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Updated August 28, 2023
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Extra time
Gleitzman, Morris
SHORTLISTED - REAL Children's Choice Awards 2014 When 13-year-old Matt is discovered impressing the livestock in an Aussie country town with his remarkable soccer skills, he's offered the chance of a lifetime - a try-out at one of Europe's biggest and most glamorous soccer clubs....
Specky Magee and the battle of the young guns
Arena, Felice.
Specky Magee & the season of champions
Arena, Felice
Simon 'Specky' Magee and his Under 14s football team, the Booyong High Lions, return to battle out the second half of their league's season. The Lions are playing well and Specky's form is looking good - perhaps good enough to win a scholarship to a prestigious sporting school. But a...
Quidditch through the ages
Rowling, J. K.
If you have ever asked yourself where the Golden Snitch came from, how the Bludgers came into existence or why the Wigtown Wanderers have pictures of meat cleavers on their robes, read Quidditch Through the Ages.
Boy overboard
Gleitzman, Morris
Winner - KOALA Children's Choice Awards 2010 - Fiction for Years 7-9 Winner - YABBA Children's Choice Awards 2010 - Fiction for Years 7-9 Winner - COOL Children's Choice Awards 2010 - Fiction for Years 7-9 Longlisted - Family Award for Children's Books 2002...
Mascot madness!
Griffiths, Andy
The third wacky book in Andy Griffiths's hilarous new school series Henry McThrottle thought Northwest Southeast Central School was wacky. But then mascot madness takes over during the annual Sports Carnival competition against Northwest West Academy...and things get REALLY out of...
Boots and all
Clark, Sherryl.
Tony loves drawing. He can't help himslef even though his dad, once a famous footy player, doesn't take Tony's work seriously. His dad wants to live through his son, and coaches Tony's team. But Tony doesn't want to be a star football player, even though he's got the talent . . . but how does he...
Game or not?
Fusillo, Archimede.
Humorous children's novel for intermediate readers. Belinda is a very good soccer player, but at her school only boys play soccer and girls must play volleyball. But Belinda is determined to changed tradition. Includes cartoon illustrations. Author has also written 'Let it Rip'.
Batter up!
Clark, Sherryl.
Hayley wants to know why her best friend Spit has suddenly dumped her. What she discovers is very strange . . . Stranger than she could have imagined.
Find your sport
Greathouse, Lisa E.

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