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Updated November 26, 2023
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Visual research and Indonesian ethnography : beyond description
Heider, Karl G.
This book focuses on how visual records - mainly on film or video - can provide data for research and presents a variety of visual projects drawn from ethnographic fieldwork in Indonesia. Karl Heider argues for the expansion of visual anthropology - or anthropology with a camera - beyond...
Data driven : truckers, technology, and the new workplace surveillance
Levy, Karen
A behind-the-scenes look at how digital surveillance is affecting the trucking way of life Long-haul truckers are the backbone of the American economy, transporting goods under grueling conditions and immense economic pressure. Truckers have long valued the day-to-day...
Wilson Duff : coming back : a life
Fisher, Robin
The cultural heritage of Nagaland
This volume gives an in-depth account of cultural heritage of Nagaland covering important themes like cultural beliefs, traditional knowledge, material culture, and social institutions. Contributors from diverse dis-ciplines and backgrounds have delved into the cultural heritage of the state's...
Martial Culture and Historical Martial Arts in Europe and Asia
The vertical man a study in primitive Indian sculpture
Archer, W. G.
Originally published in 1947, The Vertical Man explores a form of Indian sculpture largely ignored in other studies, with a focus on two kinds of sculpture from the province of Bihar. The book provides detailed analysis of the formal characteristics of the sculpture and the...
Marx in the Anthropocene: Towards the Idea of Degrowth Communism
Facing global climate crisis, Karl Marx's ecological critique of capitalism more clearly demonstrates its importance than ever. This book explains why Marx's ecology had to be marginalized and even suppressed by Marxists after his death throughout the twentieth century. Marx's ecological critique of...
The SAGE Handbook of Digital Society
Housley, William.
Routledge Handbook for Creative Futures
Donnelly, Gabrielle.
As the uncertainty of global and local contexts continues to amplify, the Routledge Handbook for Creative Futures responds to the increasing urgency for reimagining futures beyond dystopias and utopias. It features essays that explore the challenges of how to think about compelling futures...
The Wiley Blackwell companion to social movements
Snow, David A.
The most up-to-date and thorough compendium of scholarship on social movements This second edition of The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Social Movements features forty original essays from the field. With contributions from both established and ascendant scholars, the...
Code : from information theory to French theory
Geoghegan, Bernard Dionysius
In Code Bernard Dionysius Geoghegan reconstructs how Progressive Era technocracy as well as crises of industrial democracy and colonialism shaped early accounts of cybernetics and digital media by theorists including Norbert Wiener, Warren Weaver, Margaret Mead, Gregory Bateson, Claude Lévi...
Language : the last homestead of human beings
Qian, Guanlian
Heidegger characterizes the relationship between language and Being as "language is the house of Being", negating the idea that language is merely a tool ready to be used at hand. Drawing on this idea, as well as ideas from anthropology, pragmatics, and folklore studies, the author argues...
Computing Taste: Algorithms and the Makers of Music Recommendation
Meet the people who design the algorithms that capture our musical tastes.   The people who make music recommender systems have lofty goals: they want to broaden listeners' horizons and help obscure musicians find audiences, taking advantage of the enormous catalogs offered...
People, Place, Race, and Nation in Xinjiang, China : Territories of Identity
O'Brien, David.
In one of the only works drawing on interviews with both Uyghurs and Han in Xinjiang, China, and postcolonial perspectives on ethnicity, nation, and race, this book explores how forms of banal racism underpin ideas of self and other, assimilation and modernisation, in this restive region. ...
Darjeeling : in search of people's history of the hills
Roy Chowdhury, Srikanta
History has always dealt with people, yet often gazing at the people from the perspectives of the non-people - colonizers, intruders, outsiders and the privileged elite insiders - who seem to have internalized the 'mainstream' perspective framed by the outsiders. In this context a group of...
Sexual Violence and Restorative Justice
Keenan, Marie.
Sourcebook of family theories and methodologies : a dynamic approach
Adamsons, Kari
This sourcebook is an unparalleled resource in the field of family science. It provides a comprehensive overview of both traditional and contemporary theories and methodologies to promote a greater understanding of increasingly complex family realities. It focuses on broad developments in...
Unequal Cities : Overcoming Anti-Urban Bias to Reduce Inequality in the United States
McGahey, Richard.
Richard McGahey explores how cities can foster equitable economic growth despite the obstacles in their way. Drawing on extensive experience as well as historical analysis, he examines the failures of public policy and conventional economic wisdom that have led to the neglect of American cities and...
The Made-Up State : Technology, Trans Femininity, and Citizenship in Indonesia
Hegarty, Benjamin
In The Made-Up State, Benjamin Hegarty contends that warias, who compose one of Indonesia's trans feminine populations, have cultivated a distinctive way of captivating the affective, material, and spatial experiences of belonging to a modern public sphere. Combining...
Power of Organizations
How organizations developed in history, how they operate, and how research on them has evolved Organizations are all around us: government agencies, multinational corporations, social-movement organizations, religious congregations, scientific bodies, sports teams, and more....

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