Suggested Reading for Babies

Suggested Reading for Babies (0-18 months)

Updated October 16, 2023
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Baby Says
Flowerpot Press
Paper Book
Adorable close-up photography of babies making hilarious faces as they express their different emotions is sure to delight your little one. Each baby is paired with a funny saying to go along with their reactions, including expressions such as "Yay!", "Yummy!", "Yuck!", and so much more!...
Underwood, Deborah
Paper Book
A funny, visual story from Bearnard's Book author Deborah Underwood, about a duck who wanders away from the rest of the flock and must find the way back. Ducks. Ducks? NO DUCKS! Duck wanders away from the pond for a moment and returns to find the...
Hello, baby! :
Fox, Mem
Paper Book
After meeting a bevy of baby animals-- including a clever monkey, a sleepy leopard, and a dusty lion cub--the baby in this story discovers the most precious creature of all . . . itself, of course! With an exuberant rhyming text by bestselling author Mem Fox and adorable cut-paper illustrations by...
Follow me : play for little hands
Schrey, Sophie
Paper Book
Follow, point, press! A finger-play activity book for young children from new talent Lucie Sheridan. Follow Me features simple puzzles that can be completed using just a finger.Children are invited to interact with the bright, bold artwork to complete simple activities using their fingers. Follow...
Animals move
Whittingham, Jane
Paper Book
Preschoolers love baby animals, and they love to move. Celebrate both with a hard-wearing Toddler Tough picture book perfect for an active read-aloud. Calves swim, / Hatchlings bounce, / Porcupettes nibble, / Kittens pounce. Story time is on the move with this multilayered concept book....
Bear Has a Belly
Whittingham, Jane
Paper Book
In this multilayered Big, Little Concepts book for preschoolers, explore body parts along with animals and celebrate the differences and similarities of our wonderful bodies. A soft, round belly, Bear has a belly. I do too! Do you have a nose like Fox,...
Do Crocs Kiss?
Yoon, Salina
Paper Book
Do crocs cry? Do crocs clap? All I know is crocs go . . . SNAP! This novelty board book, with fun text and colorful illustrations, features adorable lions, tigers, and bears, as well as the snappy title reptile and other favorite creatures. Kids will happily lift the flap on each...
Five little chicks
Yaccarino, Dan
Paper Book
The classic nursery rhyme--with a springtime twist! Five little chicks hatch, explore, and play in this adorable board book by acclaimed author-illustrator Dan Yaccarino. The bouncy text will have toddlers chanting along with the vibrant, bold illustrations that bring these...
The Nose, Toes, and Tummy Book
Nicholls, Sally
Paper Book
What happens when you press my nose? Can you tell a stinky foot from a sweet one? Join in and play silly games as families name the different parts of the body. "Humorous play throughout ends with the featured child being told 'Good Night!' Good...
Splish, splash, Ducky!
Cousins, Lucy
Paper Book
Revel in the rain with a little duckling and friends in a bright adventure from the creator of Maisy that kids will find just ducky. Oh, goody, hooray! It's raining today. When I'm feeling happy. I say quack, quack, quack.
Baby up, baby down : a first book of opposites
Abrams (Publishing company)
Paper Book
This bright, playful board book introduces sets of opposites for babies to identify, from up and down to quiet and noisy! Each pair of concepts is demonstrated with fun photographs of young ones, making for an adorable read. And Baby Up, Baby Down is perfect for bedtime, with an ending that...
Whose toes are those?
Asim, Jabari
Paper Book
A vibrant, playful verse that celebrates a beautiful brown baby's adorable little toes, for fans of Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes. Who do you suppose has such fine toes? So brown and sweet. Who could have such darling feet? ...
I kissed the baby!
Murphy, Mary
Paper Book
"An animal cast so elated that they seem on the verge of jumping into readers' laps. . . . The high-contrast pictures and exclamatory text are guaranteed eye and ear magnets for the littlest ones." -- Publishers Weekly (starred review) "I saw the baby! 
Neon Books: My First Book of the Alphabet
Editors of Silver Dolphin Books
Paper Book
The ABCs--brighter and bolder than ever before! Learn the ABCs with a bright new twist! From alligator to zebra, little learners will be captivated by the bold neon illustrations and die-cut letters throughout this unique board book. This fun, modern take on the traditional ABC...
Woodland Dance!
Boynton, Sandra
Paper Book
The moose plays the cello. The deer, violin. And it's ONE-two-three, ONE-two-three, time to begin! Destined to be a read-aloud favorite, Woodland Dance is a mystical, waltzing story from beloved author and illustrator Sandra Boynton, and a magical book to share with a...
Boynton, Sandra
Paper Book
"Honk SHOOOOOO! Honk SHOOOOOO! . . ."           The snoring goes on, on and on through the night. They never stop snoring till the first morning light.   Ah, all those dinosaurs look...
Quick duck!
Murphy, Mary
Paper Book
Where is that duck going in such a hurry? Mary Murphy brings her surefire baby appeal to this bright concept book. This little duckie needs to be quick-quack-quick -- leaping out of the mud, scooting under the hedge, running around the flowers, and skipping over the stones. Now...
Babies Love Outer Space
Konig, Susanne
Paper Book
For families who want their babies to reach for the stars, this accordion-shaped board book about outer space was created specifically for tummy time! This wordless accordion-shaped board book is filled with twenty different outer space images drawn in bold black-and-white art,...
Hello Farm!: A High-Contrast Book for Babies
Hepworth, Amelia
Paper Book
Babies can see black-and-white images from birth, and this captivating series has been specially designed to delight even the youngest readers. Babies will love to experience the appealing, high-contrast black-and-white images in this engaging board book. With a tactile die-cut...
Baby's Firsts
Day, Nancy Raines
Paper Book
A universal ode to babies and their milestones that celebrates all the joys in a baby's first year. Join three babies, encouraged by their families, as they grow more and more active with each day--crying, smiling, eating, teething, rolling, crawling, walking, and talking-...
Hands Can
Hudson, Cheryl Willis
Paper Book
Hands can do all kinds of things! A rhyming text with eye-catching color photos offers just the encouragement young children need to explore their world -- hands on. Hands can hold things. Hands can mold things.  Hands can catch and hands can throw. ...
See Touch Feel: Animals
Priddy, Roger
Paper Book
See, Touch, Feel: Animals is a fantastic first concepts book from Priddy Books. This new compact board book format introduces animals to very young children in a fun and simple way. Specially designed to stimulate toddlers and encourage...
Get Dressed: A Touch-And-Feel Playbook
Paper Book
Make getting dressed fun in this delightful installment of the Baby Touch series. Touch and feel all kinds of clothes in this adorable addition to the Baby Touch series. From colorful shirts to shiny shoes, young readers can now learn about different articles of...
Look: A Tummy Time Book
Bishop, Gavin
Paper Book
A wordless concertina board book of big, bright faces to place around the baby on the floor at tummy time--family faces on one side and toys on the other--by award-winning author/illustrator Gavin Bishop. This safe and sturdy fold-out book is a perfect gift, with compelling illustrations...

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