Disability Pride

A captivating collection of titles, offering a solid array of portrayals of living with a disability.

Updated July 14, 2023
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Palacio, R. J.
#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER * Millions of people have fallen in love with Auggie Pullman, an ordinary boy with an extraordinary face--who shows us that kindness brings us together no matter how far apart we are. Read the book that inspired the Choose Kind...
Love & autism
Kerr, Kay
'Love has always intrigued me, in part because I have carried for a long time a feeling that I am doing love wrong.' Michael made a name for himself on the hit show Love on the Spectrum. After his televised first dating experiences, will he complete his quest to find his queen? Chloë was always good...
Growing up disabled in Australia
Findlay, Carly
'My body and its place in the world seemed normal to me. Why wouldn't it?' 'I didn't grow up disabled; I grew up with a problem. A problem that those around me wanted to fix.' 'We have all felt that uncanny sensation that someone is watching us.' 'The diagnosis helped but it didn't...
You're welcome, universe
Gardner, Whitney
A vibrant, edgy, fresh new YA voice for fans of More Happy Than Not and Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, packed with interior graffiti. When Julia finds a slur about her best friend scrawled across the back of the Kingston School for the Deaf, she covers it up...
Different, not less : a neurodivergent's guide to embracing your true self and finding your happily ever after
Hayden, Chloé
An empowering lived-experience guide to celebrating and supporting neurodivergence from 24-year-old actor, social media star and disability advocate Chloé Hayden.
Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow
Zevin, Gabrielle
THE BOOK EVERYONE LOVES: 'I loved this book' JOJO MOYES 'One of the best books I've ever read' JOHN GREEN 'The book that everyone should read' PANDORA SYKES, Stylist Live 'One of the few I really like a lot this year' JAMES...
The secret garden
Burnett, Frances Hodgson
Celebrate an unforgettable classic with this paperback edition featuring the timeless art of Tasha Tudor. Just in time for the movie adaptation starring Colin Firth and Julie Walters! This gorgeous paperback includes Tasha Tudor's iconic illustrations, an extended author...
Palipana, Dinesh
A puddle of water on a highway changed Dinesh Palipana's life forever. Halfway through medical school, Dinesh was involved in a catastrophic car accident that caused a cervical spinal cord injury. After his accident, his strength and determination saw him return to complete medical school - now with...
Disability visibility : first-person stories from the Twenty-first century
Wong, Alice
"Disability rights activist Alice Wong brings tough conversations to the forefront of society with this anthology. It sheds light on the experience of life as an individual with disabilities, as told by none other than authors with these life experiences. It's an eye-opening collection that...
The white bathing hut
Steen, Thorvald
A novel about disability, family secrets, and Norway's eugenic past.  The White Bathing Hut is a genetic detective story. The narrator uses a wheelchair because of an inherited illness that has caused his muscle tissue to degenerate, making him unable to...
I am not a label
Burnell, Cerrie
"Intelligent, politically bold, and beautiful to browse [...] Every bookshelf needs a copy." -- Disability Arts Online "An inclusive and upbeat collection ideal for classrooms and libraries" -- School Library Journal In this...
The girl who fell from the sky : an extraordinary true story of resilience, courage, hope and finding lightness after the heaviest of landings
Carey, Emma
From a terrible accident that left her paraplegic, Emma Carey has become an inspiration for hundreds of thousands online to live life to the fullest and remind us that if we can, we must.
Disfigured: On Fairy Tales, Disability, and Making Space
Leduc, Amanda.
A CBC BOOKS BEST NONFICTION OF 2020 AN ENTROPY MAGAZINE BEST NONFICTION 2020/21 A NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY BOOK OF THE DAY (07/23/2022) Fairy tales shape how we see the world, so what happens when you identify more with the Beast than Beauty? If every disabled...
Special : antidotes to the obsessions that come with your child's disability
Dimmitt, Melanie
Most of us expect to meander through the motions of love, marriage and (textbook) baby in the carriage, but once in a while life has something a little more special in store. Special is an uplifting, candid companion for those in the early stages of navigating a child's...
Roll with it
Sumner, Jamie
"A big-hearted story that's as sweet as it is awesome." --R.J. Palacio, author of Wonder "An honest, emotionally rich take on disability, family, and growing up." --Kirkus Reviews (starred review) In the tradition of Wonder and Out of My...
Maybe we're electric
Emmich, Val
From Val Emmich, the bestselling author of Dear Evan Hansen: The Novel, comes a deeply affecting story of two teens who find themselves thrown together overnight during a snowstorm and discover a surprising connection--perfect for fans of Nina LaCour, David Arnold, and Robin Benway.
Lenny's book of everything
Foxlee, Karen
A multi-award-winning book about finding good in the bad that will break your heart while raising your spirits in the way that only a classic novel can.
Fall down 7 times get up 8 : a young man's voice from the silence of autism
Higashida, Naoki
The invisible life of us
Jones, Kate
Kate Jones and Mandy Hose have experienced the highs and lows of parenting - and they wouldn't change a thing. The pair met a decade ago and bonded over their premature twins with additional needs, and their remarkable capacity for love, laughter and swearing like a trooper. As the mothers grew...

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