Artificial Intelligence and Higher Education

Updated November 3, 2023
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Artificial intelligence and learning futures : critical narratives of technology and imagination in higher education.
Popenici, Stefan
Artificial Intelligence and Learning Futures explores the implications of artificial intelligence's adoption in higher education and the challenges to building sustainable instead of dystopic schooling. As AI becomes integral to both pedagogy and profitability in today's colleges and universities...


Robot-Proof : Higher Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
In Robot-Proof, Northeastern University president Joseph Aoun proposes a way to educate the next generation of college students to invent, to create, and to discover-to fill needs in society that even the most sophisticated artificial intelligence agent cannot.A "robot-proof" education, Aoun argues,...


Artificial intelligence in education shaping the future of learning through intelligent technologies
International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education


Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education : A Practical Approach
Churi, Prathamesh Padmakar.
The global adoption of technology in education is transforming the way we teach and learn. Artificial Intelligence is one of the disruptive techniques to customize the experience of different learning groups, teachers, and tutors. This book offers knowledge in intelligent teaching/learning...


AI and the future of education : teaching in the age of artificial intelligence
Shah, Priten
Clear away the fog surrounding AI in education--and regain your peace of mind Among teachers, there is a cloud of rumors, confusion, and fear surrounding the rise of artificial intelligence. AI and the Future of Education is a timely response to this general state of panic,...


AI knowledge transfer from the University to society
Marti n, Jose Guadix
AI Knowledge Transfer from the University to Society: Applications in High-Impact Sectors brings together examples from the "Innovative Ecosystem with Artificial Intelligence for Andalusia 2025" project at the University of Seville, a series of sub-projects composed of research groups and...


Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education and Scientific Research : Future Development
Roumate, Fatima
This book explains the interaction between artificial intelligence and higher education. It explores artificial intelligence's tangible and intangible impact on higher education and scientific research and discusses how higher education and scientific research enhance the progress of artificial...


The ethics of artificial intelligence in education practices, challenges, and debates
Holmes, Wayne
The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Education identifies and confronts key ethical issues generated over years of AI research, development, and deployment in learning contexts. Adaptive, automated, and data-driven education systems are increasingly being implemented in...


Learning for the age of artificial intelligence : eight education competences
Lesgold, Alan M.
Learning for the Age of Artificial Intelligence is a richly informed argument for curricular change to educate people towards achievement and success as intelligent machine systems proliferate. Describing eight key competences, this comprehensive volume prepares educational leaders, designers,...

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