Fiction, 200 Pages or Less

Fiction novels and novellas that are 200 pages or less. Does not include graphic novels or works from the Curriculum Collection.
Updated May 12, 2023
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The great Gatsby
Fitzgerald, F. Scott
Paper Book
One of the classics of twentieth-century literature, The Great Gatsby is now available in a definitive, textually accurate edition. The story of the fabulously wealthy Jay Gatsby and his love for the beautiful Daisy Buchanan has been acclaimed by generations of readers. But the first edition...
Frankenstein : the 1818 text
Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft
Paper Book
Mary Shelley's classic novel, presented in its original 1818 text, with an introduction from National Book Critics Circle award-winner Charlotte Gordon Nominated as one of America's best-loved novels by PBS's The Great American Read The original 1818...
The body artist : a novel
DeLillo, Don.
Paper Book
The sign of four
Doyle, Arthur Conan
Paper Book
Yellow fog is swirling through the streets of London, and Sherlock Holmes himself is sitting in a cocaine-induced haze until the arrival of a distressed and beautiful young lady forces the great detective into action. Each year following the strange disappearance of her father, Miss Morstan has...
Animal farm
Orwell, George
Paper Book
George Orwell's modern fable on the way power corrupts is as apt as ever in the twenty-first century.
The lover
Duras, Marguerite.
Paper Book
Back in print in paperback, "an exquisite jewel of a novel, as multifaceted as a diamond, as seamless and polished as a pearl" ("Boston Herald"). This edition includes an Introduction by Maxine Hong Kingston that looks back at Duras's world from an intriguing new perspective--that of a visitor to...
The red badge of courage : an episode of the American Civil War
Crane, Stephen
Paper Book
"The Red Badge of Courage is an American masterpiece-and yet the novel familiar to so many readers is not, in fact, the story Crane wrote. That story is the one printed here, as Henry Binder has recovered it, as fully as possible, from the author's final handwritten manuscript. Just prior to...
The alchemist
Coelho, Paulo
Paper Book
Paulo Coelho's enchanting novel has inspired a devoted following around the world. This story, dazzling in its powerful simplicity and soul-stirring wisdom, is about an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago who travels from his homeland in Spain to the Egyptian desert in search of...
Night desk : a novel
Ryga, George.
Paper Book
A comic and raging novel of a fight promoter's ringside life and loves.Other books by George Ryga available from Talonbooks:The Athabasca Ryga (1990) Ballad of a Stonepicker (1976) The Ecstasy of Rita Joe (1970) Hungry Hills (1974) In the Shadow of a Vulture (1985) Ploughmen of the Glacier (1977)...
The beginner's goodbye : a novel
Tyler, Anne.
Paper Book
Anne Tyler gives us a wise, haunting, and deeply moving new novel in which she explores how a middle-aged man, ripped apart by the death of his wife, is gradually restored by her frequent appearances--in their house, on the roadway, in the market.   Crippled in his right arm and leg,...
The hound of the Baskervilles
Doyle, Arthur Conan
Paper Book
The old gringo
Fuentes, Carlos.
Paper Book
In The Old Gringo, Carlos Fuentes brings the Mexico of 1916 uncannily to life. This novel is wise book, full of toughness and humanity and is without question one of the finest works of modern Latin American fiction.
The painter of signs
Narayan, R. K.
Paper Book
Get a life
Gordimer, Nadine.
Paper Book
A young man's treatment for cancer inspires profound changes in his family. Paul Bannerman, an ecologist in South Africa, believes he understands the trajectory of his life, with the usual markers of vocation and marriage. But when he's diagnosed with thyroid cancer and, after...
Old school : a novel
Wolff, Tobias
Paper Book
"With the same masterful prose and emotional subtlety that distinguished his bestselling memoir This Boy's Life, Tobias Wolff's first novel, Old School, explores the deceptions and betrayals that turn a boy into a writer. The protagonist is a student at an elite prep school in 1960. He is an...
Sula. -
Morrison, Toni.
Paper Book
Toni Morrison's first novel,The Bluest Eye(1970), was acclaimed as the work of an important talent, written--as John Leonard said inThe New York Times--in a prose "so precise, so faithful to speech and so charged with pain and wonder that the novel becomes poetry." Sulahas the same power, the same...
Fahrenheit 451
Bradbury, Ray
Paper Book
For use in schools and libraries only. A totalitarian regime has ordered all books to be destroyed, but one of the book burners suddenly realizes their merit.
The dying animal
Roth, Philip.
Paper Book
David Kepesh is white-haired and over sixty, an eminent TV culture critic and star lecturer at a New York college, when he meets Consuela Castillo, a decorous, well-mannered student of twenty-four, the daughter of wealthy Cuban exiles, who promptly puts his life into erotic disorder. ...
Clear light of day
Desai, Anita
Paper Book
The return of the soldier
West, Rebecca
Paper Book
Writing her first novel during World War I, West examines the relationship between three women and a soldier suffering from shell-shock. This novel of an enclosed world invaded by public events also embodies in its characters the shifts in England's class structures at the beginning of the twentieth...
An apprenticeship, or, The book of delights
Lispector, Clarice.
Paper Book
The assignment ; or, On the observing of the observer of the observers
Dürrenmatt, Friedrich.
Paper Book
Transparent things; a novel
Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich
Paper Book
"Transparent Things revolves around the four visits of the hero--sullen, gawky Hugh Person--to Switzerland . . . As a young publisher, Hugh is sent to interview R., falls in love with Armande on the way, wrests her, after multiple humiliations, from a grinning Scandinavian and returns to NY with his...
The Cosmopolitan girl
Drexler, Rosalyn.
Paper Book

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