Health Literacy Month

October is Health Literacy Month. Delaware Libraries and their partners provide programs and information on a variety of medical, wellness, and behavioral health topics. Please visit for more!

Updated October 2, 2023
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Eat & flourish : how food supports emotional well-being
Albright, Mary Beth
Food has power to nourish your mind, supporting emotional wellness through both nutrients and pleasure. In this groundbreaking book, journalist Mary Beth Albright draws on cutting-edge research to explain the food/mood connection. She redefines "emotional eating" based on the science, revealing...
Home detox : make your home a healthier place for everyone who lives there : identify and eliminate hidden toxins, combat common health problems, clean away toxins in every room, make your own cleaning solutions
Chace, Daniella
A professional toxicologist and health writer offers an enlightening and accessible room-by-room guide to identifying and removing potentially toxic items, along with suggestions for safe, affordable alternatives. From the bedroom mattress and pillows to daily...
The brain health kitchen : preventing Alzheimer's through food with 100 recipes
Fenn, Annie
"Though packed with solid science, the book isn't dense reading; [Fenn] dishes up the data and information in easily digestible bites." --Seattle Times A physician and chef identifies the top ten brain-smart ingredients and shows that eating to maintain...
Healthy no matter what : how humans are hardwired to adapt
Jadad, Alejandro R.
A provocative manifesto that teaches you how to take control of your own health, no matter your age or circumstances-from an innovative doctor and his philosopher daughter "If you care about your health or the well-being of others, read this book."-Ethan Kross, author of...
The spark factor : the secret to supercharging energy, becoming resilient, and feeling better than ever
Maloof, Molly, MD
Foreword by Dave Asprey A breakthrough program for women to revive their lost energy and vitality, developed by a leading biohacker and physician Inside of you, there is a spark--it's what animates you, and without it, you could not live. This energy creation isn't mystical, nor is...

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