Library and Information Week 2023: Where‚??s the source?

This year‚??s theme, Where‚??s the source?, encourages everyone to be more critical about information sources of all kinds, particularly those around identifying misinformation in a world of evolving AI technologies.

Explore our insightful range of non-fiction titles to help you spot the truth and falsehoods when it comes to AI, commodification, data, and fake news.

Updated July 27, 2023
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Break the internet : in pursuit of influence
Yallop, Olivia
Traditional media is over. The internet reigns. And in the attention economy, influencers are royalty. But who are they ... and how do you become one? Break the Internettakes a deep dive into the influencer industry, tracing its evolution from blogging and legacy social media such as...
The ten rules of reporting : journalism for the community
Sunderland, Alan
An essential guide for reporters and aspiring reporters: the former editorial director of the ABC shares the secrets of good reporting from his life-long career in journalism. Journalism is changing.   The demand for information about...
Scary smart : the future of artificial intelligence and how you can save our world
Gawdat, Mo
A Sunday Times Business Book of the Year'No one ever regrets reading anything Mo Gawdat has written.' - Emma Gannon, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Multi-Hyphen Method and host of award-winning podcast Ctrl Alt Delete'Mo is an exquisite writer and speaker with deep expertise of technology ....
Man-made : how the bias of the past is being built into the future
Spicer, Tracey
Walkley Award-winning journalist Tracey Spicer exposes the next frontier of feminism. Man-Made aims to open readers' eyes to a transformative technological shift in society and give them the tools to make positive change. Longlisted for the 2023 Walkley...
Foolproof : why we fall for misinformation and how to build immunity
Van der Linden, Sander
A Waterstones Book of the Year for Politics 2023 A Financial Times Book of the Year 2023 One of Nature's best science picks 'A fascinating, in-depth investigation into the complex landscape of misinformation' Angela Saini One of the world's top experts on fighting...
12 bytes : how we got here, where we might go next
Winterson, Jeanette
'Briskly and breezily, 12 Bytes joins the dots in a neglected narrative of female scientists, visionaries and code-breakers' Observer Twelve eye-opening, mind-expanding and provocative essays from Sunday Times-bestselling author Jeanette...
How to stay smart in a smart world : why human intelligence still beats algorithms
Gigerenzer, Gerd
An essential guide to navigating our data-driven world, from the renowned psychologist and author of Risk Savvy Is more data always a good thing? Do algorithms really make better decisions than humans? Can we stay in control in an increasingly...
Facts* and other lies : welcome to the Disinformation Age
Coper, Ed
From fringe conspiracy theories to 'alternative facts', a timely look at how we arrived in the 'fake news' era.
Bad news : why we fall for fake news
Brotherton, Rob
Psychologist Rob Brotherton asks, "how can we all be smarter consumers of news?" Today we carry the news with us, getting instant alerts about events around the globe. And yet despite this unprecedented abundance of information, it seems increasingly difficult to know what's...
Pandemedia : how COVID changed journalism
Kirkland, Tracey
The Covid-19 pandemic ripped through the world with no regard for borders, age, status or wealth. It was brutal in its impact and created a raft of new social norms. And without warning, the pandemic changed journalism, in some ways irrevocably. This arresting collection of essays from some of...
Conspiracy : a history of b*llcks theories, and how not to fall for them
Phillips, Tom (Journalist)
From the Satanic Panic to the anti-vaxx movement, it's always been human nature to believe we're being lied to by the powers that be (and sometimes, to be fair, we absolutely are).But while it can be fun to indulge in a bit of Deep State banter on the family Whatsapp group, recent times have...
Hope and fear : modern myths, conspiracy theories and pseudo-history
Fritze, Ronald H.
A myth-busting journey through the twilight world of fringe ideas and alternative facts.   Is a secret and corrupt Illuminati conspiring to control world affairs and bring about a New World Order? Was Donald Trump a victim of massive voter fraud? Is Elizabeth II...
The new heretics : understanding the conspiracy theories polarizing the world
Thomas, Andy
This is the most balanced and well-reasoned investigation available into why people believe today's highly divisive conspiracy theories, from COVID and QAnon to 5G scares, fake news and more. Through their part in some huge controversies, conspiracy theorists are being branded...
Disconnect : why we get pushed to extremes online and how to stop it
Guiao, Jordan
Many of us know an anti-vaxxer or a selfie-obsessed narcissist who clutters our social feeds; an online conspiracy theorist or a child whose face is buried in a smartphone. Some of us even live with one. How do we pull these people back from the brink of a digital abyss? In this compelling account,...
Authenticity : reclaiming reality in a counterfeit culture
Sherwood, Alice
'Wide-ranging, witty and fresh ... a stimulating read. Authentic fun' Tim Harford, Financial Times Best Summer Books 2022 'Brilliantly witty, profoundly illuminating, Alice Sherwood is a master storyteller' Simon Schama 'Thought...
Algorithms of oppression : how search engines reinforce racism
Noble, Safiya Umoja
A revealing look at how negative biases against women of color are embedded in search engine results and algorithms Run a Google search for "Black girls"--what will you find? "Big Booty" and other sexually explicit terms are likely to come up as top search terms. But, if you type in...
My brain has too many tabs open : how to untangle our relationship with tech
Goodin, Tanya
What are you willing to lose for a connected life? Digital detox expert Tanya Goodin explores the cost that our digital life inflicts on our offline existence, and offers a toolkit to anyone who has lost their way. Whether you are dealing with a partner who is...
The cyber effect : one of the world's experts in cyberpsychology explains how technology is shaping the development of our children, our behavior, our values, and our perception of the world - and what we can do about It
Aiken, Mary
A groundbreaking exploration of how cyberspace is changing the way we think, feel, and behave "A must-read for this moment in time."--Steven D. Levitt, co-author of Freakonomics * One of the best books of the year--Nature        
True or false : a CIA analyst's guide to spotting fake news
Otis, Cindy L.
"If I could pick one book to hand to every teen--and adult--on earth, this is the one. True or False is accessible, thorough, and searingly honest, and we desperately needed it." --Becky Albertalli, author of Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda A former CIA analyst...
News : and how to use it
Rusbridger, Alan
An A-Z guide on how we stay informed in the era of fake news, from the former Guardian Editor-in-Chief.
Who gets believed? : when the truth isn't enough
Nayeri, Dina
The prizewinning author of The Ungrateful Refugee asks who is believed in our society, who is not - and why? 'An ambitious and moving exploration of the borders we draw around credible victimhood that will cement Nayeri's position as a master storyteller of the refugee...

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