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Updated September 11, 2023
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Amateur media : social, culturual and legal perspectives
Hunter, Dan
The rise of Web 2.0 has pushed the amateur to the forefront of public discourse, public policy and media scholarship. Typically non-salaried, non-specialist and untrained in media production, amateur producers are now seen as key drivers of the creative economy. But how do the activities of...
Appearance, discrimination and the media : portraying facial disfigurement fairly in the news
Garrisi, Diana
Balancing privacy and free speech : unwanted attention in the age of social media
Tunick, Mark
In an age of smartphones, Facebook and YouTube, privacy may seem to be a norm of the past. This book addresses ethical and legal questions that arise when media technologies are used to give individuals unwanted attention. Drawing from a broad range of cases within the US, UK, Australia, Europe,...
Collective Rights and Digital Content The Legal Framework for Competition, Transparency and Multi-territorial Licensing of the New European Directive on Collective Rights Management
Lucena, Cláudio.
This book starts with an exercise, proposing a theoretical reflection on the technological path that, over time, has transformed the ways we produce, consume and manage intellectual content subject to copyright protection. This lays the groundwork for...
Communication law in America : Paul Siegel
Siegel, Paul
Communication Law in America is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow overview of the complicated ways in which U.S. law determines who may say what to (and about) whom. It covers the usual content- libel, invasion of privacy, copyright and trademark, access to government information, advertising,...
Complications and Quandaries in the ICT Sector Standard Essential Patents and Competition Issues
Bharadwaj, Ashish.
This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. With technology standards becoming increasingly common, particularly in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector, the complexities and contradictions at the interface of intellectual property law...
Copyright clarity how fair use supports digital learning
Hobbs, Renee.
"This book cuts to the heart of uncertainties about how copyright and fair use apply in the classroom, addressing common misperceptions and laying out the current understandings of intellectual property law in clear engaging prose." --Henry Jenkins, Provost′s Professor of...
Copyright Versus Open Access On the Organisation and International Political Economy of Access to Scientific Knowledge
Scheufen, Marc.
This book addresses the recent debate about copyright law and its impact on the distribution of scientific knowledge from an economic perspective. The focus is on the question whether a copyright regime or an open access regime is better suited to the norms and organizational structure in a purely...
Cybersecurity in Poland Legal Aspects
Chałubińska-Jentkiewicz, Katarzyna.
Data protection without data protectionism : the right to protection of personal data and data transfers in EU law and international trade law
Naef, Tobias.
This open access book offers a new account on the legal conflict between privacy and trade in the digital sphere. It develops a fundamental rights theory with a new right to continuous protection of personal data and explores the room for the application of this new right in trade law. Replicable...
Datenschutz als Vermögensrecht Datenschutzrecht als Instrument des Datenhandels
Schmidt, Kirsten Johanna.
In diesem Open-Access-Buch untersucht die Autorin die Fortentwicklung des Datenschutzrechts zu einem Datenhandelsrecht. Sie stellt dar, wie Personendaten bereits heute gehandelt werden können und wo sich Problemfelder insbesondere vor dem Hintergrund von Big Data ergeben. Außerdem veranschaulicht...
Digital media contracts
Williams, Alan.
Digital Media Contracts contains a collection of sample agreements, presenting annotated contracts from the digital media industry in typical formats for the industry. Included are agreements for digital downloads, user generated content, social networks, wireless apps and cloud computing. It goes...
Digital Media Law
Packard, Ashley
Covering the latest legal updates and rulings, the second edition of Digital Media Law presents a comprehensive introduction to all the critical issues surrounding media law. Provides a solid foundation in media law Illustrates how digitization and globalization are...
Digital Peripheries The Online Circulation of Audiovisual Content from the Small Market Perspective
Szczepanik, Petr.
This is an open access book. Media industry research and EU policymaking are predominantly tailored to large (and, in the latter case, Western) European markets. This open access book addresses the specific qualities of smaller media markets, highlighting their vulnerability to global...
Digitalität und Privatheit Kulturelle, politisch-rechtliche und soziale Perspektiven
Aldenhoff, Christian
Datenschutz bleibt ein umkämpftes Thema im Kontext der voranschreitenden Digitalisierung. Die Beiträge des Bandes gehen der Frage nach, welche Formen Privatheit in einer digitalen Gesellschaft annehmen kann und welche Chancen und Risiken dabei entstehen. Dabei ergeben sich medienkulturelle...
Droit des me dias et de la communication : presse, audiovisuel et Internet, droit europe en et belge
Jongen, Franc ʹois
Droit Europe en des me dias
Derieux, Emmanuel
Ethics and Civil Drones European Policies and Proposals for the Industry
de Miguel Molina, Mar©Ưa.
This open access book disseminates some of the results of the European H2020 AiRT Project (Technology transfer of RPAs for the creative industry). In particular, it presents findings related to mitigating safety and security concerns when civil drones are piloted by the service sector (mainly, the...
The Ethics of Cybersecurity
Christen, Markus.
This open access book provides the first comprehensive collection of papers that provide an integrative view on cybersecurity. It discusses theories, problems and solutions on the relevant ethical issues involved. This work is sorely needed in a world where cybersecurity has become...
European media governance national and regional dimensions
Terzis, Georgios.
A multitude of factors affect how the European media industry is governed, including commercialisation, concentration, convergence and globalisation. George Terzis collection, European Media Governance, is the first volume to concentrate on analysing and explaining how European countries are slowly...
Families and New Media : Comparative Perspectives on Digital Transformations in Law and Society
Dethloff, Nina;Kaesling, Katharina;Specht-Riemenschneider, Louisa
The open access edited volume addresses children's rights and their ability to act in the digital world. The focus is on the position of children as subjects with their own rights and developing capacities. Their consideration by parents, courts and legislators is critically examined. Aspects of...
Fulfilling the Promise of Technology Transfer Fostering Innovation for the Benefit of Society
Hishida, Koichi.
Universities and research institutes are increasingly expected to contribute to society by creating innovation from the returns of their research results and the establishment of new technologies. Toward that goal, Keio University in Japan held an international symposium titled "Fulfilling the...
El Futuro de la Comunicación : Redes, Medios y Poder
Carbonell, Josep M.
La sociedad de la información es un fenómeno cada vez más importante en las sociedades desarrolladas que, junto con la globalización, las está transformando radicalmente. En este contexto, los medios de comunicación y las redes de comunicaciones electrónicas viven un proceso de estallido sin...
Global Governance of Intellectual Property in the 21st Century Reflecting Policy Through Change
Perry, Mark.
This book analyses the governance foundations of  innovation, brands, inventions, secrets and expression, which are the keys to a century based on knowledge. They are reflected in legal rights that have been fermenting over centuries of national policy deliberations on intellectual property...
Handboek mediarecht
Voorhoof, Dirk
Image ethics : the moral rights of subjects in photographs, film, and television
Gross, Larry
This pathbreaking collection of thirteen original essays examines the moral rights of the subjects of documentary film, photography, and television. Image makers--photographers and filmmakers--are coming under increasing criticism for presenting images of people that are considered intrusive and...
Images of a free press
Bollinger, Lee C.
Rich in historical detail, Images of a Free Press is an elegant, powerful guide to the evolution of our modern conception of freedom of the press, which finds expression in laws that protect print journalism and regulate broadcast media. Bollinger argues that this distinction remains...
Indigenous Cultural Heritage and Intellectual Property Rights Learning from the New Zealand Experience?
Lai, Jessica Christine.
Now more than ever, indigenous peoples' interests in their cultural heritage are in the spotlight. Yet, there is very little literature that comprehensively discusses how existing laws can and cannot be used to address indigenous peoples' interests. This book assesses how intangible aspects of...
Innovation, Economic Development, and Intellectual Property in India and China Comparing Six Economic Sectors
Liu, Kung-Chung.
This open access book analyses intellectual property codification and innovation governance in the development of six key industries in India and China. These industries are reflective of the innovation and economic development of the two economies, or of vital importance to them: the IT Industry...
Innovation, Startups and Intellectual Property Management Strategies and Evidence from Latin America and other Regions
De Leon, Ignacio.
This book identifies the potential of intellectual property as a competitive asset for Latin American firms. The authors employ a cognitive approach that involves identifying why small firms are reluctant to register patents, resorting rather to alternative IP competitive strategies. This, in...
International handbook of social media laws
Lambert, Paul
"Social media has become the online meeting place. People now communicate on an unparalleled scale. Covering 34 countries, this text provides a useful snapshot of the issues that permeate virtual life. This text will aid lawyers when looking for where to begin when faced with a problem in this fast...
An International Perspective on Design Protection of Visible Spare Parts
Beldiman, Dana.
This  publication examines the legal aspects of the spare parts market from an IP perspective: specifically whether design protection for spare parts of a complex product extends to the spare part aftermarket, or whether that market should remain open to competition. The stakeholders'...
Italienisches, europäisches und internationales Immaterialgüterrecht
Laimer, Simon.
Dieser Open Access Band bietet sowohl deutsch- als auch italienischsprachige Beiträge zu wesentlichen Bereichen des gewerblichen Rechtsschutzes und des Urheberrechts aus der Sicht des deutschen, italienischen und österreichischen Rechts sowie zum TRIPS-Abkommen samt einem Blick auf das...
Justices and journalists : the U.S. Supreme Court and the media
Davis, Richard
Justices and Journalists examines whether justices are becoming more publicity-conscious and why that might be happening. The book discusses the motives of justices 'going public' and details their recent increased number of television and print interviews and amount of press coverage of their...
Law and New Media : West of Everything
Delage, Christian
No detailed description available for "Law and New Media".
Law and the media
Crone, Tom.
Tom Crone's classic text has been thoroughly revised by an impressive team of legal experts. It provides an essential source of reference for the key legal issues encountered by those who work in the media such as journalists, editors and producers, as well as media lawyers.
Linked Democracy Foundations, Tools, and Applications
Poblet, Marta.
This open access book shows the factors linking information flow, social intelligence, rights management and modelling with epistemic democracy, offering licensed linked data along with information about the rights involved. This model of democracy for the web of data brings new challenges for...
Locating Legal Certainty in Patent Licensing
Bharadwaj, Ashish.
This open access book presents global perspectives and developments within the information and communication technology (ICT) sector, and discusses the bearing they have on policy initiatives that are relevant to the larger digital technology and communications industry. Drawing on key...
Media and law : between free speech and censorship
Deflem, Mathieu
In Media and Law: Between Free Speech and Censorship, Mathieu Deflem and Derek M.D Silva have gathered an interdisciplinary team of leading experts to make a valuable contribution to the existing literature. This volume explores free speech and the control thereof from both a political as...
Media and sovereignty : the global information revolution and its challenge to state power
Price, Monroe E.
Media have been central to government efforts to reinforce sovereignty and define national identity, but globalization is fundamentally altering media practices, institutions, and content. More than the activities of large conglomerates, globalization entails competition among states as well as...
Media and the common good : perspectives on media, democracy, and responsibility
Mwita, Chaacha
On 30th December 2008, the President of Kenya, His Excellency Mwai Kibaki, assented to the controversial Kenya Communications (Amendment) Act 2008 which commenced on 2nd January 2009. This Presidential move had a deep impact on the long discussions, arguments and negotiations that were already in...
Media ethics and regulation : insights from Africa
Chan-Meetoo, Christina.
This book provides useful pointers to help journalists navigate the dilemmas they face in the professional practice. It provides an enlightening overview of the views of Mauritian journalists on their own industry and an in-depth look at the South African model for self-regulation. As part of the...
Media law
Bloy, Duncan.
Media Law is an essential and accessible introduction to the subject that will assist media; journalism and law students understand key concepts and aid their revision. This book, designed to complement existing textbooks will advise readers on how best to utilise the vast and ever growing array of...
Media law
Maule, Douglas.
From official secrets to breach of confidence, and from reporting restrictions to racial hatred, Media Law Essentialsis your concise guide to the laws that govern the news and media in the UK. Summary sections of Essential Facts and Essential Cases will help you to quickly learn and revise the...
Media law for journalists
Smartt, Ursula.
′A refreshing complement to more venerable textbooks. Indeed, being both reflective and accessible, it is arguably a better first resort for aspirant hacks′ Times Higher Education Supplement ′It is written in a clear and user-friendly style, avoiding...
Media Localism The Policies of Place
Ali, Christopher
We live in a boosterish era that exhorts us to play local and buy local. But what does it mean to support local media? How should we define local media in the first place? Christopher Ali delves into our ideas about localism and their far-reaching repercussions for the discourse of federal...
Media regulation governance and the interests of citizens and consumers
Lunt, Peter K.
Two of the world's foremost media studies academics explore media regulation and its impact on government, commerce and civil society.
Media regulation, public interest and the law
Feintuck, Mike
Regulation of the media has traditionally been premised upon claims of 'the public interest', yet the term itself remains contested and generally ill defined. In the context of technological development and convergence, as well as corporate conglomeration, traditional 'public service' values in...
Media Resistance Protest, Dislike, Abstention
Syvertsen, Trine.
Media rights and intellectual property
Haynes, Richard
Mediale Entwürfe des Selbst : Audiovisuelle Selbstdokumentation als Phänomen und Praktik der sozialen Medien
Dörre, Robert.
Me dias et de mocratie en Afrique : l'enjeu de la re gulation
La Brosse, Renaud de
Multi-dimensional Approaches Towards New Technology Insights on Innovation, Patents and Competition
Bharadwaj, Ashish.
This open access edited book captures the complexities and conflicts arising at the interface of intellectual property rights (IPR) and competition law. To do so, it discusses four specific themes: (a) policies governing functioning of standard setting organizations (SSOs), transparency and...
New media, old regimes case studies in comparative communication law and policy
Eko, Lyombe.
New Media, Old Regimes: Case Studies in Comparative Communication Law and Policy, by Lyombe S. Eko, is a collection of novel theoretical perspectives and case studies which illustrate how different communication law regimes conceptualize and apply universal ideals of human rights and freedom of...
On the path to AI Law’s prophecies and the conceptual foundations of the machine learning age
Grant, Thomas D.
Online-Komponenten digitaler Spiele Eine rechtliche Untersuchung ihres Supports, ihrer Wiederherstellung und ihrer Eliminierung
Vonthien, Maximilian.
In diesem Open-Access-Buch befasst sich Maximilian Vonthien mit den Fragen, wie lange Publisher von modernen digitalen Spielen den Support für die Online-Komponenten (Online-Mehrspielermodus und Online-DRM-Systeme) erbringen müssen und ob die Inhaber von Spielkopien nach dem Supportende die...
The Palgrave Handbook of European Media Policy
Donders, K.
Containing state-of-the-art contributions on the various domains of European media policies, this Handbook deals with theoretical approaches to European media policy: its historical development; specific policies for film, television, radio and the Internet; and international aspects of the...
Popular trials : rhetoric, mass media, and the law
Hariman, Robert.
Contemporary scholarship illustrates the lawOCOs increasingly powerful role in American life; legal education, in turn, has focused on the problems and techniques of communication.aThis book addresses these interests through critical study of eight popular trials: the 17th-century trial of Dr....
Private Daten Unsere Spuren in der digitalen Welt
Wiesner, Barbara
Jeder von uns hinterlässt Datenspuren, beim Surfen, Onlineshopping und in den Social Media. Es sind der Staat, die Wirtschaft, aber auch Kriminelle, die Zugang zu diesen Daten haben oder sich zu verschaffen wissen. Dieser Sachverhalt hat große Bedeutung für den Einzelnen, aber auch für die...

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