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Updated December 2, 2023
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Justice by means of democracy
Allen, Danielle S.
From leading thinker Danielle Allen, a bold and urgent articulation of a new political philosophy: power-sharing liberalism.   At a time of great social and political turmoil, when many residents of the leading democracies question the ability of their...
Why Congress
Wallach, Philip A.
Twilight of the American state
Schlag, Pierre
The sudden emergence of the Trump nation surprised nearly everyone, including journalists, pundits, political consultants, and academics. When Trump won in 2016, his ascendancy was widely viewed as a fluke. Yet time showed it was instead the rise of a movement--angry,...
Open source law, policy and practice
Open Source Software has seen mass adoption in the last decade and potentially forms the majority of software today. It is realised through legal instruments, private law agreements, licences, governance, and community norms - all of which lead to the sharing of intellectual property and to economic...
Exponential Inequalities : Equality Law in Times of Crisis
Atrey, Shreya.
Authoritarian Practices in a Global Age
Glasius, Marlies.

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