Health Literacy Month

October is Health Literacy Month. Delaware Libraries and their partners provide programs and information on a variety of medical, wellness, and behavioral health topics. Please visit for more!

Updated October 2, 2023
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Eat & flourish : how food supports emotional well-being
Albright, Mary Beth
Food has power to nourish your mind, supporting emotional wellness through both nutrients and pleasure. In this groundbreaking book, journalist Mary Beth Albright draws on cutting-edge research to explain the food/mood connection. She redefines "emotional eating" based on the science, revealing...
Home detox : make your home a healthier place for everyone who lives there
Chace, Daniella
A professional toxicologist and health writer offers an enlightening and accessible room-by-room guide to identifying and removing potentially toxic items, along with suggestions for safe, affordable alternatives. From the bedroom mattress and pillows to daily...
A searing critique of modern wellness culture and how it stands in the way of true well-being that "will change the way you think about your health--in all the best ways." (Casey Gueren) "It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle." You've probably heard this phrase from any...
Learn how adjusting your thoughts can change your health--from the "mother of mindfulness" and first female tenured professor of psychology at Harvard. "What matters more: mind or body? Filled with original research and thought-provoking insights, The Mindful Body shows...
The well-lived life : a 102-year-old doctor's six secrets to health and happiness at every age
McGarey, Gladys
Dr. Gladys McGarey, the centenarian mother of holistic medicine, reveals "a story that teaches as much as it inspires" (Edith Eger, New York Times bestselling author), filled with life-changing secrets for how to live with joy, vitality, and purpose at any age. Dr. Gladys...
A vibrant cultural history investigating pandemics and vaccines, by bestselling author and historian Simon Schama Cities and countries engulfed by panic and death, desperate for vaccines but fearful of what inoculation may bring. This is what the world has just gone through with Covid-19....
NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER * Simple and proven physical practices designed to improve the way your body feels--less stiffness! fewer aches and pain!--and boost the overall quality of your life, no matter how you spend your time. From the innovators behind The Ready State and the movement...
A Silent Spring for your wardrobe, To Dye For is a jolting expose that reveals the true cost of the toxic, largely unregulated chemicals found on most clothing today. Many of us are aware of the ethical minefield that is fast fashion- the dodgy labor practices, the...

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