16 Days of Activism

The annual 16 Days of Activism campaign calls for the elimination of all forms of gender-based violence against women and girls. Learn more about the impact of gender-based violence with these titles and help create a world where women and girls are safe, respected and empowered.

Updated September 8, 2023
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Bad men : the hidden roots of sexual deception, harassment & assault
Buss, David M.
Paper Book
Sexual conflict permeates ancient religions, from injunctions about thy neighbor's wife to the sexual obligations of marriage. It is etched in written laws that dictate who can and cannot have sex with whom. Its manifestations shape our sexual morality, evoking approving accolades or contemptuous...
Bold types : how Australia's first women journalists blazed a trail
Clarke, Patricia
Paper Book
In Bold Types, Patricia Clarke recounts the chequered journey of women journalists in the fight for gender equality from 1860 to the end of World War II. These were independent, adventurous women who ventured far and wide in search of news, relevance and equality.<...
Boys will be boys
Ford, Clementine
Paper Book
The incendiary new book about toxic masculinity and misogyny from Clementine Ford, author of the best-selling feminist manifesto, Fight Like A Girl.
Broken : children, parents and family courts
Nelson, Camilla
Paper Book
'What happens to kids in our family law system should be a national scandal ... An urgent call to action'-Jess Hill, author of See What You Made Me Do The family courts intimately affect the lives of those who come before them. Judges can decide where you are allowed to...
Daughters of durga : dowries, gender violence and family in Australia
O'Connor, Manjula Datta
Paper Book
In the early 2010s a spate of domestic violence-related murders in the Victorian Indian community compelled psychiatrist Manjula Datta O'Connor to investigate the causes of patriarchal abuse in South Asian families. As a practitioner with many decades experience in the field, Datta O'Connor...
Daughters of Melbourne : a guide to the invisible statues of Melbourne
Coote, Maree
Paper Book
GOLD prize for Best Non-Fiction, Regional, Independent Publishers Awards Finalist  in the Foreword Reviews Indies Awards At last! A TRUER History of Melbourne... With Added Women for extra strength! Meet the daughters of Melbourne. The rich...
Fearless : finding the power to thrive
Đokić, Jelena
Paper Book
How do you find hope when all is lost? How do you find strength when you feel broken? How do you find your voice when you feel worthless and scared? In Jelena Dokic's first bestselling book, Unbreakable, the former world No. 4 revealed her incredible survival story; how...
The gender bias : the barriers that hold women back, and how to break them
Cohen-Hatton, Sabrina
Paper Book
A rallying call to change the perception of successful women by a woman at the top of her field.
The handmaid's tale
Atwood, Margaret
Paper Book
The stunning graphic novel adaptation * A must-read and collector's item for fans of "the patron saint of feminist dystopian fiction" (New York Times).   Look for The Testaments, the sequel to The Handmaid's Tale   In Margaret...
How decent folk behave
Clarke, Maxine Beneba
Paper Book
we are all just one small disaster away from sinking, and sometimes you only realise when you're gasping for air On a daylight street in Minneapolis Minnesota, a Black man is asphyxiated - by callous knee of an officer, by cruel might...
In control : dangerous relationships and how they end in murder
Monckton Smith, Jane
Paper Book
BLOWS ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS OUT OF THE WATER...A GAME-CHANGER. - Caitlin MoranPOWERFUL BOOK OFFERS STRATEGIES FOR INTERVENTION THAT WOULD SAVE LIVES - The IndependentA woman is killed by her partner or ex-partner every four days in the UK. Domestic homicide is...
Miss Kim knows : and other stories
Cho, Nam-ju
Paper Book
FROM THE AUTHOR OF KIM JIYOUNG, BORN 1982 'There is laughter and joy to be found in these pages, along with the kind of laughter that sets two women over 50 rolling in the snow with tears streaming down their frozen cheeks and the aurora borealis dancing above them.'...
The mother wound
Haydar, Amani
Paper Book
'A magnificent and devastating work of art. There is a raging anger here, and a deep sorrow, but at the core Haydar gives us truths about love. This is one of the most important books I've ever read.' Bri Lee'I am from a family of strong women.'Amani Haydar suffered the unimaginable when she lost...
A mother's story
Batty, Rosie
Paper Book
A profoundly moving and inspiring memoir from Australia's domestic violence crusader, Rosie Batty. Rosie Batty knows pain no woman should have to suffer. Her son was killed by his father in a violent incident in February 2014, a horrendous event that shocked not only the nation, but the...
Not now, not ever : ten years on from the misogyny speech
Gillard, Julia
Paper Book
This is a barn-burning piece of Australian feminist history in the making. MATILDA, BETTER READ THAN DEAD Then it was done. After staying silent, I'd had my say. At no time did I feel worked up or hotly angry. I felt strong, measured, controlled. Yet emotion...
On reckoning
Remeikis, Amy
Paper Book
What happens when the usual political tactics of deflect and dodge are no longer enough? A reckoning. The Guardian's political reporter Amy Remeikis has spoken before about being a survivor of sexual assault, but Brittany Higgins going public with...
On violence and on violence against women
Rose, Jacqueline
Paper Book
A blazingly insightful, provocative study of violence against women from the peerless feminist critic.
Rough : how violence has found its way into the bedroom and what we can do about it
Thompson, Rachel
Paper Book
'2021's most important book about sex.' Stylist 'You need to read this.' Mashable A bad sexual experience. A grey area. Not rape but... A violation - these are...
See what you made me do : power, control and domestic violence
Hill, Jess
Paper Book
'A shattering book- clear-headed and meticulous, driving always at the truth.' -Helen Garner Winner of the 2020 Stella Prize Now an SBS documentary series Domestic abuse is a national emergency- one in four Australian women has experienced...
The testaments
Atwood, Margaret
Paper Book
NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER * WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE * The Testaments is a modern masterpiece, a powerful novel that can be read on its own or as a companion to Margaret Atwood's classic, The Handmaid's Tale. More than fifteen years after the events of...
We should all be feminists
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi
Paper Book
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER * The highly acclaimed, provocative essay on feminism and sexual politics--from the award-winning author of Americanah "A call to action, for all people in the world, to undo the gender hierarchy." --Medium<...
Women talking
Toews, Miriam
Paper Book
The internationally bestselling novel based on real events. Now a major motion picture from writer/director Sarah Polley, starring Rooney Mara, Claire Foy, Jessie Buckley, with Ben Whishaw and Frances McDormand. "This amazing, sad, shocking, but touching novel, based on a real...

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