Military Science and History

Recent movers and shakers in military science and military history.

Updated November 29, 2023
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Psychology and the soldier : the art of leadership
Copeland, Norman
This book, first published in 1944, stresses the point that there is no shortcut to successful wartime leadership, and pays a close analysis to the attributes that contribute to being a sound leader of soldiers. Written in the middle of the Second World War, this book gives us valuable insights...
Stalingrad lives : stories of combat and survival
Garner, Ian (Historian)
Rommel's last victory : the battle of Kasserine Pass
Blumenson, Martin
This book, first published in 1968, examines the disastrous defeat suffered by inexperienced American troops, newly landed in North Africa, at the hands of Rommel. The news of Kasserine shocked the United States militarily and politically, and led to swift changes in equipment and tactics. This...

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