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Updated November 9, 2023
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3.11 disaster and change in Japan
Samuels, Richard J.
On March 11, 2011, Japan was struck by the shockwaves of a 9.0 magnitude undersea earthquake originating less than 50 miles off its eastern coastline. The most powerful earthquake to have hit Japan in recorded history, it produced a devastating tsunami with waves reaching heights of over 130 feet...
Beyond global warming : how numerical models revealed the secrets of climate change
Manabe, Syukuro
From Nobel Prize winner Syukuro Manabe and Anthony Broccoli, a definitive account of how we have come to understand the fundamental processes behind global warming Syukuro Manabe is perhaps the leading pioneer of modern climate modeling. Beyond Global Warming is his...
Biodiversity and Climate Change : Transforming the Biosphere
Hannah, Lee
An essential, up-to-date look at the critical interactions between biological diversity and climate change that will serve as an immediate call to action
Building a resilient tomorrow : how to prepare for the coming climate disruption
Hill, Alice C.
China and Great Power Responsibility for Climate Change
Kopra, Sanna
As American leadership over climate change declines, China has begun to identify itself as a great power by formulating ambitious climate policies. Based on the premise that great powers have unique responsibilities, this book explores how China's rise to great power status transforms...
Climate and Ecosystems
Schimel, David
How does life on our planet respond to--and shape--climate? This question has never been more urgent than it is today, when humans are faced with the daunting task of guiding adaptation to an inexorably changing climate. This concise, accessible, and authoritative book provides an unmatched...
Climate change and food security in asia pacific : response and resilience
Islam, Md Saidul
Using an interdisciplinary approach, this book evaluates the complex nexus between climate change and regional food security in Asia Pacific. Feeding the planet puts a lot of stress on the environment. The fundamental challenges we are facing today include how to grow more from less in a...
Climate change and migration security and borders in a warming world
White, Gregory
In the modern era, two types of international migration have consumed our attention: politically induced migration to flee war, genocide, and instability, and migration for economic reasons. Recently, though, another force has generated a new wave of refugees-global warming. Climate change has...
Climate change and society
Urry, John.
This book explores the significance of human behaviour to understanding the causes and impacts of changing climates and to assessing varied ways of responding to such changes. So far the discipline that has represented and modelled such human behaviour is economics. By contrast...
Climate change in California risk and response
Kahrl, Fredrich.
California is synonymous with opportunity, prosperity, and natural beauty, but climate change will certainly influence the state's future. Changes will affect the economy, natural resources, public health, agriculture, and the livelihoods of its residents. But how big is the risk? How will...
Climate Diplomacy and Emerging Economies
This book analyses the role of the BASIC countries - Brazil, South Africa, India and China - in the international climate order. Climate Diplomacy and Emerging Economies explores the collective and individual positions of these countries towards climate diplomacy, focusing in...
Climatic cataclysm the foreign policy and national security implications of climate change
Campbell, Kurt M.
Global climate change poses not only environmental hazards but profound risks to planetary peace and stability as well. Climatic Cataclysm gathers experts on climate science, oceanography, history, political science, foreign policy, and national security to take the measure of these risks....
Communicating Climate Change A Guide for Educators
Armstrong, Anne K.
Environmental educators face a formidable challenge when they approach climate change due to the complexity of the science and of the political and cultural contexts in which people live. There is a clear consensus among climate scientists that climate change is already occurring as a result of...
A Critical Approach to International Water Management Trends Policy and Practice
Bréthaut, Christian.
This edited volume provides a critical discussion of particular trends that are widely recognised to influence water management by comparing them with what is actually happening in the field. Among others, these trends include water security, adaptive or integrative management, and the water...
Critical infrastructure protection in homeland security : defending a networked nation
Lewis, T. G.
A scientific approach to the new field of critical infrastructure protection This book offers a unique scientific approach to the new field of critical infrastructure protection: it uses network theory, optimization theory, and simulation software to analyze and understand how...
Energy policies and climate change in China : actors, implementation and future prospects
Lin, Han
In the face of growing environmental challenges, including climate change and energy security, countries across the globe are developing new policies and programs to address these challenges, and China is no exception. This book analyses China's two most significant climate-related energy...
Environment, development and change in rural Asia-Pacific : between local and global
Connell, John
This volume examines the economic, political, social and environmental challenges facing rural communities in the Asia-Pacific region, as global issues intersect with local contexts. Such challenges, from climatic change and volcanic eruption to population growth and violent civil unrest, have...
Environmental Policy and Air Pollution in China
This book systematically analyzes how and why China has expectedly lost and then surprisingly gained ground in the quest to solve the complicated environmental problem of air pollution over the past two decades. Yuan Xu shines a light on how China's sulfur dioxide emissions rose quickly in...
Environmental policy and politics
Kraft, Michael E.
Drawing from work within environmental science, policy analysis, and political science, this text critically assesses the key strengths and weaknesses of policymaking processes today, as well as the promise of new policy approaches. Arguing that strong public support is necessary...
Food remittances : migration and food security in Africa
Crush, Jonathan
There is considerable evidence from across the African continent that a significant proportion of cash remittances to rural areas is spent on food. However, bidirectional food remitting � its drivers, dimensions and impacts � is an underdeveloped research and policy area. This report...
Food Safety and food security
Voeller, John G.
Food Safety and Food Security features articles from the Wiley Handbook of Science and Technology for Homeland Security covering topics related to processing and packaging methods to protect food supply against contamination and to mitigate the consequences of contaminated...
Food Security in Africa's Secondary cities no. 1. Mzuzu, Malawi
Riley, Liam
This report marks the first stage of AFSUN�s goal of expanding knowledge about urban food systems and experiences of household food insecurity in secondary African cities. It contributes to an understanding of poverty and sustainability in Mzuzu, Malawi, through the lens of household food...
Food security in the Middle East
Babar, Zahra
Frontiers of fear immigration and insecurity in the United States and Europe
Chebel d'Appollonia, Ariane.
On both sides of the Atlantic, restrictive immigration policies have been framed as security imperatives since the 1990s. This trend accelerated in the aftermath of 9/11 and subsequent terrorist attacks in Europe. In Frontiers of Fear, Ariane Chebel d'Appollonia raises two central...
The global hunger crisis tackling food insecurity in developing countries
Bne Saad, Majda.
Deeply informative study which identifies the causes for global hunger embedded in the current global political and economic system.
Global Insecurity Futures of Global Chaos and Governance
Burke, Anthony.
This innovative volume gathers some of the world's best scholars to analyse the world's collective international efforts to address globalised threats through global security governance. Addressing global and planetary forms of insecurity that include nuclear weapons, conventional arms, gender...
Global trends and transitions in security expertise : nuclear deterrence to climate change and back again
McGann, James G.
 The scope of Security and International Affairs research has expanded tremendously since the end of the Cold War to include topics beyond the realm of war studies or military statecraft. The field--once devoted solely to the study of conventional military and nuclear security issues--has...
The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars : Dispatches from the Front Lines
Mann, Michael
The ongoing assault on climate science in the United States has never been more aggressive, more blatant, or more widely publicized than in the case of the Hockey Stick graph-a clear and compelling visual presentation of scientific data, put together by MichaelE. Mann and his colleagues,...
Humanitarianism and Mass Migration : Confronting the World Crisis
Suarez-Orozco, Marcelo
The world is witnessing a rapid rise in the number of victims of human trafficking and of migrants--voluntary and involuntary, internal and international, authorized and unauthorized. In the first two decades of this century alone, more than 65 million people have been forced to escape home into the...
Inequality and climate change : perspectives from the South
Delgado, Gian Carlo
Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of the twenty-first century. Anthropogenic activities, such as fossil fuel consumption and other activities focused on enhancing economic growth, have been identified as the main drivers of changes in the environment that defy planetary...
An introduction to non-traditional security studies : a transnational approach
Anthony, Mely Caballero
Oxford handbook of climate change and society
Dryzek, John S.
Climate change presents perhaps the most profound challenge ever confronted by human society. This volume is a definitive analysis drawing on the best thinking on questions of how climate change affects human systems, and how societies can, do, and should respond. Key topics covered include the...
The price of thirst : global water inequality and the coming chaos
Piper, Karen Lynnea
"There's Money in Thirst," reads a headline in the New York Times. The CEO of Nestlé, purveyor of bottled water, heartily agrees. It is important to give water a market value, he says in a promotional video, so "we're all aware that it has a price." But for those who have no access to...
Routledge handbook of human security
Martin, Mary
This Handbook will serve as a standard reference guide to the subject of human security, which has grown greatly in importance over the past twenty years. Human security has been part of academic and policy discourses since it was first promoted by the UNDP in its 1994 Human Development...
South Asia and climate change unravelling the conundrum
Kar, Mausumi
This book provides a comprehensive and interdisciplinary examination of the diverse aspects of climate change in South Asia. The region, home to almost 4% of the world's population, is under serious threat from climatic disasters. The volume underscores the urgency of addressing cataclysmic...
Split waters : the idea of water conflicts
Cortesi, Luisa
Limited, finite, contaminated, unavailable or expensive, water divides people all around the globe. We all cannot do without water for long, but can for long enough to fight for it.  This commonsensical narration of water conflicts, however, follows a pattern of scarcity and...
Sustaining Russia's Arctic cities : resource politics, migration, and climate change
Orttung, Robert W.
Urban areas in Arctic Russia are experiencing unprecedented social and ecological change. This collection outlines the key challenges that city managers will face in navigating this shifting political, economic, social, and environmental terrain. In particular, the volume examines how energy...
Water : Asia's new battleground
Chellaney, Brahma.
Winner of the Asia Society's Bernard Schwartz 2012 Book Award The battles of yesterday were fought over land. Those of today are over energy. But the battles of tomorrow may be over water. Nowhere is that danger greater than in water-distressed Asia. Water stress is...
Water resource conflicts and international security a global perspective
Vajpeyi, Dhirendra K.
Water Resource Conflicts and International Security: A Global Perspective is an edited collection by Dhirendra K. Vajpeyi which analyzes the increasing global demand for water in economic and social development, and the dire need to efficiently manage this vital natural resource, particularly in...
Water security in the Middle East : essays in scientific and social cooperation
Cahan, Jean Axelrad
Water Security in the Middle East argues that, while conflicts over transboundary water systems in the Middle East do occur, they tend not to be violent nor are they the primary cause of a war in this region. The contributors in this collection of essays place water disputes in...
The Water, Energy, and Food Security Nexus in the Arab Region
Amer, Kamel.
This book investigates the need for a more open and interdisciplinary dialogue on the nexus of food, water and energy security in the Arab region. It argues that achieving sustainable economic development is irretrievably tied to the security of the water-energy-food nexus, which is in turn...
Water, peace, and war confronting the global water crisis
Chellaney, Brahma.
This pioneering and authoritative study considers the profound impact of the growing global water crunch on international peace and security as well as possible ways to mitigate the crisis. Although water is essential to sustaining life and livelihoods, geostrategist Brahma Chellaney argues that it...

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