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Updated May 10, 2023
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Miller, David
Us Karen
Dove, Richard
Rachel's story ... : a real-life account of her journey from a country in Eurasia
Glynne, Andy
This is the real-life story of Eurasian refugee Rachel, who was forced to flee her home country because of her mother's religion. Told in Rachel's own words, the story describes the feelings of fear and anxiety immigrant children face as they try to rebuild their lives in a new country.
Young, Rebecca
Once there was a boy who had to leave home ... and find another. In his bag he carried a book, a bottle and a blanket. In his teacup he held some earth from where he used to play. This is one boys story of leaving his homeland, surviving a long journey by sea ... and finding a safe, new place to...
The treasure box
Wild, Margaret
From two of our most talented picture-book creators comes this celebration of things that can't be destroyed by bombs or fire. A haunting and beautiful tale of the power of words, the importance of stories and the resilience of the human spirit. As war rages, Peter and his father flee their home,...
Wheatley, Nadia
***2016 CBCA PICTURE BOOK OF THE YEAR*** Tonight is the night. The family has to flee. They've been tipped off that the authorities are after their blood. Set in biblical times, a small family sets off across a desert in search of refuge from persecution in their own country, and an ancient story...
Suri's wall
Estela, Lucy
Eva squeezed Suri's hand. 'What's there? What can you see?' 'What can I see?' Suri looked out over the wall. 'Oh, it's beautiful, let me tell you all about it.' A moving tale of the power of the human spirit brought alive by Lucy Estela and award-winning illustrator Matt...
George, Angela May
I'm called an asylum seeker, but that's not my name. A little girl and her mother have fled their homeland, making the long and treacherous journey by boat to seek asylum. Timely, powerful and moving, Out celebrates the triumph of the human spirit in the darkest times, and the many paths people take...
I'm Australian too
Fox, Mem
I'm Australian! How about you? Many people from many places have come across the seas, to make Australia their home. How Australian is that?
My name is not refugee
Milner, Kate
A touching, timely and tender exploration of refugees and migration for the youngest readers.
Cummings, Phil
The sandpiper stretched its wings in the chilling breeze. It knew it was time to it took flight. Follow the feathers as they fall along this exquisite journey of heartache, hope and home.
Room on our rock
Temple, Kate
Two seals are perched on a rock. When others need shelter, do they share it? Room on Our Rock celebrates the truth that there are two sides to every story. This clever picture book has one story that can be read two different ways. When read from front to back, the seals believe there is definitely...
The day war came
Davies, Nicola
"A powerful and necessary picture book - the journey of a child forced to become a refugee when war destroys everything she has ever known. Imagine if, on an ordinary day, war came. Imagine it turned your town to rubble. Imagine going on a long and difficult journey - all alone. Imagine finding no...
Rawlins, Donna
Waves is about the waves of migration that have taken place over the centuries. It is made up of 14 first person narratives that describe the motivation and the journey. Every journey is perilous, every situation heartbreaking. Every refugee is a person forced by famine or war...
Wisp : a story of hope
Fraillon, Zana
Lubna and Pebble
Meddour, Wendy
In an unforgettable story that subtly addresses the refugee crisis, a young girl must decide if friendship means giving up the one item that brings her comfort during a time of utter uncertainty. Lubna's best friend is a pebble. Pebble always listens to her stories. Pebble always...
What is a refugee?
Gravel, Elise
Who are refugees? Why are they called that word? Why do they need to leave their country? In this simple, graphic and bold picture book for young children, author/illustrator Elise Gravel explores what it means to be a refugee. This book is the perfect tool to introduce an...
Grandma's treasured shoes
Vass, Coral
Age range 3+ Grandma has oodles and oodles of shoes! Walking shoes, dancing shoes, fancy and plain, Grandma has a shoe for every occasion. So why are these scratched and dusty old ones so special? Through read-along, rhythmic text and colourful images of...
A boy and a ball
Cummings, Phil
The cloudless sky suddenly roared like thunder. Shadows, swift and frightening, descended. The boys brother grabbed him by the arm. Run, quickly, But my ball. Leave it. From the Prime Ministers Literary Award-shortlisted creators of Feathers, comes this compassionate tale of a familys search for a...
Green, Alison
A heartwarming and visually diverse book about the fundamental value of kindness and how kids can join in.Imagine a world where everyone is kind.How can we make that come true?This simple but impactful picture book teaches the youngest readers how to be kind. Nearly 40...
Hendriks, Karen
War ends, yet its dark shadow remains, a family is forced to flee their home. As they journey through hunger, long cold nights and homelessness, a heart locket whispers words of hope. And a country that's faraway calls for those that are no longer wanted. It offers new beginnings and a precious...
Saving the butterfly : a story about refugees
Cooper, Helen
"When rescuers meet the boat, there are only two people left--a big child and a little one. The big one, remembering the trip across the dark sea, hides indoors. The little one ventures out, making friends, laughing, growing strong. When he brings the outside in, in the form of a butterfly, will his...
The journey
Sanna, Francesca
". . . a wonderful teaching tool for those who are welcoming refugees into their community."--The New York Times With haunting echoes of the current refugee crisis this beautifully illustrated book explores the unimaginable decisions made as a family leave their home and...

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