90s Nostalgia

Travel back in time to the 1990s with these books written during or about this memorable decade!

Updated May 22, 2024
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Angels in America : a gay fantasia on national themes
Kushner, Tony.
Paper Book
Pulitzer Prize-winner for Drama, 1993. The first part of Tony Kushner's epic drama of America in the 1980s. "A vast, miraculous play.... provocative, witty and deeply upsetting.... a searching and radical rethinking of American political drama."--Frank Rich, The New York Times #65533;...
The firm
Grisham, John.
Paper Book
#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER * From the master of legal thrillers, a page-turning classic of "suit-and-dagger suspense" (The New York Times): At the top of his class at Harvard Law, Mitch McDeere had his choice of the best firms in America. He made a deadly mistake.
Girl with a pearl earring
Chevalier, Tracy.
Paper Book
Celebrate Tracy Chevalier's modern classic Girl With A Pearl Earring, featuring a gorgeous new edition illustrated with eight pages of Vermeer's masterworks. History and fiction merge seamlessly in this luminous novel about artistic vision and sensual awakening.  The story of Griet, whose...
The god of small things
Roy, Arundhati.
Paper Book
BOOKER PRIZE WINNER * NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER * An affluent Indian family is forever changed by one fateful day in 1969, from the author of The Ministry of Utmost Happiness "[The God of Small Things] offers such magic, mystery, and sadness that,...
High fidelity
Hornby, Nick.
Paper Book
Rob is a pop music junkie who runs his own semi-failing record store. His girlfriend, Laura, has just left him for the guy upstairs, and Rob is both miserable and relieved. After all, could he have spent his life with someone who has a bad record collection? Rob seeks refuge in the company of the...
The Nineties: A Book
Klosterman, Chuck
Paper Book
In The Nineties, cult author Chuck Klosterman makes a home in every element of 90s culture: the film, the music, the sports, the TV, the politics, the changes regarding race and class and sexuality, the yin/yang of Oprah and Alan Greenspan. In perhaps no other book ever written could the sentence,...
No One Left to Come Looking for You
Lipsyte, Sam
Paper Book
A darkly comic mystery by the author of Hark and The Ask set in the vibrant music scene of early 1990s New York City. Manhattan's East Village, 1993. Dive bars, DIY music venues, shady weirdos, and hard drugs are plentiful. Crime is high but rent is low, luring...
Morrison, Toni.
Paper Book
"Rumors had been whispered for more than a year. Outrages that had been accumulating all along took shape as evidence. A mother was knocked down the stairs by her cold-eyed daughter. Four damaged infants were born in one family. Daughters refused to get out of bed. Brides disappeared on their...
Partisans: The Conservative Revolutionaries Who Remade American Politics in the 1990s
Hemmer, Nicole
Paper Book
A bold new history of modern conservatism that finds its origins in the populist right-wing politics of the 1990s    Ronald Reagan has long been lionized for building a conservative coalition sustained by...
The perks of being a wallflower
Chbosky, Stephen.
Paper Book
"A timeless story for every young person who needs to understand that they are not alone." --Judy Blume "Once in a while, a novel comes along that becomes a generational touchstone. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is one of those books." --R. J. Palacio, #1 New York...

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