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Updated August 19, 2023
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The Twyford code : a novel
Hallett, Janice
INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER "[A] delicious premise and clever execution....with a bravura final section." --The New York Times The mysterious connection between a teacher's disappearance and an unsolved code in a children's book is explored in this new novel...

This is a great puzzle-type mystery, with so many twists and turns I lost count. If you like epistolary novels & mysteries, this is for you. The main character is endearing, and as he reveals his past he becomes even more sympathetic. I'm not the only one who loved it--the book got starred reviews from Publisher's Weekly, BookPage, and Booklist.

The right sort of man
Montclair, Allison
"A delightful immersion in the period and personalities, with that touch of depth that transforms a good series to a great one." --Laurie R. King First comes love, then comes murder. In a London slowly recovering from World War II, two very different...

The first in the wonderful Sparks & Bainbridge series. This is a British whodunnit set in post-WWII London, where two very different women come together to start up a marriage bureau. Of course, before you know it, some one is murdered and they are forced to solve the crime in order to preserve the good name of their budding business. I love both Sparks and Bainbridge and their journey through healing from the war.

L.A. requiem
Crais, Robert.
Los Angeles is a city of perpetual reinvention. Inviting, with a promise of infinite hope, it can also be a glittering landscape of debilitating isolation. The city's lost souls take comfort in its promise--the notion that tomorrow could be the day to start all over again, to transform oneself into...

This is the best of the excellent Elvis Cole series. The books are noir detective stories set in L.A., with a savvy, smart-mouthed private detective, and his sidekick, the enigmatic Joe Pike. The plot in this one is fabulous, and the character development has real depth. It's a great place to start this famous series.

Magpie murders
Horowitz, Anthony
"Magpie Murders is a double puzzle for puzzle fans, who don't often get the classicism they want from contemporary thrillers." --Janet Maslin, The New York Times New York Times bestseller | Winner of the Macavity Award for Best Novel | NPR best book of the Year | Washington...

This book is a marvelous tour de force with not one but *two* separate murders to solve. A British book editor receives the latest manuscript from her best-selling mystery writer, who is subsequently murdered. She is motivated to investigate when she realizes that the last chapter of the manuscript is missing. This is a story-within-a-story format, where the manuscript is also presented. Part of the brilliance of this book is the distinctive styles of each of the two narratives, both with wonderful, twisty plots and interesting characters.

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