959.7043: The Vietnam War (2023)

This list contains books, published in the last 5 years, that discuss the Vietnam War, which lasted from 1961 to 1975. Works featured in this list will discuss key figures, analyze historical events, examine notable figures, and share narratives from those who experienced these events firsthand.

Updated June 9, 2023
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Alpha one sixteen : a combat infantryman's year in Vietnam
Clark, Peter
A Military Book Club main selection Peter Clark's year in Vietnam began in July 1966, when he was shipped out with hundreds of other young recruits, as a replacement in the 1st Infantry Division. Clark was assigned to the Alpha Company. Clark gives a visceral, vivid and immediate...


Dragon's Jaw : an epic story of courage and tenacity in Vietnam
Coonts, Stephen
A riveting Vietnam War story--and one of the most dramatic in aviation history--told by a New York Times bestselling author and a prominent aviation historian Every war has its "bridge"--Old North Bridge at Concord, Burnside's Bridge at Antietam, the railway bridge over...


Enduring Vietnam : an American generation and its war
Wright, James Edward
The Vietnam War is largely recalled as a mistake, either in the decision to engage there or in the nature of the engagement. Or both. Veterans of the war remain largely anonymous figures, accomplices in the mistake. Critically recounting the steps that led to the war, this book does not excuse...


A great place to have a war : America in Laos and the birth of a military CIA
Kurlantzick, Joshua
The untold story of how America's secret war in Laos in the 1960s transformed the CIA from a loose collection of spies into a military operation and a key player in American foreign policy. In 1960, President Eisenhower was focused on Laos, a tiny Southeast Asian nation few Americans...


Honorable exit : how a few brave Americans risked all to save our Vietnamese allies at the end of the war
Clarke, Thurston
A MAIN SELECTION OF THE MILITARY BOOK CLUB A groundbreaking revisionist history of the last days of the Vietnam War that reveals the acts of American heroism that saved more than one hundred thousand South Vietnamese from communist revenge In 1973 U.S. participation...


Hue 1968 : a turning point of the American war in Vietnam
Bowden, Mark
A Los Angeles Times Book Prize Finalist in History Winner of the 2018 Marine Corps Heritage Foundation Greene Award for a distinguished work of nonfiction The first battle book from Mark Bowden since his #1 New York Times bestseller Black Hawk Down,...


The league of wives : the untold story of the women who took on the U.S. Government to bring their husbands home
Lee, Heath Hardage
On February 12, 1973, more than one hundred recently released American prisoners of war arrived in the Philippines. These former Navy and Air Force pilots had endured years of brutal torture, deprivation, and solitary confinement in Vietnamese prisons, the worst of which was The Hanoi Hilton. Months...


The long reckoning : a story of war, peace, and redemption in Vietnam
Black, George
The moving story of how a small group of people--including two Vietnam veterans--forced the U.S. government to take responsibility for the ongoing horrors--agent orange and unexploded munitions--inflicted on the Vietnamese. "Fifty years after the last U.S. service member left...


The odyssey of Echo Company : the 1968 Tet Offensive and the epic battle to survive the Vietnam War
Stanton, Doug
A powerful work of literary military history from the New York Times bestselling author of In Harm's Way and Horse Soldiers, the harrowing, redemptive, and utterly unforgettable account of an American army reconnaissance platoon's fight for survival during the Vietnam War--whose...


Our year of war : two brothers, Vietnam, and a nation divided
Bolger, Daniel P.
Two brothers -- Chuck and Tom Hagel -- who went to war in Vietnam, fought in the same unit, and saved each other's life. They disagreed about the war, but they fought it together. 1968. America was divided. Flag-draped caskets came home by the thousands. Riots ravaged our cities....


The Pentagon papers : the secret history of the Vietnam War
Sheehan, Neil
"The WikiLeaks of its day" (Time) is as relevant today in the time of Trump as it was a in the time of Richard Nixon. "The most significant leaks of classified material in American history." -Washington Post Not Fake News! The basis for the 2018 film The Post...


Road to disaster : a new history of America's descent into Vietnam
VanDeMark, Brian
"The most thoughtful and judicious one-volume history of the war and the American political leaders who presided over the difficult and painful decisions that shaped this history. The book will stand for the foreseeable future as the best study of the tragic mistakes that led to so much suffering...


Saving Bravo : the greatest rescue mission in Navy SEAL history
Talty, Stephan
From the author of A Captain's Duty, the New York Times best-selling account of Captain Phillips, comes the untold story of the most important rescue mission not just of the Vietnam War, but the entire Cold War. One American aviator, who knew our most important secrets,...


The Vietnam War : an intimate history
Ward, Geoffrey C.
From the award-winning historian and filmmakers of The Civil War, Baseball, The War, The Roosevelts, and others- a vivid, uniquely powerful history of the conflict that tore America apart--the companion volume to the major, multipart PBS film to be aired in September 2017. ...


The Vietnam War : the definitive illustrated history
The definitive telling of one of the longest and most controversial wars in US history. Delve into the compelling history and impact of the Vietnam War in reverting detail. This authoritative visual guide unpacks accounts of struggle, sacrifice, and bravery, making this a perfect...


What remains : bringing America's missing home from the Vietnam War
Wagner, Sarah E.
Winner of the 2020 Victor Turner Prize in Ethnographic Writing Nearly 1,600 Americans are still unaccounted for and presumed dead from the Vietnam War. These are the stories of those who mourn and continue to search for them. For many families the Vietnam...


Year of the hawk : America's descent into Vietnam, 1965
Warren, James A.
From a celebrated military historian, a powerful, "highly recommended" (Library Journal, starred review) account of the most pivotal year of the Vietnam War--the cataclysm that "continues to haunt American politics and culture" (Publishers Weekly). The Vietnam War...


You don't belong here : how three women rewrote the story of war
Becker, Elizabeth (Journalist)
WINNER OF THE 2022 GOLDSMITH BOOK PRIZE WINNER OF THE 2022 SPERBER PRIZE The long-buried story of three extraordinary female journalists who permanently shattered the barriers to women covering war.   Kate Webb, an Australian...

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