Suggested Reading for Babies

Suggested Reading for Babies (0-18 months)

Updated October 16, 2023
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Hello baby!
Fox, Mem
A playful favorite from Mem Fox is now a Classic Board Book! After meeting a bevy of baby animals--including a clever monkey, a hairy warthog, and a dusty lion cub--the baby in this story discovers the most precious creature of all...itself, of course! With an...
Follow me : play for little hands
Schrey, Sophie
Follow, point, press! A finger-play activity book for young children from new talent Lucie Sheridan. Follow Me features simple puzzles that can be completed using just a finger.Children are invited to interact with the bright, bold artwork to complete simple activities using their fingers. Follow...
Do crocs kiss?
Yoon, Salina.
Do crocs cry? Do crocs clap? All I know is crocs go . . . SNAP! This novelty board book, with fun text and colorful illustrations, features adorable lions, tigers, and bears, as well as the snappy title reptile and other favorite creatures. Kids will happily lift the flap on each...
Splish, splash, Ducky!
Cousins, Lucy
Splash in puddles, dance with raindrops and join in with Ducky Duckling on a lovely, rainy day. Quack! Quack! Quack!Quack, quack, quack! Ducky Duckling loves playing outside in the rain. He hops with frog, squirms with wriggly worm and splashes with the fishes. But when the rain stops, Ducky feels...
Baby up, baby down a first book of opposites
Magnuson, Molly
Learn about the opposites in Baby's world in Baby Up, Baby Down, an interactive photographic board book from the creators of Making Faces and Baby Loves. This bright, playful board book introduces sets of opposites for babies to identify, from...
I kissed the baby! a first book of love
Murphy, Mary
Hands can
Hudson, Cheryl Willis
Hands can do all kinds of things! A rhyming text with eye-catching color photos offers just the encouragement young children need to explore their world -- hands on. Hands can hold things. Hands can mold things.  Hands can catch and hands can throw. ...
See, Touch, Feel: Animals is a fantastic first concepts book from Priddy Books. This new compact board book format introduces animals to very young children in a fun and simple way. Specially designed to stimulate toddlers and encourage...
Look : a tummy time book
Bishop, Gavin
A wordless concertina board book of big, bright faces to place around the baby on the floor at tummy time--family faces on one side and toys on the other--by award-winning author/illustrator Gavin Bishop. This safe and sturdy fold-out book is a perfect gift, with compelling illustrations...

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