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Updated November 29, 2023
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Conflict and Competition: Agon in Western Greece: Selected Essays from the 2019 Symposium on the Heritage of Western Greece
In 2004, the city of Athens hosted the the Olympic Games. But the word 'games' almost trivializes the ancient concept of ag?n, which transcends sport, drama, war, and even philosophical debate. The ag?n deemed characteristic of ancient Greek culture has roots in in the eris (strife) illustrated in...
Reassembling religion in Roman Italy
Graham, Emma-Jayne
This book examines the ways in which lived religion in Roman Italy involved personal and communal experiences of the religious agency generated when ritualised activities caused human and more-than-human things to become bundled together into relational assemblages. Drawing upon broadly...
Studies in Ancient Greek Philosophy : In Honor of Professor Anthony Preus
Spitzer, D. M.
Spanning a wide range of texts, figures, and traditions from the ancient Mediterranean world, this volume gathers far-reaching, interdisciplinary papers on Greek philosophy from an international group of scholars. The book's sixteen chapters address an array of topics and themes, extending...
Learning to Live Naturally : Stoic Ethics and Its Modern Significance
Gill, Christopher.
Cassandra and the poetics of prophecy in Greek and Latin literature
Pillinger, Emily J.
This book explores the miscommunications of the prophet Cassandra - cursed to prophesy the truth but never to be understood until too late - in Greek and Latin poetry. Using insights from the field of translation studies, the book focuses on the dialogic interactions that take place between the...
The Oxford Handbook of Greek and Roman Mythography
Smith, R. Scott.
Oxford History of the Ancient near East : Volume V: the Age of Persia
The Oxford History of the Ancient near East : Volume IV: the Age of Assyria
Radner, Karen.
Helena Augusta Mother of the Empire
Hillner, Julia
Living Martyrs in Late Antiquity and Beyond : Surviving Martyrdom
Fruchtman, Diane Shane.
This book demonstrates that living martyrdom was an important spiritual aspiration in the late antique Latin west and argues that, consequently, attempts to define, study, or locate martyrdom must move away from conceptualizations that require or center on death. After an introduction that...
Eusebius the evangelist : rewriting the fourfold gospel in late antiquity
Coogan, Jeremiah

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