National Novel Writing Month

Books on the craft of writing to help those participating in National Novel Writing Month.

Updated November 1, 2023
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Mastering the process : from idea to novel
George, Elizabeth
'After a number of years teaching writing courses and appearing at writers' conferences, I began to see that creating a process book utilising one of my novels as an example of each step of my process might prove useful to people who are interested in novel writing or in how this individual...
Write a must-read : craft a book that changes lives -- including your own
Harper, A. J.
A book is not about something. A book is for someone. You want to write a nonfiction book that matters. A book readers love and rave about. A book they underline, dog-ear, and highlight. A must-read. How do you do that, when you've never written a...
Gentle writing advice : how to be a writer without destroying yourself
Wendig, Chuck
Finally--a book of writing advice that accounts for all of the messy, perverse, practical, and inexplicable parts of being a human who writes The truth is that all of the "writing rules" you've learned are bullshit. Sure, they work for some people, but the likelihood that they'll...
Writing sci-fi, fantasy, & horror
Dakan, Rick
Take your shot at becoming the next Tolkien, Asimov, or King with this simple roadmap to transforming your fiction into works of art Writing Sci-Fi, Fantasy, & Horror For Dummies is your skeleton key to creating the kind of fiction that grips readers and compels them to keep turning...
Plot & structure : techniques and exercises for crafting a plot that grips readers from start to finish
Bell, James Scott
Craft an Engaging Plot How does plot influence story structure? What's the difference between plotting for commercial and literary fiction? How do you revise a plot or structure that's gone off course? With Write Great Fiction- Plot & Structure, you'll...
Dialogue : the art of verbal action for page, stage, screen
McKee, Robert
The long-awaited follow-up to the perennially bestselling writers' guide Story, from the most sought-after expert in the art of storytelling. Robert McKee's popular writing workshops have earned him an international reputation. The list of alumni with Oscars runs off...
The emotional craft of fiction : [how to write the story beneath the surface]
Maass, Donald
Engage Your Readers with Emotion While writers might disagree over showing versus telling or plotting versus pantsing, none would argue this- If you want to write strong fiction, you must make your readers feel. The reader's experience must be an emotional journey of its own, one...
How to write a mystery : a handbook from Mystery Writers of America
Child, Lee
From 70 of the most successful mystery writers in the business, an invaluable guide to crafting mysteries--from character development and plot to procedurals and thrillers--"this is a writing guide that readers and writers will turn to again and again" (Booklist, starred review). ...

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