Fake News and Disinformation

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Updated January 19, 2024
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Handbook of research on deception, fake news, and misinformation online
Chiluwa, Innocent
The growing amount of false and misleading information on the internet has generated new concerns and quests for research regarding the study of deception and deception detection. Innovative methods that involve catching these fraudulent scams are constantly being perfected, but more material...
Fake news in context
Farmer, Lesley S. J.
Fake News in Context defines fake news and sets it within a historical and international context. Helping readers to become more skilled at detecting misinformation, the book also demonstrates how such knowledge can be leveraged to facilitate more effective engagement in civic education. ...
What do we know and what should we do about...? fake news
Anstead, Nick
Psychology of Fake News: Accepting, Sharing, and Correcting Misinformation
This volume examines the phenomenon of fake news by bringing together leading experts from different fields within psychology and related areas, and explores what has become a prominent feature of public discourse since the first Brexit referendum and the 2016 US election campaign. Dealing...
The roots of fake news : objecting to objective journalism
Winston, Brian
The Roots of Fake News argues that 'fake news' is not a problem caused by the power of the internet, or by the failure of good journalism to assert itself. Rather, it is within the news's ideological foundations - professionalism, neutrality, and most especially objectivity - that the true...
Myth of 'free media' and fake news in the post-truth era
Seneviratne, Kalinga
Journalism ethics at the crossroads : democracy, fake news, and the news crisis
Patching, Roger
This book provides journalism students with an easy-to-read yet theoretically rich guide to the dialectics, contradictions, problems, and promises encapsulated in the term 'journalism ethics'. Offering an overview of a series of crises that have shaken global journalism to its foundations...
The first : how to think about hate speech, campus speech, religious speech, fake news, post-truth, and Donald Trump
Fish, Stanley Eugene
"Fish's points arrive in thoughtful, dense provocations." --Kirkus Reviews From celebrated public intellectual and New York Times bestselling author, Stanley Fish, comes an urgent and sharply observed look at one of the most hotly debated issues of our time: freedom of...
Passion for Ignorance: What We Choose Not to Know and Why
An original and provocative exploration of our capacity to ignore what is inconvenient or traumatic Ignorance, whether passive or active, conscious or unconscious, has always been a part of the human condition, Renata Salecl argues. What has changed in our post-truth,...
Frontiers in Fake Media Generation and Detection
Khosravy, Mahdi.
The book presents recent advances in the generation and detection of fake multimedia. It also presents some frontiers in defensive techniques in front of skillfully cloned media. The ultimate purpose of the research direction presented by this book is to build up a trustworthy media network...
The epistemology of deceit in a postdigital er : dupery by design
Mackenzie, Alison
This edited book collection offers strong theoretical and philosophical insight into how digital platforms and their constituent algorithms interact with belief systems to achieve deception, and how related vices such as lies, bullshit, misinformation, disinformation, and ignorance contribute to...
Navigating fake news, alternative facts, and misinformation in a post-truth world
Dalkir, Kimiz
In the current day and age, objective facts have less influence on opinions and decisions than personal emotions and beliefs. Many individuals rely on their social networks to gather information thanks to social media's ability to share information rapidly and over a much greater geographic range....
RussiaGate and propaganda : disinformation in the age of social media
Boyd-Barrett, Oliver
This book furthers our understanding of the practice of propaganda with a specific focus on the RussiaGate case. RussiaGate is a discourse about alleged Russian "meddling" in US elections, and this book argues that it functions as disinformation or distraction. The book provides a...
Fake news : understanding media and misinformation in the digital age
Zimdars, Melissa
New perspectives on the misinformation ecosystem that is the production and circulation of fake news.What is fake news? Is it an item on Breitbart, an article in The Onion, an outright falsehood disseminated via Russian bot, or a catchphrase used by a politician to discredit a story he...

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