Religious Studies

Recent movers and shakers in religious studies.

Updated December 2, 2023
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The Hindu religious tradition : a philosophical approach
Bowes, Pratima.
Living Martyrs in Late Antiquity and Beyond : Surviving Martyrdom
Fruchtman, Diane Shane.
This book demonstrates that living martyrdom was an important spiritual aspiration in the late antique Latin west and argues that, consequently, attempts to define, study, or locate martyrdom must move away from conceptualizations that require or center on death. After an introduction that...
Sowing the sacred : Mexican Pentecostal farmworkers in California
Barba, Lloyd Daniel
The Dark Bible : Cultures of Interpretation in Early Modern England
Knight, Alison.
Reassembling religion in Roman Italy
Graham, Emma-Jayne
This book examines the ways in which lived religion in Roman Italy involved personal and communal experiences of the religious agency generated when ritualised activities caused human and more-than-human things to become bundled together into relational assemblages. Drawing upon broadly...
The Eleventh Plague : Jews, Plagues, and Pandemics from the Bible to COVID-19
Brown, Jeremy.
The Routledge Companion to Christian Ethics
Long, D. Stephen.
The Routledge Companion to Christian Ethics brings together two different but related disciplines; the first is contemplative or theoretical, asking what are the beliefs or doctrines that characterize Christianity, whilst the second is practical, asking what are the ethical practices...
People of the Screen How Evangelicals Created the Digital Bible and How It Shapes Their Reading of Scripture
Dyer, John
Diary of a Black Jewish Messiah : The Sixteenth-Century Journey of David Reubeni Through Africa, the Middle East, and Europe
Verskin, Alan.
In 1524, a man named David Reubeni appeared in Venice, claiming to be the ambassador of a powerful Jewish kingdom deep in the heart of Arabia. In this era of fierce rivalry between great powers, voyages of fantastic discovery, and brutal conquest of new lands, people throughout the Mediterranean...

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