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Virgins : a cultural history
Bernau, Anke.
In the Middle Ages it was believed that only a virgin could charm a unicorn out of hiding; but far from being a quaint, anachronistic concept, virginity remains a central value in Western culture. Typing "virgin" into Google results in more than one million hits...
Virgin : the untouched history
Blank, Hanne.
Why has an indefinable state of being commanded the attention and fascination of the human race since the dawn of time? In Virgin, Hanne Blank brings us a revolutionary, rich and entertaining survey of an astonishing untouched history. From the simple task of determining what...
Abstinence Cinema : Virginity and the Rhetoric of Sexual Purity in Contemporary Film
Kelly, Casey Ryan
Winner of the 2016 Diane Hope Book of the Year Award from the Visual Communication Division of the National Communication Association  From the perspective of cultural conservatives, Hollywood movies are cesspools of vice, exposing impressionable viewers to...
Virginity lost : an intimate portrait of first sexual experiences
Carpenter, Laura M.
An intimate analysis of the first time Nervous, inexperienced, confused. For most, losing your virginity is one of life's most significant moments, always to be remembered. Of course, experiences vary, but Laura Carpenter asks: Is there an ideal way to lose it? What would constitute...
The purity myth : how America's obsession with virginity is hurting young women
Valenti, Jessica.
From the bestselling author of Sex Object, a searing investigation into American culture's obsession with virginity, and the argument for creating a future where women and girls are valued for more than sexuality The United States is obsessed with virginity-...
Purity and danger : an analysis of the concepts of pollution and taboo
Douglas, Mary
Virgin nation : sexual purity and American adolescence
Moslener, Sara
First taking hold of the American cultural imagination in the 1990s, the sexual purity movement of contemporary evangelicalism has since received considerable attention from a wide range of media outlets, religious leaders, and feminist critics. Virgin Nation offers a history of this movement that...
Regulating desire : from the virtuous maiden to the purity princess
Ehrlich, J. Shoshanna
Examines the organized efforts to reshape the law relating to young women's sexuality in the United States.
Chastity : a study in perception, ideals, opposition
Van Deusen, Nancy
Chastity as a topic is an ideal interdisciplinary consideration since it accesses iconographical representation, the philosophical issues of purity, morality, and of innocence; the legal issues of loss and punishment, the historical issues of celibacy, and the legislation that topic evoked; as well...
Making chastity sexy : the rhetoric of evangelical abstinence campaigns
Gardner, Christine J.
Even though they are immersed in sex-saturated society, millions of teens are pledging to remain virgins until their wedding night. How are evangelical Christians persuading young people to wait until marriage? Christine J. Gardner looks closely at the language of the chastity movement and...

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