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Updated May 31, 2023
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White noise
Mercier, Mercedes
'A true edge-of-your-seat thriller ... A total page-turner' KELLI HAWKINS Someone knows your secrets. Someone knows your shame. And they won't stay buried for long. A searing, dark and dangerous thriller from an exciting new voice When prison psychologist Dr...
A question of age : women, ageing and the forever self
Parsons, Jacinta
A beautifully written, searing and powerful examination of women and ageing that you will not be able to put down: intense, compelling, poetic, raging. Warning: this is not a self-help book. Or, a helpful book, necessarily. No one really needs 'help' with ageing. It will happen no...
Dark mode
Kalagian Blunt, Ashley
Once you''re online, there''s nowhere to hide   Is it paranoia - or is someone watching?   For years, Reagan Carsen has kept her life offline. No socials. No internet presence. No photos. Safe.   
Arnott, Robbie
In the heat of a long summer Ned hunts rabbits in a river valley, hoping the pelts will earn him enough money to buy a small boat. His two brothers are away at war, their whereabouts unknown. His father and older sister struggle to hold things together on the family orchard, Limberlost....
Hannan, Victoria
'Hannan combines a sharp wit with great emotional tenderness. The result is a heartbreaking, surprisingly funny story about grief and love; about facing darkness and finding hope'Diana Reid, author of Love & Virtue and Seeing Other PeopleA year ago the house had been full...
Morton, Kate
Curl up with this page-turning mystery perfect for fall The highly anticipated new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Clockmaker's Daughter, a sweeping novel that begins with a shocking crime, the effects of which echo across continents...
Love & autism
Kerr, Kay
'Love has always intrigued me, in part because I have carried for a long time a feeling that I am doing love wrong.' Michael made a name for himself on the hit show Love on the Spectrum. After his televised first dating experiences, will he complete his quest to find his queen? Chloë was always good...
The way from here
Cockram, Jane
A cache of letters from beyond the grave leads a bereaved sister on a journey from Australia to an idyllic French coastal town - and back in time to a golden summer where it all went wrong. An addictive, atmospheric and evocative mystery that examines how we become who we are and whether we can...
The one and only Dolly Jamieson
Ireland, Lisa
'From the glamour of Broadway in the 1960s to the realities of life for the unhoused today, this is a riveting and heartbreaking story of friendship, second chances and hope.' Kelly Rimmer 'This novel had me from the first page. It's been years since a book has made me feel like this...
Here until August : stories
Rowe, Josephine
A masterful collection of heartbreak, travel and seduction from an internationally acclaimed Australian author. These superbly crafted stories follow the fates of characters who, by choice or by force, are travelling beyond the boundaries of their known worlds. We meet them negotiating...
Neerven, Ellen van
not in Aus, mate bad things don't happen here our beaches are open they are not places where bloodied mattresses burn Throatis the explosive second poetry collection from award-winning Mununjali Yugambeh writer Ellen van Neerven. Exploring love, language...
Hold your fire
Wilson, Chloe
Shortlisted for NSW Premier's Literary Award's UTS Glenda Adams Award for New Writing Chosen as a 'Book of the Year' in the Sydney Morning Herald and Kill Your Darlings. Dark and dangerous, brilliantly unsettling and...
Dark as last night
Birch, Tony
Dark as Last Night confirms, once again, that Tony Birch is a master of the short story. These exceptional stories capture the importance of human connection at pivotal moments in our lives, whether those occur because of the loss of a loved one or the uncertainties of childhood. In this...
Home before night
Pomare, J. P.
''There''s a reason Pomare is called the king of the twist . . . You know from the outset this will be a twisty psychological thriller and it''s all that, with the storyline taking a few left turns to keep the suspense tightly coiled'' Herald Sun ''Ratchets up...
People who lunch : essays on work, leisure and loose living
Olds, Sally
This book is about working and not working, hating work and needing to work, intimacy and technology, money and love, labour and pleasure. Across a series of essays, Sally Olds probes the ambivalent utopias of polyamory, cryptocurrency, clubbing, communes, a secret fraternity, and the essay form...
Bodies of light
Down, Jennifer
So by the grace of a photograph that had inexplicably gone viral, Tony had found me. Or- he'd found Maggie. I had no way of knowing whether he was nuts or not; whether he might go to the cops. Maybe that sounds paranoid, but I don't think it's so ridiculous. People have...
Frew, Peggy
A compassionate and surprisingly funny novel that is impossible to put down and even harder to forget, from the award-winning author of Islands.
Song of the crocodile
Simpson, Nardi
'SONG OF THE CROCODILE is a moving, wise and deeply rewarding novel from an astonishing writer' - Emily Maguire, author of AN ISOLATED INCIDENTDarnmoor, The Gateway to Happiness. The sign taunts a fool into feeling some sense of achievement, some kind of end- that you have reached a destination in...
We've Got This: Stories by Disabled Parents
Eliza Hull
How do two parents who are blind take their children to the park? How is a mother with dwarfism treated when she walks her child down the street? How do Deaf parents know when their baby cries in the night? When writer and musician Eliza Hull was pregnant with her first child, like most...
Araluen, Evelyn
I told you this was a thirst so great it could carve rivers. This fierce debut from award-winning writer Evelyn Araluen confronts the tropes and iconography of an unreconciled nation with biting satire and lyrical fury. Dropbear interrogates the complexities of colonial...
Everything feels like the end of the world
Fitzgerald, Else
Grief, loss, pain, love, and the future - an achingly human debut short story collection, from the winner of the Richell Prize.
The spiral
Ryan, Iain
It's not just the truth that lurks at the bottom of the spiral...the utterly original and brilliantly compelling new thriller by the twice Ned Kelly Award shortlisted Iain Ryan.
Here be leviathans
Flynn, Chris
A grizzly bear goes on the run after eating a teenager. A hotel room participates in an unlikely conception. A genetically altered platypus colony puts on an art show. A sabretooth tiger falls for the new addition to his theme park. An airline seat laments its last useful day. A Shakespearean monkey...
On, Thuy
Funny, clever and keenly observed, Decadence is a profound musing on literature and language, that deftly skewers the would-be gatekeepers of verse. With this second collection, Thuy On has cemented herself as a vibrant, unique and captivating new voice in Australian...
The registrar
Janakiramanan, Neela
Sometimes in hospital people die - but not all of them should. A moving, addictive debut novel for readers of Going Under and Emotional Female.
Johns, Catherine
A Catholic priest appears to promise the world; a schoolgirl starved for affection and looking to escape her violent home life - this is the story of MAGGIE.In the autumn of 1967, seventeen-year-old Maggie Reed is dreaming of breaking free from her troubled family. All she has to do is...
Bad art mother
Preston, Edwina
Good mothers are expected to be selfless. Artists are seen as selfish. So what does this mean for a mother with artistic ambitions? Enter: frustrated poet Veda Gray, who is offered a Faustian bargain when a wealthy childless couple, the Parishes, invite her to exchange her young son...
One hundred days
Pung, Alice
Shortlisted for the 2022 Miles Franklin Literary Award One hundred days. It's no time at all, she tells me. But she's not the one waiting. In a heady whirlwind of independence, lust and defiance, sixteen-year-old Karuna falls pregnant. Not on...
A country of eternal light
Dalgarno, Paul
An astonishingly inventive, playful, witty, poignant and deeply moving novel from one of Australia''s most exciting writers. Shortlisted for THE AGE BOOK OF THE YEAR and THE READINGS NEW AUSTRALIAN FICTION PRIZE in 2023. ''Inventive, moving, superb'' The Australian ...
Seven sisters
Kovacic, Katherine
SHORTLISTED FOR BEST CRIME FICTION IN THE 2023 NED KELLY AWARDS Men get away with murder all the time. Now it's our turn ... Naomi started grief counselling prepared to run for cover as soon as her therapist, Mia, pulled out a crystal or tried to align her chakras. ...
After story
Behrendt, Larissa
When a mother and daughter take the overseas trip of a lifetime, they discover that the past is never quite behind them. When Indigenous lawyer Jasmine decides to take her mother Della on a tour of England's most revered literary sites, Jasmine hopes it will bring them closer...
Nancy business
McDonald, R. W. R.
Tippy, Uncle Pike and Devon are back for another camp cosy crime mystery from the award-winning author of The Nancys.
Root & branch : essays on inheritance
Gunaydin, Eda
"That there is no easy translation for 'awkward' in other languages suggests that I'm only myself in English. This feels like a loss, because I'd like to think of myself as Turkish, too. There is a Turkish saying that one's home is not where one is born, but where one grows full - dogdugun yer degil...
Every version of you
Chan, Grace
Raised by wolves
Ho, Jess

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