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Updated February 27, 2023
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Fight like a girl
Ford, Clementine
Personal and fearless - a call to arms for feminists new, old and as yet unrealised by one of our most outspoken feminist writers.
Not now, not ever : ten years on from the misogyny speech
Gillard, Julia
This is a barn-burning piece of Australian feminist history in the making. MATILDA, BETTER READ THAN DEAD Then it was done. After staying silent, I'd had my say. At no time did I feel worked up or hotly angry. I felt strong, measured, controlled. Yet emotion...
A world of change : my life in the global women's rights movement
Walker, Anne S.
Anne S Walker grew up in the dormitories of a boarding school in the suburbs of Melbourne. Her initial career was as an early childhood teacher, then she sailed to England and worked as a community activist in London. Accepting an offer to work in Fiji, she became deeply involved for 11 years in...
Accidental feminists
Caro, Jane
Women over fifty-five are of the generation that changed everything. We didn't expect to. Or intend to. We weren't brought up much differently from the women who came before us, and we rarely identified as feminists, although almost all of us do now. Accidental Feminists is our story....
Gemmell, N. J.
'Every woman on Earth should read it' Caroline Overington, Weekend Australian Having lived through the humiliation and bewildering complexity of heartbreak in her twenties, Nikki Gemmell eventually resurfaced, reclaimed space for herself and found her voice. Decades...
Not just lucky : why women do the work but don't take the credit
Rizvi, Jamila
'Feisty and inquisitive - a fresh take on modern feminist issues.' Julia Gillard Australian women are suffering from a crisis of confidence about work. Accustomed to being overlooked and undervalued, even when women do get to the top, they explain their success away as 'luck'....
Taking the lead : how Jacinda Ardern wowed the world
Hill, David
An inspiring illustrated story for children about Jacinda Ardern, and her meteoric rise to become the world's youngest female leader. Nobody is too young to start changing the world. When Jacinda was little, she wanted to be a clown. But when she saw...
#metoo : stories from the Australian movement
Kon-yu, Natalie
'An extremely important anthology' Tracey SpicerIn October 2017, the hashtag MeToo went viral. Since then we've watched controversy erupt around Geoffrey Rush, Germaine Greer and Junot Díaz. We've talked about tracking the movement back via Helen Garner, Rosie Batty and Hannah Gadsby. We've...
Australian women in war : service, courage and care
A classroom resource for educating school students in the contribution of Australian women during wartime over the past century. Fully illustrated with colourful images from the collections of the Australian War Memorial. This is a concise edition of the 2008 publication.
The female eunuch
Greer, Germaine
"Like a woman, this book gets better with age. Greer's punchy prose and all-too-true observations motivate you to go out and do something to liberate yourself-and other women."  -- Leora Tanenbaum, author of Slut! Growing Up Female with a Bad Reputation A ground...
Behind the sun
Challinor, Deborah
Four women on a perilous voyage to a new world can rely only on their wits to survive...and each other. Irreverent and streetwise prostitute Friday Woolfe is in London's notorious Newgate gaol, awaiting transportation. There, she meets three other girls: intelligent and opportunistic thief, Sarah...
Amazing Australian women : twelve women who shaped history
Freeman, Pamela
A bright and colourful look at twelve incredible Australian women who helped shape our country, from politics and the arts to Indigenous culture, science and more. Meet twelve amazing Australian women who have changed the world, in small ways and large. Some of them are world famous, like Annette...
Big love : reclaiming myself, my people, my country
Blurton, Brooke
A raw, moving and uplifting memoir about courage, resilience and the transformative power of love, from one of Australia's most captivating personalities 'Powerful, heartbreaking and beautiful ... a story of incredible triumph fuelled by love and compassion' Osher Gunsberg 'Brooke...
Barty : arise, Queen of Oz
Reed, Ron
It doesnt get any better than this. Ash Barty, the greatest Australian tennis player of the modern era, rewrote history by winning the 2022 Australian Open and becoming the first Australian woman to do so since 1978. The Barty Party has moved at an incredible speed since the laid-back Queenslander...
Black and blue : a memoir of racism and resilience
Gorrie, Veronica
A proud Gunai/Kurnai woman, Veronica Gorrie grew up dauntless, full of cheek and a fierce sense of justice. After watching her friends and family suffer under a deeply compromised law-enforcement system, Gorrie signed up for training to become one of a rare few Aboriginal police officers in...
Bold types : how Australia's first women journalists blazed a trail
Clarke, Patricia
In Bold Types, Patricia Clarke recounts the chequered journey of women journalists in the fight for gender equality from 1860 to the end of World War II. These were independent, adventurous women who ventured far and wide in search of news, relevance and equality.<...
Boys will be boys
Ford, Clementine
The incendiary new book about toxic masculinity and misogyny from Clementine Ford, author of the best-selling feminist manifesto, Fight Like A Girl.
Bridge burning : and other hobbies
Flanagan, Kitty
One of Australia's favourite and most multi-talented entertainers, Kitty Flanagan, provides hilarious and honest life advice in this candid collection of cautionary tales.
Caroline Chisholm : an irresistible force
Goldman, Sarah
A fresh, spirited and engaging biography of a fascinating and influential woman who was absolutely instrumental in shaping modern Australia - but whose influence and importance has largely been forgotten. Caroline Chisholm was a take-no-prisoners game-changer of Colonial Australia -...
Cathy Freeman
Simpkin, Richard P.
City girl, country girl : the inspiring true stories of courageous women forging new lives in the Australian bush
Harfull, Liz
Extraordinary stories from Australian women who have moved to the country to forge new lives. From the bestselling author of Women of the Land.
Country women and the colour bar : grassroots activism and the Country Women's Association
Jones, Jennifer A.
Country Women and the Colour Bar is a timely corrective to established ideas about race relations in rural New South Wales by revealing the untold story of grassroots efforts by Aboriginal and white women, working together. In the 1950s and 1960s, in towns across New South Wales,...
The first stone : some questions about sex and power
Garner, Helen
In the autumn of 1992, two young women students at Melbourne University went to the police claiming that they had been indecently assaulted at a party. The man they accused was the head of their co-ed residential college. The shock of these charges split the community and painfully focused the...
This is what a feminist looks like : the rise and rise of Australian feminism
Maguire, Emily
Women must quit theirjobs when they marry.They are barred fromtrade unions and universities.Their husbands canlegally rape them.And they are notallowed to vote. This could be the reality in Australia today -- if it weren'tfor the many women who, over more than a...
Through her eyes : Australia's women correspondents from Hiroshima to Ukraine
Roberts, Melissa (Foreign correspondent)
In Through Her Eyes Australian women correspondents tell their own stories from the frontline - covering the breaking news, the issues and the events that are changing the world. They tell of Russian tanks and Ukrainian mothers fleeing with their children, vicious Afghan warlords,...
True spirit : the Aussie girl who took on the world
Watson, Jessica
There is something different about adventurers; about the way their minds work. They look at the world as a place of challenges and though they know what fear is, they refuse to be hindered by it. 'Inspiring, personal and heartfelt' HEARALD SUN 'A simple yet...
Đokić, Jelena
This is a story of Jelena Dokic's survival. How she survived as a refugee, twice. How she survived on the tennis court to become world No. 4. But, most importantly, how she survived her father, Damir Dokic, the tennis dad from hell. Jelena was a prodigious talent, heralded as...
Unknown : a refugee's story
Anyieth, Akuch Kuol
A moving, confronting and ultimately uplifting story about a young girl's escape, with her family, from war-torn South Sudan to Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya, and then to Australia. In 1996, when Akuch Kuol Anyieth is five, her mother flees to Kakuma with her children, intent on finding...
Pitt, Turia
Whether via the numerous media reports, 60 Minutes specials, Women's Weekly cover stories or her first book, Everything To Live For, we know about the why, how and what of that fateful day in September 2011. We know how she died four times on the operating table and her tortuous...
Vida Goldstein's fight for women's rights
Guile, Melanie
Shortlisted: 2010 APA Awards for Excellence in Educational Publishing - Primary Library BookIn Australia in the 1800s, the idea of women having the same rights as men was shocking Most people believed that women belonged under mens control. Then, in the 1880s, a young woman named Vida Goldstein led...
What do we want! : the story of protest in Australia
Hamilton, Clive
In What Do We Want! Clive Hamilton explores the colourful, enthralling and stirring forms of protest used in the big social movements that define modern Australia. He includes dedicated chapters on the peace movement, women's liberation, Indigenous rights, gay rights and the environmental...
Winning for women : a personal story
Mathews, Iola
What was it like to be involved in the heady days of 'second wave' feminism in Australia, when the role of women at home and at work changed decisively? Iola Mathews was one of the founders of the Women's Electoral Lobby, a journalist at The Age, and later a leading ACTU advocate for women workers...
Women and leadership : real lives, real lessons
Gillard, Julia
'Much-needed, frank talk from exceptional female leaders about how they've dealt with sexism in the line of duty.' Kirkus Reviews 'The authors' truth-telling will forewarn the next generation of leaders.' Natasha Stott Despoja, The Age 'Who...
Women kind : unlocking the power of women supporting women
Ferguson, Kirstin
Women Kind is a reminder that brilliant things happen when smart women get fed up.
Daughters of durga : dowries, gender violence and family in Australia
O'Connor, Manjula Datta
In the early 2010s a spate of domestic violence-related murders in the Victorian Indian community compelled psychiatrist Manjula Datta O'Connor to investigate the causes of patriarchal abuse in South Asian families. As a practitioner with many decades experience in the field, Datta O'Connor...
Daughters of Melbourne : a guide to the invisible statues of Melbourne
Coote, Maree
GOLD prize for Best Non-Fiction, Regional, Independent Publishers Awards Finalist  in the Foreword Reviews Indies Awards At last! A TRUER History of Melbourne... With Added Women for extra strength! Meet the daughters of Melbourne. The rich...
Desi girl
Malik, Sarah
As a Pakistani-Australian teenager growing up in western Sydney, Sarah Malik came of age in the shadow of September 11. At the age of twenty, she moved out of home to begin her life as a university student, Muslim feminist and journalist. In this energetic and timely book, Walkley Award...
Destroying the joint : why women have to change the world
Caro, Jane.
A fabulously provocative collection by women ready to destroy the joint. In 2012, Prime Minister Julia Gillard said a society needs the political participation of women to reach its full potential. Commentator Allan Jones reacted to his by saying- 'Women are destroying the joint . . ....
Don't be too polite, girls : a memoir
McCarthy, Wendy
Educator, activist, agent of change - the life and career of one of Australia's most influential women.
Edith Blake's war : the only Australian nurse killed in action during the First World War
Vane-Tempest, Krista
When Edith Blake missed out on joining the Australian Army, she was one of 130 Australian nurses allotted to the British Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service in early 1915. Her first posting was in Cairo where she nursed soldiers wounded at Gallipoli. In Edith's remarkable letters to...
Esther : the extraordinary true story of the First Fleet girl who became First Lady of the colony
North, Jessica
The little-known rags to riches love story of a convict girl who arrived in Australia on the First Fleet. Much like another, better-known colonial woman, Elizabeth Macarthur, Esther successfully managed her husband's property and became a significant figure in the new colony.
Evonne Goolagong
Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel
Be amazed by one of Australia's most inspiring tennis players - Evonne Goolagong - who overcame adversity and went on to win 13 majors, 84 singles, 50 doubles and 5 mixed doubles titles throughout her illustrious career.
Fair game : Australia's first immigrant women
Rushen, Elizabeth
Young women as fair game? In 1832, the British government sent 400 young single women to Sydney and Hobart on two ships - the Red Rover from Cork and Princess Royal from London - to balance the male-dominated societies. Viewed as colourful butterflies alighting on the antipodean shores, the women...
Women of a certain age
Moffat, Jodie
Fifteen very different life stories by women from all walks of life. From a woman who does not expect to live until puberty to teenagers with secret inner lives; from women who strive to belong to women who cannot wait to get away; from women surprised by the arrival of menopause to...
Women of the Diggings: Ballarat 1854
Wickham, Dorothy
The first detailed account of the fascinating but rarely heard voices of women on the Victorian goldfields. More than just the women of Eureka, this book explores the cycle of women's activity from cradle to grave. Activities as relevant in the 1850s as they are today.
Women to the front : the extraordinary Australian women doctors of the Great War
Sheard, Heather
At the outbreak of World War I, 129 women were registered as medical practitioners in Australia, and many of them were eager to contribute their skills and expertise to the war effort. For the military establishment, however, the notion of women doctors serving on the battlefield was unthinkable....
Women, equality, power : selected speeches from a life of leadership
Clark, Helen
'Helen Clark has reshaped our views on women and politics and the right of women to take up the mantle of political leadership.' PROFESSOR JENNIFER CURTIN, UNIVERSITY OF AUCKLAND
Work Love Body
Gilmore, Jane
In 2020, the lives of Australian women changed irrevocably. With insight, intelligence and empathy, Jane Gilmore, Santilla Chingaipe and Emily J. Brooks explore this through the lenses of work, love and body, and ask: Will the Australia of tomorrow be more equal than the one...
Work strife balance
Freedman, Mia
"Whenever women are honest about their struggles, they give other women a gift. Mia delivers." Elizabeth GilbertThis book is for every woman who's been told success is as simple as Lean In, Say Yes, Live Your Best Life, Beat Your Fear, Follow Your Dream... and then feel #soblessed.It's for guilty...
You daughters of freedom : the Australians who won the vote and inspired the world
Wright, Clare
For the ten years from 1902, when Australia's suffrage campaigners won the vote for white women, the world looked to this trailblazing young democracy for inspiration. Clare Wright's epic new history tells the story of that victory - and of Australia's role in the subsequent international struggle -...
The power of possibility : a journey of inspiration and courage
André, Alexandra
The Stalking of Julia Gillard: How the Media and Team Rudd Brought down the Prime Minister
Walsh, Kerry-Anne
This is the story of one of the most extraordinary episodes in recent Australian political history, of how a powerful media pack, a vicious commentariat, and some of those within her own party contrived to bring down Australia's first female prime minister When Julia Gillard took...
The secret
Smith, Alexandra
Gladys Berejiklian was Australia's rockstar premier. The first woman elected to lead NSW, she steered the state through devastating bushfires, drought and a once-in-a-generation pandemic with a steady hand. To many, she was 'The Woman Who Saved Australia' for the way in which she navigated the first...
The Teal Revolution : inside the movement changing Australian politics
Saville, Margot
The Teal Revolution is essential reading on the unprecedented Teal wave of the 2022 election, a movement with the potential to change Australian politics. From experienced political journalist Margot Saville, this is the fourth book in The Crikey Read series by Crikey and...
The wasp and the orchid : the remarkable life of Australian naturalist Edith Coleman
Clode, Danielle
SHORTLISTED FOR THE NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY AWARD 2019'Have you met Mrs Edith Coleman? If not you must - I am sure you will like her - she's just A1 and a splendid naturalist.'In 1922, a 48-year-old housewife from Blackburn delivered her first paper, on native Australian orchids, to the Field Naturalists...
Shiosaki, Elfie
*Shortlisted for the 2022 Stella Prize* *Shortlisted for the 2021 Queensland Literary Awards: Judith Wright Calanthe Award for a Poetry Collection* Our grandmothers' stories teach us...
Jacinda Ardern : a new kind of leader
Chapman, Madeleine
She is a progressive and a social democrat. A millennial woman in leadership. Only the second elected leader in the world to give birth while in office. But who is the real Jacinda Ardern? And why does she inspire such global admiration? New Zealand's prime minister has been...
Leaning out : a fairer future for women at work in Australia
Ziwica, Kristine
In Leaning Out, respected journalist Kristine Ziwica maps a decade of stasis on the gender equality front in Australia, and why the pandemic has led to a breakthrough. As the historic 2020 Women''s March attests, a generation of younger women are speaking truth to power and changing the way...
Life and death : a cycling memoir
O'Donnell, Bridie
Dr Bridie ODonnell is the definition of a unique Australian sporting hero. A medical doctor who spent her 20s pursuing sideline sporting careers in rowing and Ironman triathlon, it wasnt until she reached her mid-30s that ODonnell found her true calling in the ranks of professional cyclists....
Life as I know it
Payne, Michelle
In Life As I Know It, Michelle Payne tells her deeply moving story. It will lift your spirits, stir your heart and give you courage. Michelle was six months old, the youngest of eleven children, when the family was hit with the tragic death of their mother, Mary. Their father,...
Lioness : my fighting spirit
Ghoussain, Silvana
Lioness: My Fighting Spirit love - family - triumph Torn between two cultures, Australian and Lebanese, Silvana Ghoussain defied the odds to make a stance to show that chasing your dreams means taking risks--sometimes at great cost. This is a true account of one woman's...
My brilliant career ; My career goes bung
Franklin, Miles
In this ironically titled and riotous first novel by Miles Franklin, originally published in 1901, Sybylla tells the story of growing up passionate and rebellious in rural NSW. Sybylla will neither marry nor teach, but that doesn't stop her from falling in love, and it doesn't make the choices any...
My dream time
Barty, Ashleigh
It's a tennis story. It's a family story. It's a teamwork story. It's the story of how I got to where and who I am today. I'm only in my mid-twenties, and some might think that's young to write a memoir. Who does that, right? But for me and my team it's always been important...
My giddy aunt and her sister comedians
Connolly, Sharon
Whip-smart and fabulously funny, the women of vaudeville entertained Australia and challenged ideas of how women should behave. Opening a forgotten case of photographs, Sharon Connolly begins a search for the great aunt she never knew. Gladys Shaw was a whistling comedian,...
My people's songs : how an Indigenous family survived colonial Tasmania
Birnie, Joel Stephen
Tarenootairer (c.1806-58) was still a child when a band of white sealers bound her and forced her onto a boat. From there unfolded a life of immense cruelty inflicted by her colonial captors. As with so many Indigenous women of her time, even today the historical record of her life remains a scant...
My Story
Gillard, Julia.
On Wednesday 23 June 2010, with the government in turmoil, Julia Gillard asked Prime Minister Kevin Rudd for a leadership ballot. The next day, Julia Gillard became Australia's 27th prime minister, and our first female leader. Australia was alive to the historic possibilities. Here was...
Ninu grandmother's law : the autobiography of Nura Nungalka Ward
Ward, Nura Nungalka
This is my knowledge. It has been handed down to me from my grandmothers and grandfathers, my mothers and my fathers. I am sharing it with you because I want people to know about my life. Ninu Grandmothers' Law is a definitive account of a traditional lifestyle and way of thinking. Accompanied by...
Fixed it : violence and the representation of women in the media
Gilmore, Jane
On average, at least one woman is murdered by a current or former partner every week in Australia. Far too many Australian women have experienced physical or sexual violence. Only rarely do these women capture the attention of the media and the public. What can we do to stem the tide of violence and...
Gender politics : navigating political leadership in Australia
Ghazarian, Zareh
Gender is a powerful force that shapes Australia's political leadership. Gender impacts the politics, government, and policies of our nation. It influences the public lives of all political leaders. It affects how they interact with political institutions and cultures, with each other, and how they...
Gender and equality
Healey, Justin
Gender equality occurs when people of all genders have equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities. In light of recent revelations about sexual harassment and assault in Australias parliament and the subsequent staging of a national womens safety summit, it is clear that we have a long way to...
Generation F : why we still struggle with sex and power
Trioli, Virginia
'For me these Ormond College women were, and are, the first voices of the revolution that is #MeToo in Australia.'     Twenty-five years ago, Australia was in the grip of another debate about sex and power.   The...
Sex, lies and question time
Ellis, Kate
In Sex, Lies and Question Time, former MP Kate Ellis explores the good, the bad and the ugly of life as a woman in Australian politics. Seventy-seven years after the first woman entered Australian parliament, female politicians are still the minority. They cop...
Sheilas : badass women of Australian history
Reilly, Eliza
An entertaining romp through Australian history that celebrates the badass sheroes we were never taught about in school and who deserve to be printed on our money, goddamn it!It's been said that 'well-behaved women seldom make history', but the handful of white boys who wrote our history books...
Shout out to the girls : a celebration of awesome Australian women
Shout-outs to 50 awesome Australian women with easy-to-read biographies of their incredible achievements. From Cathy Freeman to Turia Pitt, Edith Cowan to Julia Gillard, Mum Shirl to Vali Myers, plus rally car drivers, molecular biologists and more, this book is a celebration of women in all fields,...
Sister girl : reflections on tiddaism, identity and reconciliation
Huggins, Jackie
The pieces in this seminal collection represent almost four decades of writing by historian and activist Jackie Huggins. These essays, speeches and interviews combine both the public and the personal in a bold trajectory tracing one Murri woman's journey towards self-discovery and human...
Super sporty girls : be inspired and celebrate Australia's amazing sportswomen
What sport will I try? I love to run, kick a ball and jump. I'm happy gliding through the water too - maybe that could be the place for me. Or on a track, going as fast as I can. And it's such a great feeling being part of a team and playing with others. Maybe Australia's top...
Talking with champions : inspirational insights from elite champions
K'Nell, Tristan
In 'Talking with Champions', author Tristan K'Nell shares his interviews with the finest athletes across Australia and New Zealand. Also featured are several international champions including Laila Ali, George Foreman, Evander Holyfield and Larry Holmes. Tristan K'Nell takes the essence of each...
The advocates : women within the Australian environmental movement
Gulliver, Robyn
From boardrooms to blockade camps, from the lush East Gippsland forests to the golden Ningaloo Reef, the fight against environmental destruction takes place in many spaces. The Advocates tells the inside story of nine extraordinary women within the Australian environmental movement and the...
The bodyline fix : how women saved cricket
Stell, Marion K.
'Not often in sport history do the events of men's and women's sport run parallel, adjacent and intertwined in importance. I could not think of another similar example anywhere in the world. Surprisingly, these women were key players in the Bodyline saga. This is their story.' ...
The call of the outback : the remarkable story of Ernestine Hill, nomad, adventurer and trailblazer
Velzen, Marianne van
Long before Robyn Davidson wrote Tracks, the extraordinary Ernestine Hill was renowned for her intrepid travels across Australia's vast outback. After the birth of her illegitimate son, Ernestine Hill abandoned her comfortable urban life as a journalist for a nomadic one, writing about...
Curry, Lisa
The long-awaited memoir of one of Australia's most enduring and inspiring sporting icons. Triple Olympian and wellness entrepreneur Lisa Curry has lived her life in the public eye for six decades. In this very personal memoir, she shares the untold story of being Lisa. ...
Lovers dreamers fighters : a love story about songs, secret histories and self-invention
Carmen, Lo
A beautiful and moving memoir about passion, creativity and fearlessness from one of Australia's true creatives, singer/songwriter Lo Carmen, inspired by the lives and careers of other remarkable Australian women - such as Renee Geyer, Chrissy Amphlett, Robyn Archer and Wendy Saddington.
Lowitja : the authorised biography of Lowitja O'Donoghue
Rintoul, Stuart
The profoundly moving biography of a truly great Australian who, against the greatest of odds, became one of Australia's most respected and recognisable Indigenous leaders.
Lowitja: The Authorised Biography of Lowitja O'Donoghue
Rintoul, Stuart
The profoundly moving biography of a truly great Australian who, against the greatest of odds, became one of Australia's most respected and recognisable Indigenous leaders.
Rachel : brumby hunter, medicine woman, bushrangers' ally and troublemaker for good ... the remarkable pioneering life of Rachel Kennedy
McGill, Jeff
Rachel Kennedy stood out on a wild frontier dominated by men . . . her extraordinary and unputdownable pioneering story is told for the first time
Radio girl : the story of the extraordinary Mrs Mac, pioneering engineer and wartime legend
Dufty, David F.
All around Australia, former WRANs and navy men regard the woman they know as Mrs Mac with a level of reverence usually reserved for saints. Yet today no-one has any idea of who she was and how she rescued Australia's communication systems in World War II.
Media tarts
Baird, Julia
A powerful insight into how the media treats female politicians - now revised and updated with a new foreword by Annabel Crabb - from one of our foremost journalists and political commentators, Julia Baird. 'History is crucial. We need to know that treating women as decorations,...
Mrs Kelly : the astonishing life of Ned Kelly's mother
Kieza, Grantlee
The astonishing life of Ned Kelly's mother While we know much about the iconic outlaw Ned Kelly, his mother Ellen Kelly has been largely overlooked by Australian writers and historians - until now, with this vivid and compelling portrait by Grantlee Kieza, one of Australia's most popular...
On reckoning
Remeikis, Amy
What happens when the usual political tactics of deflect and dodge are no longer enough? A reckoning. The Guardian's political reporter Amy Remeikis has spoken before about being a survivor of sexual assault, but Brittany Higgins going public with...
Our spirit : creative works of Australian Defence Force Women from 1960s onward
Crane, Jennifer
Pictures from my memory : my story as a Ngaatjatjarra woman
Ellis, Elizabeth Marrkilyi
Pictures from my memory is a compelling and accessible autobiographical account of Lizzie Marrkilyi Ellis's life as a Ngaatjatjarra woman from the Australian Western Desert. Born in the bush at the time of first contact between her family and White Australians, Ellis's vivid...
Power play : breaking through bias, barriers and boy's clubs
Banks, Julia
Power Play is an honest guide for women who aspire to leadership in the workplace and in the world, from the trailblazing Julia Banks. Having won the 'unwinnable' seat that secured the Coalition Government majority in 2016, Julia Banks shocked...
Rebel women who changed Australia
De Vries, Susanna
Visionaries, pioneers, activists and artists - women who made a difference to Australia An updated and condensed edition of Susanna de Vries' Great Australian Women, this is a celebration of women who broke the mould, crashed through the ceilings, and shaped the nation in the fields...
Roar : the stories behind AFLW - a movement bigger than sport
Lane, Samantha
'When a football ground was electrified on that unforgettable February evening, feelings did not need words. They had a sound unlike anything anyone had ever heard- an almighty, heartfelt roar.' The inaugural season of the AFL Women's league was a game changer for Australian...
Robyn Kina : strong aboriginal woman : a lifer redeemed
Berry, Dave
In possibly the shortest murder trial in Queensland history, in 1988, aboriginal woman Robyn Kina was convicted of the murder of her abusive de facto spouse and sentenced to life in prison. The whole process took less than 4 hours This is Robyn's story, as related to Social Worker, Dave Berry, to...
Say yes : a story of friendship, fairness and a vote for hope
Castles, Jennifer
A story about how the events surrounding the historic 1967 Referendum played out in the everyday lives of two young girls.
The women who changed country Australia : celebrating 100 years of the Country Women's Association of New South Wales
Harfull, Liz
A compelling and thoroughly researched account of the CWA of NSW - its beginnings, its remarkable achievements and the indomitable women who have driven each one of its many successes.
The cost of labour
Kon-yu, Natalie

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