National Library Week 2023 - There is More to the Story

Members of university communities use libraries often, whether they are downloading journal articles, borrowing physical books, or using a laptop to take an exam remotely. Now, explore the philosophy, history, and design of libraries starting with this curated list of books from the collections of the UAB Libraries. There is more to our story.

Updated July 7, 2023
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Candida Höfer : libraries
Höfer, Candida
Libraries are a book producer's dream. Since nobody photographs libraries as beautifully as Hofer, it seemed only natural to dedicate one of her publications to the splendid and intimate cathedrals of knowledge across Europe and the US: the Escorial in Spain, the Whitney Museum in New york, Villa...
The bad-ass librarians of Timbuktu : and their race to save the world's most precious manuscripts
Hammer, Joshua
To save precious centuries-old Arabic texts from Al Qaeda, a band of librarians in Timbuktu pulls off a brazen heist worthy of Ocean's Eleven. In the 1980s, a young adventurer and collector for a government library, Abdel Kader Haidara, journeyed across the Sahara Desert and along the...
Literacy place for the early years. Grade 3. Read aloud package
Pringle, Laurence
*ALA Notable Children's book 2006 * Celebrated author-illustrator Jeanette Winter weaves a hopeful tale of one woman's courageous book rescue. In the Spring of 2003, Alia Muhammad Baker was the city of Basra's real-life librarian....
Along came google : a history of library digitization
Marcum, Deanna
An incisive history of the controversial Google Books project and the ongoing quest for a universal digital library Libraries have long talked about providing comprehensive access to information for everyone. But when Google announced in 2004 that it planned to digitize books...
A universal history of the destruction of books : from ancient Sumer to modern Iraq
Báez, Fernando
A product of 10 years' research and support from leading American and European universities, A Universal History of the Destruction of Books traces the tragic story which encapsulates: the smashed tablets of ancient Sumer; the widespread looting of libraries in post-war Iraq; the levelling of the...
Free to all : Carnegie libraries & American culture, 1890-1920
Van Slyck, Abigail Ayres.
Familiar landmarks in hundreds of American towns, Carnegie libraries today seem far from controversial. In Free to All, however, Abigail A. Van Slyck shows that the classical façades and symmetrical plans of these buildings often mask a complex and contentious history. "The...
The library book
Orlean, Susan
Cruising the Library : Perversities in the Organization of Knowledge
Adler, Melissa
Cruising the Library examines the ways in which library classifications have organized sexuality and sexual perversion. The author studies the Library of Congress Subject Headings and Classification, as well as the Library of Congress's Delta Collection, a restricted collection of obscenity until...
The librarian stereotype : deconstructing perceptions and presentations of information work
Pagowsky, Nicole
The rule, the Bible, and the council the library of the Benedictine Abbey at Praglia
Gisolfi, Diana.
The Rule, the Bible, and the Council focuses on the decoration of a Benedictine library conceived and executed within a few years of the conclusion of the Council of Trent. The Abbey at Praglia, near Padua, commissioned work from Paolo Veronese and Tintoretto as well as Battista Zelotti. The authors...
Memory's library : medieval books in early modern England
Summit, Jennifer.
In Jennifer Summit's account, libraries are more than inert storehouses of written tradition; they are volatile spaces that actively shape the meanings and uses of books, reading, and the past. Considering the two-hundred-year period between 1431, which saw the foundation of Duke Humfrey's famous...
Revolting librarians redux : radical librarians speak out
Roberto, K. R.
"Revolting librarians aren't defined by what they are, they are defined by what they do. In fact, it's not even what they do, but how they do it"--Katia Roberto and Jessamyn West, in the Preface. This compilation of witty, insightful, and readable writings on the various aspects of...
Burning books and leveling libraries : extremist violence and cultural destruction
Knuth, Rebecca
Whether the product of passion or of a cool-headed decision to use ideas to rationalize excess, the decimation of the world's libraries occurred throughout the 20th century, and there is no end in sight. Cultural destruction is, therefore, of increasing concern. In her previous book...
Mudie's circulating library and the Victorian novel
Griest, Guinevere L.
Barbarians at the gates of the public library how postmodern consumer capitalism threatens democracy, civil education and the public good
D'Angelo, Edward
Libraries in the ancient world
Casson, Lionel
This delightful book tells the story of ancient libraries from their very beginnings, when 'books' were clay tablets and writing was a new phenomenon. Renowned classicist Lionel Casson takes us on a lively tour, from the royal libraries of the most ancient Near East, through the private and public...
Sacred stacks the higher purpose of libraries and librarianship
Maxwell, Nancy Kalikow.
The Library of Alexandria : centre of learning in the ancient world
MacLeod, Roy M.
The Library of Alexandria was one of the greatest cultural adornments of the late ancient world, containing thousands of scrolls of Greek, Hebrew and Mesopotamian literature and art and artefacts of ancient Egypt. This book demonstrates that Alexandria became - through the contemporary reputation of...
Creating French culture : treasures from the Bibliothèque nationale de France
Tesnière, Narie-Hélène.
From monastic cloisters in the time of Charlemagne to the book-lined studies of 20th-century authors, this study presents an overview of the literary and artistic world in France. The Bibliotheque nationale de France, rich in collections of illuminated manuscripts, books, medals, maps and prints,...

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