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Updated December 1, 2023
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Marx in the Anthropocene: Towards the Idea of Degrowth Communism
Facing global climate crisis, Karl Marx's ecological critique of capitalism more clearly demonstrates its importance than ever. This book explains why Marx's ecology had to be marginalized and even suppressed by Marxists after his death throughout the twentieth century. Marx's ecological critique of...
Encyclopedia of Lunar Science
Cudnik, Brian.
Knowing science
Bird, Alexander
Wonders and Rarities
"As Zadeh concludes, reformers and modernists have closed the rich and varied archive revealed in Wonders and Rarities...In this beautifully written and engaging text, Zadeh takes his readers back to the world of surprise and enchantment that preceded this closure."--Malise Ruthven,...
Asymmetric Organocatalysis : New Strategies, Catalysts, and Opportunities, 2 Volumes
Albrecht, Lukasz.
Asymmetric Organocatalysis Comprehensive resource on the latest and most important developments in the highly vivid field of asymmetric organocatalysis The book provides a comprehensive overview of the most important advancements in the field of asymmetric organocatalysis...
Heat Transfer 4 : Convection, Two-Phase Flows and Special Problems
Ledoux, Michel.
Heat is a branch of thermodynamics that occupies a unique position due to its involvement in the field of practice. Being linked to the management, transport and exchange of energy in thermal form, it impacts all aspects of human life and activity. Heat transfers are, by nature, classified...
Scientific Testimony : Its Roles in Science and Society
Gerken, Mikkel.
Code : from information theory to French theory
Geoghegan, Bernard Dionysius
In Code Bernard Dionysius Geoghegan reconstructs how Progressive Era technocracy as well as crises of industrial democracy and colonialism shaped early accounts of cybernetics and digital media by theorists including Norbert Wiener, Warren Weaver, Margaret Mead, Gregory Bateson, Claude Lévi...
The Oxford Handbook of Animal Organization Studies
Tallberg, Linda.
Natural philosophy : on retrieving a lost disciplinary imaginary
McGrath, Alister E.
Good Laboratory Practice for Nonclinical Studies
Bunn, Graham P.
The GLP regulations have been enacted since 1978 and are currently under a proposed FDA amendment to revise terminology and accommodate other changes relating to advances in technology related to the industry. This book provides a unique opportunity to access interpretation of the 21CFR58...

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