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Updated November 9, 2023
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The Arctic : environment, people, policy
Nuttall, Mark.
By demonstrating the importance of communication among social scientists, scientists in the natural sciences and stakeholders living in the Arctic, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the region's rapidly changing physical and human dimensions. In response to the tremendous challenges and...
The Arctic contested
Battarbee, K. J.
In recent decades, and in particular as a result of global climate change, the significance of the Arctic has radically shifted, from a remote periphery to a region of intensifying political and academic interest and of conflicting interests. This collection of texts examines in particular how...
Arctic Euphoria and International High North Politics
This pivot describes the ups and downs of Norwegian High North politics since the end of the Cold War. It considers how political interest in the Arctic has been growing rapidly in the international community as states stake their claim to areas of the continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean, and...
Arctic governance : power in cross-border cooperation
Wilson Rowe, Elana
The volume explores a question that sheds light on the contested, but largely cooperative, nature of Arctic governance in the post-Cold War period: How does power matter -and how has it mattered - in shaping cross-border cooperation and diplomacy in the Arctic? The role of power in global governance...
Arctic Politics, the Law of the Sea and Russian Identity
This book analyses the Russian opposition to the 2010 Barents Sea delimitation agreement in light of both the Law of the Sea and Russian identity, arguing that the agreement's critics and proponents inscribe themselves into different Russian narratives about Russia's rightful place in the world.
Arctic security in an age of climate change
Kraska, James.
This book examines Arctic defense policy and military security from the perspective of all eight Arctic states. In light of climate change and melting ice in the Arctic Ocean, Canada, Russia, Denmark (Greenland), Norway and the United States, as well as Iceland, Sweden and Finland, are grappling...
Breaking through : understanding sovereignty and security in the circumpolar arctic
Lackenbauer, P. Whitney
Globalization, climate change, and increased geopolitical competition are having a profound impact on the Arctic, affecting how we understand both sovereignty and security within the region. In Breaking Through, a diverse group of emerging and established scholars examine Arctic...
Britain and the Arctic
Depledge, Duncan.
British interest in the Arctic has returned to heights not seen since the end of the Cold War; concerns about climate change, resources, trade, and national security are all impacted by profound environmental and geopolitical changes happening in the Arctic. Duncan Depledge investigates the...
Diplomacy on ice : energy and the environment in the Arctic and Antarctic
Pincus, Rebecca H.
A new focus on international diplomacy and cooperation as the race for polar resources escalates As the race for resources in distant parts of the planet gathers momentum, the Arctic and Antarctic have taken on a more prominent role in international relations. Discussion has...
Environmental Security in the Arctic Ocean
Berkman, Paul Arthur.
This seminal book results from a NATO Advanced Research Workshop at the University of Cambridge with Russian co-directorship, enabling the first formal dialogue between NATO and Russia about security issues in the Arctic Ocean.  Involving interdisciplinary participation with ...
The European Union and the Arctic
Liu, Nengye.
Fast-Changing Arctic
The future history of the Arctic
Emmerson, Charles.
Long at the margins of global affairs and at the edge of our mental map of the world, the Arctic has found its way to the center of the issues which will challenge and define our world in the twenty-first century: energy security and the struggle for natural resources, climate change and its...
Future Security of the Global Arctic State Policy, Economic Security and Climate
Heininen, Lassi.
In the globalized Arctic there has been a transformation from military security to human security. Climate change, the utilization of Arctic resources and other global challenges have caused the Arctic 'paradox' and a need to redefine security.
Governing Arctic Change
This volume explores the governance of the transforming Arctic from an international perspective. Leading and emerging scholars in Arctic research investigate the international causes and consequences of contemporary Arctic developments, and assess how both state and non-state actors respond to...
International law and the Arctic
Byers, Michael
Climate change and rising oil prices have thrust the Arctic to the top of the foreign policy agenda and raised difficult issues of sovereignty, security and environmental protection. Improved access for shipping and resource development is leading to new international rules on safety, pollution...
International politics of the Arctic : coming in from the cold
Hough, Peter
This book offers a wide-ranging account of the emerging issues of international politics in the Artic, and the emerging Geopolitical debates that surround the region. In this thorough but accessible book covering environmental issues, the author examines the Geopolitics of emerging land...
International relations in the Arctic : Norway and the struggle for power in the new north
Jensen, Leif Christian
As the ice around the Arctic landmass recedes progressively further each year, the territory has become a flashpoint in world affairs. New and lucrative trade routes from East to West are now becoming accessible for shipping lanes and military deployment, and the Arctic is known to be home to large...
Offshore oil and gas development in the Arctic under international law : risk and responsibility
Johnstone, Rachael Lorna
Offshore Oil and Gas Development in the Arctic under International Law explores the international legal framework for hydrocarbon development in the marine Arctic. It presents an assessment of the careful balance between States' sovereign rights to their resources, their obligations to uphold...
The Polar Pivot : Great Power Competition in the Arctic and Antarctica
Burke, Ryan Patrick.
Once impassable and inhospitable, both the Arctic region and Antarctica are rapidly emerging as geopolitically strategic hot spots. As Ryan Burke writes in The Polar Pivot, the ice is melting and the tensions rising. In this new environment, what are the stakes? Why are Russia and...
The politics of arctic sovereignty : oil, ice and Inuit governance
Shadian, Jessica Michelle.
Interest in Arctic politics is on the rise. While recent accounts of the topic place much emphasis on climate change or a new geopolitics of the region, the history of the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) and Arctic politics reaches back much further in time. Drawing out the complex...
Routledge handbook of Arctic security
Hoogensen Gjørv, Gunhild
The Routledge Handbook of Arctic Security offers a comprehensive examination of security in the region, encompassing both state-based and militarized notions of security, as well as broader security perspectives reflecting debates about changes in climate, environment, economies, and...
Russia in the Arctic : hard or soft power?
Sergunin, A. A.
This timely book provides a detailed analysis of Russia's national interests in the Arctic region. It analyzes Russia's domestic discourse on the Far North's role among national priorities as well as Moscow's bi- and multilateral relations with major regional players, including energy, environmental...
The scramble for the poles : the geopolitics of the Arctic and Antarctic
Dodds, Klaus
In August 2007 a Russian flag was planted under the North Pole during a scientific expedition triggering speculation about a new scramble for resources beneath the thawing ice. But is there really a global grab for Polar territory and resources? Or are these activities vastly exaggerated?...
The Shipping Industry, Ocean Governance and Environmental Law in the Paradigm Shift In Search of a Pragmatic Balance for the Arctic
Johansson, Tafsir.
This book examines the corpus of status quo environmental legal regime, geographical issues and redundant "stakeholder claims," which persist in the Arctic. It examines multifarious theories relating not only to conflicting and opposing interests, but also to parties to whom the...
Stories of change and sustainability in the Arctic regions : the interdependence of local and global
Sørly, Rita
This book presents stories of sustainability from communities in circumpolar regions as they grapple with environmental, economic and societal changes and challenges. Polar regions are changing rapidly. These changes will dramatically effect ecosystems, economy, people, communities and...
Sustaining Russia's Arctic cities : resource politics, migration, and climate change
Orttung, Robert W.
Urban areas in Arctic Russia are experiencing unprecedented social and ecological change. This collection outlines the key challenges that city managers will face in navigating this shifting political, economic, social, and environmental terrain. In particular, the volume examines how energy...

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