Data Visualization Books

Updated November 1, 2023
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Better data visualizations : a guide for scholars, researchers, and wonks
Schwabish, Jonathan A.
This book details essential strategies to create more effective data visualizations. Jonathan Schwabish walks readers through the steps of creating better graphs and how to move beyond simple line, bar, and pie charts.


Data visualization : charts, maps, and interactive graphics
Grant, Robert
This is the age of data. There are more innovations and more opportunities for interesting work with data than ever before, but there is also an overwhelming amount of quantitative information being published every day. Data visualisation has become big business, because communication is the...


Data visualization : principles and practice
Telea, Alexandru C.
Designing a complete visualization system involves many subtle decisions. When designing a complex, real-world visualization system, such decisions involve many types of constraints, such as performance, platform (in)dependence, available programming languages and styles, user-interface toolkits,...


Data Visualization in Society
Kennedy, Helen
Today we are witnessing an increased use of data visualization in society. Across domains such as work, education and the news, various forms of graphs, charts and maps are used to explain, convince and tell stories. In an era in which more and more data are produced and circulated digitally, and...


Data Visualization Made Simple : Insights into Becoming Visual
Sosulski, Kristen
Data Visualization Made Simple is a practical guide to the fundamentals, strategies, and real-world cases for data visualization, an essential skill required in today's information-rich world. With foundations rooted in statistics, psychology, and computer science, data visualization offers...


Effective data storytelling : how to drive change with data, narrative, and visuals
Dykes, Brent


Fundamentals of data visualization : a primer on making informative and compelling figures
Wilke, C.


Infographics the power of visual storytelling
Lankow, Jason.
Transform your marketing efforts through the power of visual content In today's fast-paced environment, you must communicate your message in a concise and engaging way that sets it apart from the noise. Visual content--such as infographics and data visualization--can accomplish this...


Storytelling with data : a data visualization guide for business professionals
Knaflic, Cole Nussbaumer
Don't simply show your data--tell a story with it! Storytelling with Data teaches you the fundamentals of data visualization and how to communicate effectively with data. You'll discover the power of storytelling and the way to make data a pivotal point in your story. The lessons in...

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