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Updated September 7, 2023
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AFL record season guide 2023 : official statistical history of the AFL
The bodyline fix : how women saved cricket
Stell, Marion K.
'Not often in sport history do the events of men's and women's sport run parallel, adjacent and intertwined in importance. I could not think of another similar example anywhere in the world. Surprisingly, these women were key players in the Bodyline saga. This is their story.' ...
The fairytale : a real and imagined history of Australian sport
Nelson, H. G.
A sporting nation is only limited by its imagination. Every time this story is told it changes; something is always added, embellished or dropped from the run-on side.For more than thirty years, H.G. Nelson has been finding the poetry in the punt and humour during half-time. Now, he turns his keen...
Football's forgotten years : reclaiming the AFL competition's earliest era - 1870 to 1896
Carter, Colin
For almost 100 years, the AFL competition has been deemed to start in 1897, the year in which eight clubs seceded from the Victorian Football Association to form the Victorian Football League. This revision of history ignores the years between 1870 and 1896 when 11 of today's AFL clubs not only...
Girls play sport : the game-changing, defiant rise of women's sport, and why it matters
Dalton, Chloe
A timely and defiant manifesto unpacking the past, present and future of women's sport, from the Olympic gold medal-winning founder of The [Female] Athlete Project.
Gloves off
Fury, Tyson
*Available for pre-order now* The No-Holds-Barred Autobiography - including the full story behind Tyson's record-breaking victory against Dillian Whyte at Wembley stadium in front of 94,000 people Tyson pulls no punches in his most candid, comprehensive...
Ken Piesse's ABC of Australian cricket
Piesse, Ken
A smile-on-your-dial Australian cricket dictionary: lists, laughs, legends and larrikins and lots of extraordinary happenings in an A to Z format.
Lance Franklin: My Football Journey
Franklin, Lance.
Lance Franklin: My Football Journey is a stunning celebration and companion to the career of one of Australia's most revered AFL players, Lance 'Buddy' Franklin.   Lance Franklin has held AFL fans in awe since his early days in the game - regardless...
Little wonder : the extraordinary story of Lottie Dod, the world's first female sports superstar
Abramsky, Sasha
Shortlisted for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year 2021One of The Times 50 Best Sports Books of 2021Little Wonder tells the epic, and until now largely unchronicled, story of Lottie Dod, the first great heroine in women's sports. Dod was a champion tennis player, golfer, hockey...
Daw, Majak
Born in Sudan, Majak Daw fled to Egypt with his family when he was only eight years old. When they were eventually able to make a new life for themselves in Melbourne's south-west, Majak for the first time found where he belonged- playing footy. Drafted as a raw prospect by North Melbourne,...
The Matilda effect
Crawford, Fiona
The Matilda Effect is the exciting, inspiring, sometimes infuriating and always colourful story of the Australian women's football (soccer) team, the Matildas, and their ultimately successful struggle, alongside other women from around the world, to compete in World Cup football. ...
My journey to the World Cup
Kerr, Sam
Follow Sam Kerr's incredible journey from playing Aussie Rules as a kid to becoming one of the world's greatest athletes, after the Matildas achieved their best-ever result at a World Cup. Sam Kerr is widely considered to be one of the best female footballers of...
Patty Mills : beyond basketball
Nagy, Boti
The story of Indigenous Australian basketball star Patrick 'Patty' Mills and his journey in the sport and outside it. A must-read for general sports fans and basketball (NBL and NBA) lovers. Interest in basketball (playing, NBL and the NBA) continues to rise annually in Australia and we have a...
Personal score
Neerven, Ellen van
Award-winning writer Ellen van Neerven plays football from a young age, learning early on that sport can be a painful and exclusive world. The more they play, the more they realise about sport's troubled relationship with race, gender and sexuality - and question what it means to play sport on...
The Roger Federer effect : rivals, friends, fans and how the maestro changed their lives
Cambers, Simon
The Roger Federer Effect tells the story of the world's most famous tennis player in a fresh, innovative way - through the eyes of his friends, rivals, coaches, fans and many others who have been drawn to him as he blazed a trail and transcended the sport. In a glorious career spanning more than...

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