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Updated July 12, 2024
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Woman in Me
Spears, Britney.
Paper Book
Named a Best Book of the Year by Elle, The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, NPR, Financial Times, Vanity Fair, and more! "In Britney Spears's memoir, she's stronger than ever." --The New York Times Over 2 million...
Beverly Hills spy : the double-agent war hero who helped Japan attack Pearl Harbor
Drabkin, Ronald
Paper Book
"A beguiling tale of espionage and double-dealing in the years leading up to World War II. ... Strap in for a narrative that demands a suspension of disbelief--and richly rewards it." --Kirkus Reviews (starred review); Best Books of February Selection The untold story of...
What have we here? : portraits of a life
Williams, Billy Dee
Paper Book
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER * A film legend recalls his remarkable life of nearly eight decades--a heralded actor who's played the roles he wanted, from Brian's Song to Lando in the Star Wars universe--unchecked by the racism and typecasting so rife in the mostly all...

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