Staff Picks 2023

Recommended reads from the staff at Puke Ariki, Community Libraries and the Museum for 2023

Updated December 11, 2023
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The lock-up
Banville, John
Old God's time
Barry, Sebastian
The detective
Chowdhury, Ajay
The heron's cry
Cleeves, Ann
Resurrection Walk
Connelly, Michael
Darling girls
Hepworth, Sally
Murder in the family
Hunter, Cara
The last sinner
Jackson, Lisa
What July knew
Koch, Emily
And there he kept her
Moehling, Joshua
The covenant of water : a novel
Verghese, Abraham
Cold blooded liar
Rose, Karen
Beneath dark waters
Rose, Karen
After that night
Slaughter, Karin
Wild dogs
Trant, Michael
No trace
Trant, Michael
The pink house
Alliott, Catherine
Lola in the Mirror: The heartbreaking and inspiring new novel from the award-winning author of Australia's favourite bestsellers Boy Swallows Universe, Love Stories and All Our Shimmering Skies
Dalton, Trent.
Becoming Mrs Mulberry
French, Jackie
George, Jessica
Hayfield, Olivia
Kuang, R. F.
Only The Beautiful
Meissner, Susan
Hello beautiful : a novel
Napolitano, Ann
Our missing hearts
Ng, Celeste
The vintage shop of second chances
Page, Libby
The island of missing trees
Shafak, Elif
Best of friends
Shamsie, Kamila
Everything is beautiful and everything hurts : a novel
Shapiro, Josie
Strawberry Lane
Thomas, Jodi
The secrets of the Huon Wren
Van Ryn, Claire
Book of night
Black, Holly
Cloud Cuckoo Land
Doerr, Anthony.
The weather woman
Gardner, Sally
Babel ; or, The necessity of violence : an arcane history of the Oxford Translators' Revolution
Kuang, R. F.
The Marriage Act
Marrs, John, (Freelance journalist)
The ministry for the future
Robinson, Kim Stanley
Nethercott, GennaRose
Fourth wing
Yarros, Rebecca
Better the blood
Bennett, Michael
The axeman's carnival
Chidgey, Catherine
Chidgey, Catherine
A message for Nasty
Fry, Roderick.
The bone tree
Ngarewa, Airana
Perkins, Emily
Wings of Grace
Roberts, Tania
Shrines of gaiety
Atkinson, Kate
Winter's orphan
Flynn, Katie
The moon gate
Geard, Amanda.
The lost girl
Goodwin, Rosie
The hidden palace
Wecker, Helene
The secret midwife : life, death and the truth about birth
George, Philippa
The keeper of hidden books
Martin, Madeline
The diamond hunter
McIntosh, Fiona
Dust child
Nguyễn, Phan Quế Mai
The marriage portrait
O'Farrell, Maggie
Pearse, Lesley
The Paris agent
Rimmer, Kelly
The dictionary of lost words
Williams, Pip
Winter's daughter
Wood, Valerie
The nurse
Allan, Claire
The forgetting
Beckerman, Hannah
Dark mode
Blunt, Ashley Kalagian
The hike
Clarke, Lucy
Cole, Martina
Red queen
Gómez-Jurado, Juan
Gone to ground
Hall, Bronwyn
The red canoe
Johnson, Wayne
The blame game
Jones, Sandie
Everyone here is lying
Lapena, Shari
Going zero
McCarten, Anthony
No one saw it coming
Lewis, Susan
I know it's you
Lewis, Susan
The glass hotel
Mandel, Emily St. John
Blood on the shore
McCleave, Simon
The prisoner
Paris, B. A.
Walsh, Colin
Crook Manifesto
Whitehead, Colson
The elopement
Rees, Tracy
The girl on the 88 bus
Sampson, Freya
Romantic comedy
Sittenfeld, Curtis
Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow
Zevin, Gabrielle
The wake-up call
O'Leary, Beth
A heart that works
Delaney, Rob
You called an ambulance for what? : strange, serious and silly stories of life as a paramedic
Booth, Tim (Paramedic)
Heat : life and death on a scorched planet
Goodell, Jeff
Diary of a young naturalist
McAnulty, Dara
A forager's life : finding my heart and home in nature
Lehndorf, Helen
There's a cure for this : a memoir
Espiner, Emma
Just one thing : how simple changes can transform your life
Mosley, Michael
A quiet kitchen
Wickes, Nici
Did I ever tell you this? : a memoir
Neill, Sam
Friends, lovers and the big terrible thing : a memoir
Perry, Matthew
Untouchable girls : the Topp Twins' story
Topp, Jools
Modern New Zealand cricket greats : from Stephen Fleming to Kane Williamson
Cleaver, Dylan
How to stay sane in an age of division
Shafak, Elif
Agatha Christie : an elusive woman
Worsley, Lucy
The road to Little Dribbling : more notes from a small island
Bryson, Bill
The day the world came to town : 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland
DeFede, Jim

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