Spring reads

Spring has arrived and brings with a number of associated topics: gardening, flowers, new life, spring cleaning, and even the dreaded hayfever. Check out this list for some inspiration on what to read this Spring.

Updated September 7, 2023
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City parks : a stroll around the world's most beautiful public spaces
Beanland, Christopher
A visually stunning and beautifully written celebration of park life around the world. The pandemic brought into sharp relief what city dwellers already realised: parks are an absolutely essential part of modern life. From the author who brought you Lido, here are 50 of the...
Super bloom : a field guide to flowers for every gardener
Semmler, Jac
'My heart lives in the garden. The practice of tending and cultivating a plant through a life cycle - seed to plant to flower - is so wondrous. And the beauty is infinite: the flowers, the foliage, the colours, form and texture. The art of gardening, at any scale, is both creative and...
Modern dried flowers : 20 everlasting projects to craft, style, keep and share
Maynard, Angela
A unique, contemporary guide to the craft of drying, preserving, and arranging flowers for the home and for special occasions. It offers a sustainable approach and directs readers in where to go next for inspiration, how to source stems, and how to design and make creations that last. Follow 20 step...
A beginner's guide to quilling paper flowers : beautiful Japanese style paper art
Nakatani, Motoko Maggie
Create exquisite, long-lasting quilled paper flowers with this step-by-step detailed guide! With the help of Japanese quilling expert Motoko Maggie Nakatani, you can create breathtaking quilled flowers with just a few inexpensive tools and paper quilling strips. Her simple...
Crocheted cactuses
Abbondio, Sarah
16 lovely crochet cactus patterns that are quick and easy to make You don't need a garden to grow this charming crop of cactuses - just a crochet hook, some yarn and a little crochet know-how! This delightful little book contains 16 patterns for crocheted cactuses that can be...
Green gifts : 40 sustainable and beautiful present ideas
James, Rosie
From homemade spa-day pamper products to gorgeous homewares, these 40 eco-gifting ideas will show you how to create presents from everyday household items. Whether you're eco-conscious and keen to reduce your plastic usage or want to be more sensible with your...
The plant thieves : secrets of the herbarium
Gibson, Prudence
The Plant Thieves reveals remarkable stories from the National Herbarium of New South Wales - its people, its archives and its most guarded specimens. Who gets to collect plants, name them, propagate them, extract their chemicals, sell them and use them? Whose knowledge is it? And what can...
The herb almanac : a seasonal guide to medicinal plants
Farrell, Holly
A seasonal guide to medicinal plants The Herb Almanac is a beautiful and accessible seasonal guide to herbalism.  Discover the best times of the year for growing specific healing herbs and also when and how to forage for wild...
Top 50 edible plants for pots : and how not to kill them!
Thomas, Angie
How to grow your own food in the smallest spaces - in pots on balconies, courtyards and windowsills Increasingly people are keen to grow some of their own food, giving them fresh, delicious and healthy ingredients right on their doorstep. Homegrown food also means reduced food miles...
Maggie Beer's spring harvest recipes
Beer, Maggie
Maggie Beer's Spring Harvest Recipes brings together all of Maggie Beer's signature recipes from her spring chapter of Maggie's Harvest, including detailed descriptions of seasonal ingredients and inspiring accounts of memorable meals with family and friends. ...
My house plant changed my life : green wellbeing for the great indoors
Domoney, David
Use the power of houseplants to combat the pollution and stresses of modern life. Everyday products pollute the air in our homes, and our mental wellbeing is threatened like never before - but help is at hand from the humble houseplant! Drawing on groundbreaking...
Seasons to share : nourishing family & friends with nutritious, seasonal wholefoods
Alwill, Jacqueline
A selection of nutritious wholefood recipes organised by season, which can be enjoyed as part of a menu for a themed occasion or as individual meals.
Grow your own pet plants : a cute guide to choosing and caring for your leafy friends
Mikolajski, Andrew
Plants make great pets - they're quiet, decorative, housetrained and (mostly) low-maintenance - and with this helpful guide, you'll soon be the perfect plant parent! Grow Your Own Pet Plants has all the information you'll need for green-thumbed success, from learning which plant to...
Birding without borders : an obsession, a quest, and the biggest year in the world
Strycker, Noah K.
An account of Noah Strycker's record-breaking year when he spotted 6,042 of the world's 10,000 species of birds. Traveling to 41 countries, on all seven continents, with a backpack, binoculars and a series of one-way tickets, it was the greatest adventure in birding.
Bird migration
Newton, Ian
The phenomenon of bird migration has fascinated people from time immemorial. The arrivals and departures of different species marked the seasons, heralding spring and autumn, and providing a reliable calendar long before anything better became available. Migration is shown by many kinds...
Stop allergies from ruining your life : the easy way
Dilkes, Mike
Many of us are affected by allergies, from the dreaded hayfever - the scourge of the summer - to much talked-about food allergies such as lactose and gluten. Dr Mike Dilkes, one of Harley Street's top Consultant ENT Surgeons, reveals his top tips for living with and treating an allergy.
Late migrations : a natural history of love and loss
Renkl, Margaret
From the New York Times columnist, a portrait of a family and the cycles of joy and grief that mark the natural world: "Has the makings of an American classic." --Ann Patchett Growing up in Alabama, Margaret Renkl was a devoted reader, an explorer of riverbeds and red-dirt roads,...
The lost flowers of Alice Hart
Ringland, Holly
Winner of the 2019 ABIA General Fiction Book of the Year Award. The international bestseller, now sold to over 30 territories internationally, The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart tells the enchanting and compelling story of a young girl, daughter of an abusive father, who has to learn the hard...
Absent in the spring
Westmacott, Mary
Spring clean for the Peach Queen
Wasley, Sasha
Twelve years had passed since the last Harvest Ball. I was just eighteen when my hometown crowned me their Peach Queen with a blossom coronet. And I was eighteen when I left. One tanked career, one badly timed glamour shoot and one dead boyfriend later, thirty-year-old...

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