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Updated December 19, 2022
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O brother, where art thou?
Coen, Joel.
Three escaped convicts from the 1920s are led on an odyssey through the Old South in search of loot stashed at one of their homes. The house is scheduled to be flooded out by a new dam, so time is of the essence.
The lord of the rings. The fellowship of the ring
Osborne, Barrie.
Peter Jackson's adaptation of this classic story, which stars Ian McKellen, Elijah Wood, Cate Blanchett, Ian Holm, among others in a truly magnificent cast--maintains reverent allegiance to Tolkien's creation, instantly qualifying it as one of the greatest fantasy films ever made. 178 minutes. DVD
Blade runner [the final cut]
Deeley, Michael.
A 21st Century detective is ordered to terminate obsolete android slaves.
Spielberg, Steven
The 30th anniversary edition of the classic 'I'm Never Going in the Water Again' story of a killer shark that has taken over the waters near a seaside community, and the three men who set out to kill it. Includes loads of brand new bonus materials.
Coen, Joel.
This story of a crime gone wrong unravels when a Minneapolis car salesman, Jerry Lundegaard has his wife kidnapped by two thugs. The idea is that the ransom will be paid by the wife's wealthy father, Wade Gustafson, paying the thugs a small portion and keeping the rest to satisfy Jerry's debts. The...
Spirited away
Suzuki, Toshio
Chihiro and her parents accidentally wander into another world ruled by witches and monsters. When her parents are captured by the ruler of the world, she tricks the witch into hiring her so she can figure out how to free them.
The thing
Foster, David
Antarctic outpost men fight a slimy alien able to assume the form of life it engulfs.
The iron giant
Abbate, Allison.
A giant robot from outer space lands on Earth and frightens a small town. The robot befriends a young boy and wins its humanity by saving the townspeople from their own fears and prejudices. Includes deleted scenes and commentary from director Brad Bird.

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