Your First-Year Experience

A selection of books to help make college life a little smoother for first-year students.

Updated August 25, 2023
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Getting the best out of college : a professor, a dean, and a student tell you how to maximize your experience
Feaver, Peter D.
Answering the all-too-familiar groan, "I wish I'd know that as a freshman," a prof., a dean, and a recent grad distill more than fifty years of expertise at top colleges in this crash-course guide to success. Proving that it matters less where you go than what you accomplish while you're there,...
College cooking : feed yourself and your friends
Carle, Megan.
You have a midterm tomorrow and a fierce growl in your stomach. Your roommate just nabbed your last cup o' ramen. Do you- (A) Ignore your stomach and brew another pot of coffee? (B) Break out the PB&J? (C) Order pizza-again? (D) Make a quick trip to the grocery store? The answer's D, and College...
On course : strategies for creating success in college and in life
Downing, Skip
The concise length, tight focus, and emphasis on self-development are keys to this text's appeal. Written in a positive, motivational style, On Course empowers students with tools they need to take charge of their success in college and life. Downing's distinctive guided journal entries help...
Practicing college learning strategies
Hopper, Carolyn H.
PRACTICING COLLEGE LEARNING STRATEGIES, Fifth Edition, combines practical application with learning strategies theory, and is an excellent motivational tool for teaching students how to learn. The textbook focuses on learning strategies that are supported by brain research and neuroscience, and...
Been there, should've done that : 995 tips for making the most of college
Tyler, Suzette
In this unintimidating, pocket-sized book, students from colleges across the U.S. share their "hot tips" and solid strategies for success. Their revelations - and confessions - provide a "tell it like it is" manual that will help new collegians, as well as veterans avoid the pitfalls of campus...
P.O.W.E.R. learning : online success
Feldman, Robert S.
P.O.W.E.R. Learning is the only research-based series with a unifying system for critical thinking and problem solving. P.O.W.E.R. Learning: Online Success uses this framework to maximize students potential for success in college and life by addressing a diverse student population...
Study skills : do I really need this stuff?
Piscitelli, Stephen
Immediately has the student address an age-old question, "Why do I have to take this course?", through assessment of strengths and weaknesses and critically applying what is relevant to their situation.   Study...
College success
Baldwin, Amy
The curious researcher : a guide to writing research papers
Ballenger, Bruce P.
Featuring an engaging, direct writing style and inquiry-based approach, this popular research guide stresses that curiosity is the best reason for investigating ideas and information. An appealing alternative to traditional research texts, "The Curious Researcher" stands apart for its motivational...
Dorm decor : remake your space with more than 35 projects
Gonzalez, Theresa
Gone are the days of packing a single duffel for fall. Now college students and their families spend thousands on decorations and furniture to deck out their living space. Dorm Decor shows these budding designers how customizing store-bought items can transform a drab dorm room into a plush...

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