New Castle County Staff Picks - May 2023

The New Castle County Readers' Advisory Committee puts together a monthly list of eighteen book recommendations - nine fiction and nine non fiction. Enjoy finding a book you didn't even know you wanted to read!

Updated May 16, 2023
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The fortunes of jaded women
Huynh, Carolyn
For fans of Amy Tan and Kevin Kwan, this sharp and tender debut follows a family of estranged Vietnamese women - cursed to never know love or happiness - as they reunite when a psychic makes a startling prediction.   Everyone in Orange County's Little Saigon...
The night ship a novel
Kidd, Jess
" Based on a true story, an epic historical novel from the award-winning author of Things in Jars that illuminates the lives of two characters: a girl shipwrecked on an island off Western Australia and, three hundred years later, a boy finding a home with his grandfather on the very...
The boy and the dog
Hase, Seishū
"An amazing, beautiful book . . . It shows how one dog's dignified presence can bring connection and love to a fractured world." ―Cat Warren, New York Times bestselling author of What the Dog Knows One dog changes the life of everyone who takes him in on his...
Age of vice
Kapoor, Deepti
HIGHLY ANTICIPATED OPRAH DAILY PICK FOR 2023'Ill-fated love and toxic family power struggles provide emotional drive for this big dynastic saga' JAKE ARNOTT, GUARDIAN 'Huge, epic, immersive and absorbing . . . certain to be a book of the year' LEE CHILD, NEW YORK TIMES...
River sing me home
Shearer, Eleanor
" Rare. Moving. Powerful. This beautiful, page-turning and redemptive story of a mother's gripping journey across the Caribbean to find her stolen children in the aftermath of slavery is a remarkable debut. Her search begins with an ending...<...
Ozark dogs
Cranor, Eli
***THE TIMES BEST THRILLERS OF THE MONTH*** *** MAIL ON SUNDAY BEST NEW FICTION*** ***FINANCIAL TIMES BEST NEW THRILLERS*** 'A gritty, authentic triumph, one howling to be turned into a film or TV series' FINANCIAL TIMES...
Saturday night at the Lakeside Supper Club
Stradal, J. Ryan
"Stradal serves up another saga of food and family, hurt and healing, pitched between cliff-hanger moments. . . that make the pages fly." --People From the New York Times bestselling author J. Ryan Stradal, a story of a couple from two very different restaurant families...
The Dirty Tricks Department: Stanley Lovell, the Oss, and the Masterminds of World War II Secret Warfare
Lisle, John.
John Lisle reveals the untold story of the OSS Research and Development Branch--The Dirty Tricks Department--and its role in World War II. In the summer of 1942, Stanley Lovell, a renowned industrial chemist, received a mysterious order to report to an unfamiliar...
All the knowledge in the world : the extraordinary history of the encyclopaedia
Garfield, Simon
The encyclopaedia once shaped our understanding of the world. Created by thousands of scholars and the most obsessive of editors, a good set conveyed a sense of absolute wisdom on its reader. Contributions from Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Orville Wright, Alfred Hitchcock, Marie Curie and Indira...
Flight paths : how the mystery of bird migration was solved
Heisman, Rebecca
For the past century, scientists and naturalists have been steadily unravelling the secrets of bird migration. How and why birds navigate the skies, traveling from continent to continent-flying thousands of miles across the earth each fall and spring-has continually fascinated the...
Knowing what we know : the transmission of knowledge, from ancient wisdom to modern magic
Winchester, Simon
"A delightful compendium of the kind of facts you immediately want to share with anyone you encounter . . . . Simon Winchester has firmly earned his place in history . . . as a promulgator of knowledge of every variety, perhaps the last of the famous explorers who crisscrossed the now-vanished...
Saving Time: ; Discovering a Life Beyond the Clock
Odell, Jenny.
A radical argument that we are living on the wrong clock, one that tells us time is money, and that embracing a new concept of time can open us up to bold, hopeful possibilities from the New York Times bestselling author of How to Do Nothing. Our daily experience,...

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