on-line columns, and his popular first book for writers, Stein on Writing. Stein practices what he...
Magic words writing great books for children and young adults
Klein, Cheryl B., 1978-
The best children's and young adult novels take readers on wonderful outward adventures and stirring inward journeys. In The Magic Words, editor Cheryl B. Klein guides writers on an enjoyable and practical-minded voyage of their own, from developing a saleable premise for a novel to finding a...
Novel & short story writer's market 2020
The best resource for getting your fiction published! Novel & Short Story Writer's Market 2020 is the go-to resource you need to get your short stories, novellas, and novels published. The 39th edition of NSSWM features hundreds of updated listings for book publishers,...
Last draft a novelist's guide to revision
Scofield, Sandra Jean, 1943-
The definitive handbook for the novelist who is ready to revise   This wise and friendly guide shows writers how to turn first-draft manuscripts into the novels of their dreams. A critic, longtime teacher, and award-winning novelist, Sandra Scofield illustrates how to...
Writing great books for young adults : everything you need to know, from crafting the idea to landing a publishing deal
Brooks, Regina.
From a top young adult literary agent, the only guide on how to write for young adults With an 87 percent increase in the number of titles published in the last two years, the young adult market is one of the healthiest segments in the industry. Despite this, little has been written to...
The long-awaited follow-up to the perennially bestselling writers' guide Story, from the most sought-after expert in the art of storytelling. Robert McKee's popular writing workshops have earned him an international reputation. The list of alumni with Oscars runs off...
Just write creating unforgettable fiction and a rewarding writing life
Bell, James Scott.
Enthrall your readers, love the process, & become the writer you are meant to be! Writers are given a wealthy of opportunities to cultivate a successful writing life, break out, and find an audience for their work. Yet so many writers, from beginners to veterans, find their...
Emotional craft of fiction how to write the story beneath the surface
Maass, Donald
Engage Your Readers with Emotion While writers might disagree over showing versus telling or plotting versus pantsing, none would argue this- If you want to write strong fiction, you must make your readers feel. The reader's experience must be an emotional journey of its own, one...
Keys to great writing
Wilbers, Stephen
"Designed to meet your specific needs, this guide presents writing instruction in easy-to-reference sections, so you can quickly troubleshoot problem areas or build your skills one step at a time."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Writing & selling your mystery novel
Ephron, Hallie.
A Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award Finalist for Best Critical/Biographical Work Discover the secrets to crafting an unforgettable mystery! To piece together the puzzle of your mystery novel, you need patience, resilience, a solid understanding of the craft, and...
Take your story to the next level of excellence! You've completed the first draft of your novel--now what? Chances are, it's not least not yet. In order to increase your chances of getting a literary agent, selling your manuscript to a publisher, or garnering an audience...
DIY MFA write with focus read with purpose build your community
Pereira, Gabriela.
Get the Knowledge Without the College! You are a writer. You dream of sharing your words with the world, and you're willing to put in the hard work to achieve success. You may have even considered earning your MFA, but for whatever reason--tuition costs, the time commitment, or...
How to write a mystery : a handbook from Mystery Writers of America
Child, Lee
From 70 of the most successful mystery writers in the business, an invaluable guide to crafting mysteries--from character development and plot to procedurals and thrillers--"this is a writing guide that readers and writers will turn to again and again" (Booklist, starred review). ...
On writing romance : how to craft a novel that sells
Michaels, Leigh.
Sweep Readers Off Their Feet With a Romance They'll Never Forget In On Writing Romance, award-winning romance novelist Leigh Michaels talks you through each stage of the writing and publishing process. From the origins and evolution of the romance novel to...

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