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Updated June 2, 2023
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50 Underwear Questions : A Bare-all History
Bound to please a history of the Victorian corset
Summers, Leigh.
Corsets, and the corseted body, have been fetishized, mythologized, romanticized. This Victorian icon has inspired more passionate debate than any other article of clothing. As a means of body modification, perhaps only foot binding and female genital mutilation have aroused more controversy....
Breasts : the women's perspective on an American obsession
Latteier, Carolyn.
Breasts: The Women's Perspective on an American Obsession describes and explores our national breast fetish, which is defined as a culturally constructed obsession that is deeply interwoven with beauty standards, breastfeeding practices, and sexuality. By tracing the complex history of this erotic...
The corset : a cultural history
Steele, Valerie.
The corset is probably the most controversial garment in the history of fashion. Although regarded as an essential element of fashionable dress from the Renaissance into the twentieth century, the corset was also frequently condemned as an instrument of torture and the cause of ill health...
Corsets and crinolines
Waugh, Norah.
In this classic book, Norah Waugh explores the changing shapes of women's dress from the 1500s to the 1920s. Simple laced bodices became corsets of cane, whalebone and steel, while padding at shoulders and hips gave way to the structures of farthingales, hoops and bustles.  Corsets...
Fashion & fetishism : corsets, tight-lacing & other forms of body-sculpture
Kunzle, David.
Fashion and sex have always enjoyed a very close relationship. This history of corsetry and body sculpture shows how this phenomenon is closely bound up with sexual self-expression. It shows how the use of the corset rejected the role of the passive, maternal woman; in Victorian times it was seen by...
Fetish : fashion, sex, and power
Steele, Valerie.
Kinky boots, corsets, underwear as outerwear, second-skin garments of rubber and leather, uniforms, body piercing.... Today everything from a fetishist's dream appears on the fashion runways. Although some people regard fetish fashion as exploitative and misogynistic, others interpret it as...
A history of the breast
Yalom, Marilyn
In this provocative, pioneering, and wholly engrossing cultural history, noted scholar Marilyn Yalom explores twenty-five thousand years of ideas, images, and perceptions of the female breast--in religion, psychology, politics, society, and the arts. Through the centuries, the breast...
An intimate affair women, lingerie, and sexuality
Fields, Jill
Intimate apparel, a term in use by 1921, has played a crucial role in the development of the "naughty but nice" feminine ideal that emerged in the twentieth century. Jill Fields's engaging, imaginative, and sophisticated history of twentieth-century lingerie tours the world of women's intimate...
What do the thousands of images of bras and panties on perfectly sculpted bodies that we see spread across billboards and magazines say about our society?Many women indulge in lingerie to please men. Yet, since antiquity, women have always kept lingerie hidden away under outer garments. Thus,...
The Metamorphoses of Fat : A History of Obesity
Vigarello, Georges
Tracing the link between changing attitudes toward body size and modern conceptions of class, society, and self.
Stacked : a 32DDD reports from the front
Seligson, Susan.
What is it about breasts - or if, you prefer, bazoombas, melons, Dolly Partons, or breastasauri-that inspires such fascination? No one is even sure why women have breasts when not pregnant or nursing, but start a conversation about them, Susan Seligson discovered, and every woman, man, child, and...
Uplift : the bra in America
Farrell-Beck, Jane.
Over the years the bra has been stereotyped as an object of seduction, glamour, and even oppression. In Uplift: A History of the Bra in America Jane Farrell-Beck and Colleen Gau use this item of clothing to gauge the social history of women and to understand the business history of fashion...

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