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A list of current titles to support your mental health.

Updated September 22, 2023
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A kind of magic : a memoir about anxiety, our minds, and optimism in spite of it all
Spargo-Ryan, Anna
A memoir about anxiety, our minds, and optimism in spite of it all Where do mental illness stories begin?   Anna''s always had too many feelings. Or not enough feelings - she''s never been quite sure. Debilitating panic....
The anxiety antidote : how awareness and action can lead to self-control and inner peace
Bedi, Kamran
A practical guide to emotional resilience in modern life, managing anxiety and finding confidence, by a popular Nero-Linguistic Programmer, Pilates teacher and Transformational Life Coach. The Anxiety Antidote makes understanding and dealing with anxiety easy and practical...
Your name is not anxious : a very personal guide to putting anxiety in its place
Dowrick, Stephanie
Stephanie Dowrick, PhD, embraces a whole body, whole-self approach to radically reduce stress, quieten anxiety, and return power to each reader through strong, self-supporting solutions you can use in daily life.
Finding calm : managing fear and anxiety in an uncertain world : advice that works from a leading New Zealand psycholgist
Johal, S. S.
How do you deal with your anxieties and fears when there is so much uncertainty in our world? Are we safe from Covid, from climate change, from the changing demographics of our cities? Can we keep our children safe from on-line dangers? How can we tell truth from misinformation and fake news? ...
Your mind matters : how to talk about your mental health
Georgiou, Katy
Talking about your mental health is one of the most important steps you can take towards better well-being, but for many people this can seem daunting. For anyone struggling to initiate the conversation, Your Mind Matters is here to end the stigma around mental health...
It's OK to feel sh*t (sometimes) : kind words and practical advice for when you're feeling low
Cooper, Sam
A supportive guide filled with actionable tips and advice to help you when you're feeling low. Packed with kind words and thoughtful advice, this book will help you make sense of your feelings. We all feel like sh*t sometimes, and that's OK   ...
The absent moon : a memoir of a short childhood and a long depression
Schwarcz, Luiz
'A beautiful work that is in turn haunting, touching and redemptive' SIMON SEBAG MONTEFIORE'A profoundly emotional book, and a brave one' THE NEW YORKER'Generous in spirit, devoid of self-pity, and an authentic literary achievement' ANDREW SOLOMON ------When Luiz Schwarcz...
The book of burnout : what it is, why it happens, who gets it, and how to stop it before it stops you!
Aisbett, Bev
Australia's bestselling anxiety and mental health expert, Bev Aisbett, tackles a growing mental health emergency: burnout. Burnout happens when we take on too much, when we think we can do the impossible, at the cost of our wellbeing, our health and even our quality of life. Although...
The new rulebook : notes from a psychologist to help redefine the way you live
Cheers, Chris
The bestselling, practical and inclusive guide to life from Instagram's favourite psychologist Chris Cheers. Shortlisted for the 2024 Australian Book Design Awards Best Designed Non-Fiction Cover Take a moment and check in with how you've been feeling lately. Maybe a...
Line in the sand : a life-changing journey through a body and a mind after trauma
Yates, Dean
Dean Yates was the ideal warzone correspondent: courageous, compassionate, dedicated. After years of facing the worst, though, including the Bali bombings and the Boxing Day tsunami, one final incident undid him. In July 2007, two of his staff members were brutally gunned down by an American...
The mind manual : mental fitness tools for everyone
George, Alex
THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER Mental health matters! Learn how to assess your mental health today - and understand what's normal for you. Discover the seven universal truths that everyone should remember, and the mental fitness foundations that will...
You are not alone : navigating mental illness and the journey to recovery
Duckworth, Ken
'Powerful and poignant, this book is for anyone who has struggled with mental health challenges' Lori Gottlieb '[An] invaluable book' Andrew Solomon 'A unique, hopeful, essential guide. You Are Not Alone is a treasure' Bruce D. Perry This...
Bite back : a compassionate guide to navigating eating disorders
Mora, Genevieve
'If you'd asked me at 10 what my plans were for the next few years, fighting an eating disorder would not have made the list.' Gen's early teenage years were the hardest of her life. Struggling with anorexia and poor mental health, she spent time in and out of hospitals and clinics,...
Troubled minds : understanding and treating mental illness
Bloch, Sidney
Many of us take our mental health for granted. But we can feel overwhelmed when confronted by mental illness in ourselves, a family member, or a friend. Troubled Minds is an invaluable guide for anyone whose life has been touched by mental ill-health and who wants to understand and deal...
Snowflake : breaking through mental health stereotypes and stigma
Nichol, Lucy, (Mental health campaigner)
'Sensitively and seriously explores mental health stereotypes' Stylist This is NOT a book of rules or statistics. It will NOT tell you what you can and can't say to someone with a mental health problem - or to anyone...
The trans guide to mental health and well-being
Lees, Katy
'The resource trans people need right now' MEG-JOHN BARKER 'An excellent book' JOS TWIST 'Straightforward and accessible' JENNIE KERMODE This empowering self-help guide provides advice and strategies for trans and/or non-binary people on a range of...
Mind food : plant-based recipes for positive mental health
Lovatt, Lauren
*WINNER OF THE NATURAL HEALTH/HEALTH & WELLBEING 'HEALTHY COOKBOOK' AWARD 2023* Mind Food is a delicious and revolutionary invitation to eating whole foods, with a mind-nourishing twist - inspired by years of research around how food can make us happy and boost...
Minding your mind : understanding your mind : taking control of your mental health
Hickie, Ian
The mind is a marvel. It's at the centre of our most rewarding experiences. It lets in awe and laughter, love and wisdom, and helps us overcome life's great trials. It's our greatest asset, but it can also be our greatest adversary, allowing in self-doubt, anxious thoughts and depression. It...
Eat to beat depression and anxiety : nourish your way to better mental health in six weeks
Ramsey, Drew
A revolutionary prescription for healing depression and anxiety and optimizing brain health through the foods we eat, including a six-week plan to help you get started eating for better mental health. Depression and anxiety disorders are rising, affecting more than fifty...
Logged in and stressed out : how social media is affecting your mental health and what you can do about it
Durlofsky, Paula
Social media is here to stay, and Logged In and Stressed Out presents the right information and tools to improve our lives through examining and changing our digital habits. America is facing a mental health crisis. Studies show that the average...
How to Be Your Own Therapist : Boost Your Mood and Reduce Your Anxiety in 10 Minutes a Day
O'Kane, Owen
Smart, short techniques throughout the day can form a healthier perspective 'Truly empowering - a book for everyone. It will help you figure out life.'Fearne Cotton All the benefits of therapy - 10 minutes at a time Let Owen O'Kane,...
Why has nobody told me this before?
Smith, Julie
Give your mind the one thing it needs in 2024 with the book everyone is STILL talking about, from clinical psychologist and TikTok sensation Dr Julie Smith 'A brilliant book' Steven Bartlett, Diary of a CEO podcast 'Full of sound, helpful advice with...
Overthinking Cure: How To Stay In The Present, Shake Negativity, And Stop Your Stress And Anxiety
Trenton, Nick.
Your mind doesn't have to be a minefield. Constant chatter is unhealthy; find a better way and see a brighter life. A distracted and non-present mind is the biggest cause of unhappiness. It prevents us from seeing what possibilities lie before us. Life...

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