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Updated December 1, 2023
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The vertical man a study in primitive Indian sculpture
Archer, W. G.
Originally published in 1947, The Vertical Man explores a form of Indian sculpture largely ignored in other studies, with a focus on two kinds of sculpture from the province of Bihar. The book provides detailed analysis of the formal characteristics of the sculpture and the...
Wangechi Mutu
Edwards, Adrienne
The first monograph on the work of celebrated and influential Kenyan-American artist Wangechi Mutu Wangechi Mutu's remarkable body of work touches on such issues as sexuality, ecology, politics, and the rhythms and chaos that govern the world. Her paintings, sculptures, and collages...
The interior landscape : the landscape on both sides of the camera : reflections on art, creativity, expression, and a life in photography
Tal, Guy
A deeply thoughtful and inspiring collectionof essays about visual expression, art, creativity, and a life in photography Photographer, teacher, and author Guy Tal hasbeen photographing the landscape for more than 30 years, and...
Sarah Morris: All Systems Fail
Luckow, Dirk
The Psycho-Geography of Our Urban Existence Since the 1990s, artist and filmmaker Sarah Morris has created a body of work that has been inspired by her interest in the psychology of urban environments. Her complex abstractions, which derive their vivid colors from each city's...
Building the Book from the Ancient World to the Present Day offers a carefully curated overview of how books have been produced throughout history and across various regions of the globe. This richly illustrated volume walks readers through the unique collections of Rare Book School at the...
Idols & Rivals : artistic competition in antiquity and the early modern era
Competition is one of the driving forces of our time - everything can suddenly turn into a challenge or a contest. Art, on the other hand - that is outside the art market-can be seen as a free space in which something genuinely unique emerges. That this construct is a historical exception is...
The New Country : City Style for Rural Living
Keyworth, Dean.
Your client has decided to move out of the city to a country property. But they want to create a stylish, urban home in their new rural idyll. As a designer, it can seem difficult to recreate a metropolitan style while working within the more confined parameters of the country. This book shows...
The biomimicry revolution : learning from nature how to inhabit the earth
Dicks, Henry
Henry Dicks explores the philosophical significance of biomimicry, the application and adaptation of strategies found in nature to the development of artificial products and systems. He argues that biomimicry can serve as the basis for a new environmental philosophy that radically alters how we...

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