Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Updated November 3, 2023
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Artificial Intelligence in Information and Communication Technologies, Healthcare and Education : A Roadmap Ahead
N Mahalle, Parikshit.
Artificial Intelligence in Information and Communication Technologies, Healthcare and Education: A Roadmap Ahead is designed as a reference text and discusses inter-dependability, communication and effective control for the betterment of services through artificial intelligence, as well as the...


Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence
Nordlinger, Bernard.
This book provides an overview of the role of AI in medicine and, more generally, of issues at the intersection of mathematics, informatics, and medicine. It is intended for AI experts, offering them a valuable retrospective and a global vision for the future, as well as for non-experts who are...


Machine Learning and AI for Healthcare Big Data for Improved Health Outcomes
Panesar, Arjun.
Explore the theory and practical applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in healthcare. This book offers a guided tour of machine learning algorithms, architecture design, and applications of learning in healthcare and big data challenges. You'll...


AI in healthcare : how artificial intelligence is changing IT operations and infrastructure services
Shimonski, Robert
The best source for cutting-edge insights into AI in healthcare operations AI in Healthcare: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing IT Operations and Infrastructure Services collects, organizes and provides the latest, most up-to-date research on the emerging technology of...


Deep medicine : how artificial intelligence can make healthcare human again
Topol, Eric J.
A visit to a physician these days is cold: physicians spend most of their time typing at computers, making minimal eye contact. Appointments generally last only a few minutes, with scarce time for the doctor to connect to a patient's story, or explain how and why different procedures and...


Leveraging Data Science for Global Health
Celi, Leo Anthony.
This open access book explores ways to leverage information technology and machine learning to combat disease and promote health, especially in resource-constrained settings. It focuses on digital disease surveillance through the application of machine learning to non-traditional data...


Artificial Intelligence for Smart Healthcare
Agarwal, Parul.
This book provides information on interdependencies of medicine and telecommunications engineering and how the two must rely on each other to effectively function in this era. The book discusses new techniques for medical service improvisation such as clear-cut views on medical...


Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Industry
Talukdar, Jyotismita.
This book presents a systematic evolution of artificial intelligence (AI), its applications, challenges and solutions in the field of healthcare. The book mainly covers the foundations and various methods of learning in artificial intelligence with its application in healthcare industry. This book...

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