National Cat Lovers' Month

December is National Cat Lovers' Month! Here is a nonfiction book list all about cats including stories of famous cats, information about cat care, and ways to enrich your cat's life.

Updated September 28, 2023
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Where they purr : inspirational interiors and the cats who call them home
Barbera, Paul
Cats can be notoriously aloof, yet they have a special knack for commanding a room. What can these curious creatures reveal about their owners' personal style and design sensibilities? Where They Purr showcases twenty-eight inspirational houses and their stylish interiors, along with the...
The age of cats : from the savannah to your sofa
Losos, Jonathan B.
The past, present and future of the world's most popular and beloved pet, from a leading evolutionary biologist and great cat lover. 'Engaging and wide-ranging ... The Age of Cats is a readable and informed exploration of the wildcat that lurks within Fluffy' Washington...
The illustrated encyclopedia of cats : a visual directory of cat breeds, plus practical information on breeding, training, and care
Rixon, Angela
Featuring lavish illustrations, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cats is a 256 page directory presented according to basic groups: shorthairs, longhairs, semi-longhairs, Orientals, and foreign breeds--all featuring full-color identification photography plus photographs of...
Indoor cat : how to enrich their lives and expand their world
Moss, Laura J.
Can an indoor cat live a happy, stimulating, and active life? A veterinarian and a journalist answer this question with a resounding "yes," and offer real-life guidance for opening up your cat's world, even if they stay within the confines of your home.  There...
The one minute cat manager : sixty seconds to feline shangri-la
Young, Kac
The One Minute Cat Manager suggests 60-second techniques that anyone can practise with their cat. With expert  insight into the inner workings of the feline mind, and analysis of cat behaviour, this book will facilitate a deeper understanding, and stronger bond with your feline...
The complete cat breed book
Bryan, Kim
Choose the perfect cat for youFrom Siamese to Sphynx cats, The Complete Cat Breed Bookwill help you choose the perfect companion for you. Fully illustrated and featuring over 150 of the world's best-loved cat breeds, this is the only cat breed guide you'll ever need. Complete with...
The cat encyclopedia
Are you a feline fanatic? Could you tell the difference between a Housecat and an Ojos Azules? Do you want to know how to keep your kitty happy and healthy? The Cat Encyclopedia is a comprehensive cat compendium that has all the facts about cats and kittens. It's packed...
Cat breed guide : a complete reference to your purr-fect best friend
Drimmer, Stephanie Warren
From the experts who brought you How to Speak Cat, learn all about 71 different cat breeds. From Russian Blues and Munchkins to Maine Coons and Persians, this comprehensive guide gives an overview of 71 different cat breeds. Each profile includes the breed's "cat stats":...
How to speak cat : a guide to decoding cat language
Newman, Aline Alexander
We know cats are beautiful, secretive, and independent ... but even the most loyal cat owners are often baffled by their own pet's behavior. With veterinarian expert Dr. Gary Weitzman as guide, this fun book helps kids understand what cats are trying to communicate by their body language and...
The secret language of cats : how to understand your cat for a better, happier relationship
Schot, Susanne
Do you speak to your cat? Do you feel your cat understands you and vice versa? Cat lovers across the globe know cats can speak. In this compelling new book, Susanne Schotz - a professor at Sweden's Lund University - shares insights into her long-standing cat communication research....

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