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Updated December 2, 2023
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Organized living : solutions and inspiration for your home
Gill, Shira
Get inspired to level up your home organization with tips, Q&As, and photos of the living spaces of twenty-five international home organizers, from the author of Minimalista. Whenever people learn that Shira Gill is a professional home organizer, they always lean in and ask...
Small homes, big appeal : the luxury of less in under 1,200 square feet
O'Neill, Fifi
In recent years, many have turned our backs on the trend for oversized houses and embraced small-space living. Cosy, compact dwellings have so much to offer; they bring families closer together and make it easier than ever to express personal style. In Small Homes, Big Appeal<...
The kitchen garden : sowing, growing and cooking for the garden enthusiast
Mora, Lucy
Focusing on plants destined for the dinner plate, The Kitchen Garden is an illustrated guide to growing edible plants from sowing to harvesting. Learn when to sow, what to grow and how to make your delicious harvest into a meal. The book features fifty-five plant profiles...
The quilted home handbook : transform your space with the art of quilting
Chow, Wendy (Quilter)
Perfect for beginners and experienced quilters alike, this quilting book features simple illustrations and easy-to-follow steps that teach you how to make 15+ beautiful quilt projects for around your home, including everything from placemats to a throw pillow to a matching bed quilt and pillow...
All up in my space : how to decorate with feeling
Hopkinson, Emma
When it comes to styling your home, knowing where to start can be the hardest part. In this beautiful book, the authors and creators of the award-winning blog All Up In My Space, Robyn Donaldson and Emma Hopkinson, use emotion as the starting point for every room to reveal...
A gardener's guide to botany : the biology behind the plants you love, how they grow, and what they need
Zona, Scott
A fascinating look at the inner workings of the plant kingdom, written for gardeners.
Garden style : a book of ideas
Howcroft, Heidi
Pick and choose from a wealth of stylish design ideas for all outdoor settings to create your own paradise. Gardens have never been as important as they are today. The breadth of styles and types is hugely varied. Anything goes, whether inspired by the past or...
Top 50 fragrant plants and how not to kill them!
Thomas, Angie
How to enjoy thriving fragrant plants in your garden, on your balcony or in your courtyard. Smell the roses! Savour the lavender! Sweet, rich orange blossom; heady, aromatic daphne; sharp, refreshing mint; or subtle, alluring roses - nature's perfumes are a wonder. They...

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