The Voice to Parliament Handbook and Other Referendum Resources

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Updated September 18, 2023
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The Voice to Parliament handbook : all the detail you need
Mayo, Thomas
The Voice to Parliament Handbook is an easy-to-follow guide for the millions of Australians who have expressed support for the Uluru Statement from the Heart, but want to better understand what a Voice to Parliament actually means. 'We...
Everything you need to know about The Voice
Davis, Megan
In late 2023 Australians will vote in a referendum on enshrining an Indigenous Voice to parliament and government in the Constitution. What benefits will the Voice bring? And what was the journey to this point?Everything You Need to Know About the Voice, written by co-author of the Uluru Statement...
Return to Uluru
McKenna, Mark
When Mark McKenna set out to write a history of the centre of Australia, he had no idea what he would discover. One event in 1934 - the shooting at Uluru of Aboriginal man Yokunnuna by white policeman Bill McKinnon, and subsequent Commonwealth inquiry - stood out as a mirror of racial politics in...
Statements from the soul : the moral case for the Uluru Statement from the Heart
Morris, Shireen
'Statements from the Soul sets the standard for conversations not just about the Voice, but the value and urgency of true reconciliation.' -Celina Ribeiro, The Guardian In this ground-breaking collection of essays, diverse religious leaders and thinkers come together to advocate...
Voice of reason : on recognition and renewal
Davis, Megan
At Uluru, an invitation was issued to the Australian people. With the upcoming referendum, the nation will decide whether to accept that invitation. In this compelling, fresh and imaginative essay, Megan Davis draws out the significance and the promise of this "constitutional moment" - what it could...
Finding our heart : a book on the Uluru Statement for young Australians
Mayor, Thomas
SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2021 ABIA 'BOOK OF THE YEAR FOR YOUNG CHILDREN' 'When we all came together at Uluru, we invited all Australian people to accept our voice and culture as a gift.' Can you help us find the heart of the nation? A...
Homeland calling
Neerven, Ellen van
'[W]e are strong, we are beautiful and we should be proud of our culture, our stories, our languages.' - Danzal Baker (aka Baker Boy) Homeland Calling is a collection of poems created from hip-hop song lyrics that channel culture and challenge stereotypes. Written by First Nations youth...
Truth-telling : history, sovereignty and the Uluru Statement
Reynolds, Henry
If we are to take seriously the need for telling the truth about our history, we must start at first principles. What if the sovereignty of the First Nations was recognised by European international law in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries? What if the audacious British annexation of a whole...
Finding the heart of the nation : the journey of the Uluru Statement from the Heart continues
Mayor, Thomas
In this updated edition of the bestselling book, Finding the Heart of the Nation, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander author Thomas Mayo gets behind the politics and legal speak to explain why the Uluru Statement from the Heart is an invitation to all Australians.   ...
Time to listen : an indigenous voice to parliament
Castan, Melissa
In 2023, debate about an Indigenous Voice to Parliament swirls around us as Australia heads towards a referendum on amending the Constitution to make this Voice a reality. The idea of a ' First Nations Voice' was famously raised in 2017, when Indigenous leaders drafted the Statement from the Heart--...
Aboriginal Australians : a history since 1788
Broome, Richard
The highly regarded history of Australia's First Nations people since colonisation, fully updated for this fifth edition.
Radical heart : three stories make us one
Morris, Shireen
Neither Indigenous nor white, Shireen Morris is both outside observer and instrumental insider in the fight for Indigenous rights. Shaped by her family's Indian and Fijian migrant story, Morris is a key player in what many consider the greatest moral challenge of our nation- constitutional...
Everything you need to know about the Uluru Statement from the heart
Davis, Megan
We leave base camp and start our trek across this vast country. We invite you to walk with us in a movement of the Australian people for a better future. On 26 May 2017, after a historic process of consultation, the Uluru Statement from the Heart was read out. This clear and urgent call for reform...

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