Holiday Books for Kids!

Updated December 5, 2023
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"[A] humorous reading experience for very young listeners and independent readers alike... A great read for any season."- Kirkus Reviews   "Cute, funny, and overall delightful." - School Library Journal Readers can giggle their grumps away with Gus...
Is it Hanukkah yet?
Krulik, Nancy E.
"Is it Hanukkah yet?" "Not yet. We have to wait for the sun to set!" Families who celebrate Hanukkah will recognize this familiar refrain. And what better way to make the wait go faster than to read this sweet family story about how one very enthusiastic little girl awaits the holiday? Kids will...
Latkes and applesauce : a Hanukkah story
Manushkin, Fran
A cat and dog create a Hanukkah miracle, just in the nick of time in this updated reissue of the beloved holiday classic. The Menashes love latkes and applesauce during Hanukkah. But a blizzard begins and erases any hope that they'll harvest potatoes and apples in time. When a...
My first Kwanzaa
Katz, Karen.
A simple way to get acquainted with Kwanzaa "Hooray! Hooray! It's time to get ready for Kwanzaa." During the seven days of Kwanzaa we celebrate the importance of family, friends, and community. This warm and lively introduction to a very special holiday...
Special gifts
Rylant, Cynthia.
MEET THE COBBLE STREET COUSINS Lily, who wants to be a poet. Tess, who wants to be a Broadway star. Rosie, who wants a little cottage with flowers by the door. It's winter vacation and there's no school for three weeks, but the Cobble Street Cousins aren...
Li'l Rabbit's Kwanzaa
Washington, Donna L.
Share this Kwanzaa story with your family or in the classroom. "Very bright, playful, textured pictures capture the spirit of community that is the essence of the holiday. The two final pages about 'The Nguzo Saba--The Seven Principles of Kwanzaa' will take kids back to the story to find the...
The true gift : a Christmas story
MacLachlan, Patricia.
All year long Lily and Liam look forward to Christmas on their grandparents' farm. It's always the perfect trip -- walking to the lilac library, trimming the tree, giving gifts. But this year, thanks to a white cow alone in the meadow, things will be different. This Christmas, Lily and Liam will...

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