Menstruation Books for SEXPO 2023

Recommended titles for SExpo event from Tina Bebbington, History Librairan, UVic Libraries.

Updated June 2, 2023
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Menstruation : a cultural history
Shail, Andrew
Ranging from Aristotle to twentieth-century gynaecology, contributions to this volume trace the semiotics of menstruation from magical act to evolutionary deficiency. The result is the first comprehensive historical study of how menstruation has been understood within various cultural traditions,...
The modern period menstruation in twentieth-century America
Freidenfelds, Lara
Winner, 2010 Emily Toth Award for Best Book in Women's Studies, Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association The Modern Periodexamines how and why Americans adopted radically new methods of managing and thinking about menstruation during the twentieth century. In...
New blood third-wave feminism and the politics of menstruation
Bobel, Chris
No detailed description available for "New Blood".
Girls in power gender, body, and menstruation in adolescence
Fingerson, Laura
A consideration of menstruation in the lives of teenage girls--and in the lives of teenage boys.
Blood magic : the anthropology of menstruation
Buckley, Thomas C. T.
Examining cultures as diverse as long-house dwellers in North Borneo, African farmers, Welsh housewives, and postindustrial American workers, this volume dramatically redefines the anthropological study of menstrual customs. It challenges the widespread image of a universal "menstrual taboo" as well...
It's only blood : shattering the taboo of menstruation
Dahlqvist, Anna
Across the world, 2 billion people experience menstruation, yet menstruation is seen as a mark of shame. We are told not to discuss it in public, that tampons and sanitary pads should be hidden away, the blood rendered invisible. In many parts of the world, poverty, culture and religion collide...
Loulan, JoAnn.
Discusses the physical and psychological changes at the onset of menstruation. Includes a guide for parents and teachers.
Periods in pop culture menstruation in film and television
Rosewarne, Lauren.
Menstruation seldom gets a starring role on screen despite being experienced regularly by nearly all women for a good many decades of their lives. Periods in Pop Culture: Menstruation in Film and Television, by Lauren Rosewarne, turns the spotlight on period portrayals in media, examining the...
Out for blood : essays on menstruation and resistance
Fahs, Breanne
Finalist for the 2016 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award in the Women's Studies category Winner of the 2017 Distinguished Publication Award presented by the Association for Women in Psychology Transporting the reader to worlds in which...
Everyday Discourses of Menstruation Cultural and Social Perspectives
Newton, Victoria Louise.
Menstruation is a topic which is both everyday and sensitive. From Leviticus to Pliny, to twentieth-century debates around 'menotoxin', to advertising and 'having the painters in', Victoria Newton's book offers a lively and innovative exploration of the social and cultural dimensions of menstruation...
The curse : a cultural history of menstruation
Delaney, Janice.
  "In its hard headed, richly documented concreteness, it is worth a thousand polemics." -- New York Times, from a review of the first edition "The Curse deserves a place in every women's studies library collection." -- Sharon Golub, editor of Lifting...
The Slow Moon Climbs : The Science, History, and Meaning of Menopause
Mattern, Susan
No detailed description available for "The Slow Moon Climbs".

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