Australian Book Industry Awards 2023 winners

The Australian Book Industry Awards (ABIA) celebrate the achievements of authors and publishers in bringing Australian books to readers.

Updated May 26, 2023
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Maehashi, Nagi
150 dinner recipes. Fail-proof. Delicious. Addictive. The food you want to cook, eat and share, night after night.Through her phenomenally popular online food site, RecipeTin Eats, Nagi Maehashi talks to millions of people a year who tell her about the food they love. Now, in her first cookbook,...
The blood traitor
Noni, Lynette
She'd failed them. All of them. And now she was paying the price. Kiva thought she knew what she wanted - revenge. But feelings change, people change . . . everything has changed. After what happened at the palace, Kiva is desperate to know if her...
What to say when you don't know what to say
Bell, Davina
WINNER OF THE ABIA CHILDREN'S PICTURE BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD 2023 A CBCA NOTABLE PICTURE BOOK OF THE YEAR 2023 I'm not brave enough today. Maybe next time. You're hurting my feelings right now. Want to join in? A warm...
The boy from Boomerang Crescent
Betts, Eddie
Winner of the Australian Book Industry Awards, Social Impact Book of the Year Longlisted for the 2023 Indie Book Awards It's a long, hard road from the Nullarbor to the MCG. How does a self-described 'skinny...
The dreaming path : indigenous thinking to change your life
Callaghan, Paul
Silvey, Craig
A heart-warming, funny, beautifully told story for readers of all ages from the bestselling author of Jasper Jones and Honeybee.
Burr, Shelley
WINNER OF THE ABIA'S MATT RICHELL AWARD FOR NEW WRITER OF THE YEAR 2023SHORTLISTED FOR THE DEBUT FICTION INDIE BOOK AWARD 2023'Politically savvy, cleverly plotted . . . the kind of book that invites the ravenous language of binge reading: compulsive, propulsive, addictive...
Dirt town
Scrivenor, Hayley
'A heart-wrenching mystery, Hayley Scrivenor's remarkable sense of place brings Dirt Town to life.' Jane Harper'Beautifully written, compassionate, with an entirely credible but heart-breaking ending. A stunning debut.' Ann CleevesMy best friend wore her name, Esther, like a queen wearing her crown...
Off to the market : a celebration of markets, cooking, and fresh food
Oehr, Alice
Learn all about produce in this delightful child's tour of a food market, full of fun facts, delicious new discoveries, and charming characters. A loving ode to the people who bring food to our table and connection to our community, from acclaimed artist Alice Oehr. ...
My dream time
Barty, Ashleigh
It's a tennis story. It's a family story. It's a teamwork story. It's the story of how I got to where and who I am today. I'm only in my mid-twenties, and some might think that's young to write a memoir. Who does that, right? But for me and my team it's always been important...
The whitewash
Lu, Siang
Brooks, Geraldine
From the Pulitzer Prize winning author of March and People of the Book comes a vivid and unique new novel for lovers of sweeping historical fiction and books about iconic racehorses like Seabiscuit and SecretariatWINNER OF THE FICTION INDIE BOOK AWARDS 2023WINNER OF...
Lessons in chemistry
Garmus, Bonnie
THE MULTI-MILLION-COPY BESTSELLER Soon to be an Apple TV series starring Brie Larson 'Sparky, rip-roaring, funny' SUNDAY TIMES 'The most charming, life-enhancing novel I've read in ages' INDIA KNIGHT, Book of the Year 'I...

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