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Updated November 27, 2023
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Conflict and Competition: Agon in Western Greece: Selected Essays from the 2019 Symposium on the Heritage of Western Greece
In 2004, the city of Athens hosted the the Olympic Games. But the word 'games' almost trivializes the ancient concept of ag?n, which transcends sport, drama, war, and even philosophical debate. The ag?n deemed characteristic of ancient Greek culture has roots in in the eris (strife) illustrated in...
Pragmatism and idealism : Rorty and Hegel on representation and reality
Brandom, Robert B.
Language : the last homestead of human beings
Qian, Guanlian
Heidegger characterizes the relationship between language and Being as "language is the house of Being", negating the idea that language is merely a tool ready to be used at hand. Drawing on this idea, as well as ideas from anthropology, pragmatics, and folklore studies, the author argues...
A companion to Rorty
Malachowski, Alan R.
A groundbreaking reference work on the revolutionary philosophy and intellectual legacy of Richard Rorty A provocative and often controversial thinker, Richard Rorty and his ideas have been the subject of renewed interest to philosophers working in epistemology, metaphysics,...
Learning to Live Naturally : Stoic Ethics and Its Modern Significance
Gill, Christopher.
Propositions : Ontology and Logic
Stalnaker, Robert.
The Hindu religious tradition : a philosophical approach
Bowes, Pratima.
Exploitation As Domination : What Makes Capitalism Unjust
Vrousalis, Nicholas.
Marx in the Anthropocene: Towards the Idea of Degrowth Communism
Facing global climate crisis, Karl Marx's ecological critique of capitalism more clearly demonstrates its importance than ever. This book explains why Marx's ecology had to be marginalized and even suppressed by Marxists after his death throughout the twentieth century. Marx's ecological critique of...
Natural philosophy : on retrieving a lost disciplinary imaginary
McGrath, Alister E.
Visions of council democracy : Castoriadis, Lefort, Arendt
Popp-Madsen, Benjamin Ask
Uncovering the neglected theories of the council system in the 20thcentury This book examines the historical emergence of the council system in Russia and Germany by the end of the First World War, reconstructing the intellectual history of council democracy in 20thcentury political theory...
Scientific Testimony : Its Roles in Science and Society
Gerken, Mikkel.
Eusebius the evangelist : rewriting the fourfold gospel in late antiquity
Coogan, Jeremiah
Helena Augusta Mother of the Empire
Hillner, Julia

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